Wednesday, November 11, 2020


The weakening effects of a color revolution:  "Leadership Of Armenia: How To Lose Territories And Surrender Interests For Dummies" (South Front).  Sorositis.  It is hilarious that the victims of the genocide carried out by cryptos would allow themselves to be led around by the nose by Soros.  Now they pay the price.

Tweet (Ben Norton):

"Twitter has *again* restricted the account of 

@OVargas52, one of the only journalists reporting in Bolivia in English on the defeat of the US-backed coup regime. 
This is blatant censorship. The first time Twitter could claim it was accidental. Now it is clearly a pattern"
A comment by DRM to an article about whining 'journalists', which is essentially a long whine itself, but the comment is yuge:
"Trump campaign’s door-to-door canvassing [a chapter from Sanders’ book] in states such as Texas and Florida was not ‘overnight’; the MSM, to my knowledge, was either unaware of it or remained ignorant of its implications – just like the Democrats. For the latter case, see
I doubt if Omar and Thaib would receive due credit for their critical contribution to Biden’s taking Minnesota and Michigan."
The Republicans did so well because they worked for it (it fits their ideology completely). I get that Biden had to be locked in his basement for most of the year, both for his own sake and the sake of his campaign, but why won't the Democrats do the work? And why won't 'journalists' notice that only one party actively campaigns?  It seems that that might be important.  The few places where they did do the work, due to the efforts of the progressives they would otherwise shun, they did well.
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