Friday, November 20, 2020

Vote fraud to the rescue

I was wondering what George Soros was thinking while his paid Antifa thugs ravaged the nation.  Did he think this would appeal to the white suburban voters that Biden was trying to entice?  It got so bad that Biden's campaign had to do the unthinkable, quickly unlock his basement and let Joe out just long enough to read from a teleprompter that the Democrats were not, despite all appearances to the contrary, the party that advocated burning all white people alive in their suburban homes.  While they immediately got Joe back in the basement without too much damage, it seems the voters did not altogether believe Joe's teleprompter.

Soros was strictly following the color revolution playbook, which starts by hiring people to cause unrest, violence (up to and including murder), and property damage, thus creating a legitimacy crisis in the sitting regime which is apparently unable to control the violence (fortunately, he didn't get to the stage of having phony government agents sniper murder people in the crowd, as in Ukraine).  Soros, being a Hungarian Khazar, probably had no feel for American federalism, with the victims of his violent attacks tending to blame state and city officials, rather than the far away President.  He counted on Trump taking the bait and escalating, but Trump's response was extremely restrained, basically letting Soros shoot himself in the foot, with the Democrats owning the violence.

So is Soros an idiot?  Maybe, but he knew what we didn't.  He had in his back pocket the counting of 50% of the votes in the country, plus the mass piles of Biden votes granny harvested and dumped at the last minute at the counting offices.  Soros could afford to take risks as he knew vote fraud would cover him.

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