Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Went native

 Tweet (Media Lens):

"How could this be worse? From The Times' Robert Fisk obituary yesterday: 'he developed an emotional obsession with the plight of the Palestinian people... In the jargon of news reporting he "went native"...' Ugh!"

Tweet (Eoin Higgins):
"A lot of awful people got image rewrites in the Trump era. 
But the guy who spent his career entrapping mentally ill young men to pad terror arrest stats becoming this pink-cheeked all-American lib hero is one of the ones that grates the most."
Tweet (Michael Tracey):
"Amazing. Hours before Election Day comes news that Mueller aggressively tried to prosecute Assange and Roger Stone for a conspiracy related to the 2016 DNC/Podesta emails, but ran into "factual...hurdles" which could not establish any conspiracy. Perfect time to memory-hole this"
Tweet (Mrs. Newton).
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