Friday, November 20, 2020


"Leading COVID Vaccine Candidates Plagued by Safety Concerns" (Mayer).  Swap your Covid for multiple sclerosis?  I'd prefer the Covid.  Btw, this is a fruitcake site (scroll down for the imprimateur of galloping fruitcake, Kennedy).

"US Under Joe Biden Will Pursue Policy of “Countering” and “Encircling” Russia" (Araujo).  Outside the Democrat/Khazar/Swamp bubble, I think everybody understands that Biden is the only man in the universe who could possibly make Trump look good.

I can see not one of these being done, but Biden will be polite about it:  "Ten Foreign Policy Fiascos Biden Can Fix on Day One" (Benjamin/Davies)

They should change the name of the party to the Board of Deputies of British Jews Party, a party that everybody would want to vote for, and let the real Labour members have the 'Labour Party' name (see also the Canadian experience with real socialists breaking off from the phony ones:  The Waffle):  "Revealed: the Israel lobby’s Labour hit list" (Winstanley).

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