Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The ravenous press and government officials

Those (((oxy))) scrips aren't going to write themselves, goyim:  "HHS to pharma: stop bribing writing docs" (Doctorow). 

"Secret plans helped Brooklyn synagogue pull off massive, maskless wedding" (Edelman).  Public health is the new Nazis!

"Next Month in Jerusalem!" (Dinh):

"At these dicey settlements, the laborers tend to be dark Ethiopians and Yemenis, for Ashkenazim just aren’t desperate enough, though they will be soon, God willing. With a second passport, many are already prepared to become your neighbors."

"The Murky Foreign Actors Behind US Election Fraud" (Engdahl).  I don't know why he gratuitously attacked the Venezuelan referendum.

"Saudi Arabia Receives Dangerous Gifts From Houthi-Iranian Alliance" (South Front).  It is clear that Saudi attacks aren't going to stop until MbS is forced to stop due to the quantity of, and damage caused by, Houthi counter-attacks.

History of diplomacy since the 90s:  "Russia, China reinvent their moorings in Central Asia" (Bhadrakumar).  It was a huge, but typical, strategic imperial error for the Assholes to fail to join up with the Russians to prevent a Russia-China alliance.  China was never regarded as a plausible threat to Empire until it was too late.

She is certainly stupid enough to fully qualify:  "Should Michèle Flournoy be Secretary of Defense?" (Wheeler/Sprey).  Your jaw can only drop when you read what passes for 'highest-level' analysis in the Assholian unintelligentsia.  Assholia has certainly earned its current state of tragedy, with much, much worse to come.

""America Is Back": Beltway Hawks Giddy Over Biden's National Security 'A-Team'" (Durden).  Wars For The Jews Are Back,  Assholia Is Finished.

He meant to say, African American and trannyGab (Forrest Trump):
"This is why they come for the comment sections."
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