Sunday, November 08, 2020

Who's the shithole now?

"GoFundMe deletes fundraiser for election fraud investigation" (Harper).  Excellent summary of what could charitably be called 'anomalies' (see also the Canadian vote-stealing tech):  "Twitter Launches Full-Scale Censorship of Trump. Biden and MSM Outlets Make Coordinated Announcement Declaring Biden President-Elect" (South Front).

Although President Jared watched as Trump took the shekels from the 'American' Khazars, and consistently worked with them on the many Trump foreign policy annoyances (embassy move, Golan theft 'recognition', etc), the Kushner Crime Family has always been in the Rothschild camp, and really, really wants to return to the Era Of Wars For The Jews:  tweet (Gabriel Sherman):

"Per source, lot of west wing anger at Jared right now over how embarrassing Trump’s legal fight has so far been. “Jared is running everything and it’s a disaster!”"

"Trump Team Holds News Conference Outside Drab Landscaping Firm, Next to Adult Book Store" (Politi).  This reeks of internal sabotage.  Trump has the same problem he has always had - he can't dump President Jared due to Ivanka.

It is both mind boggling and absolutely to be expected that the piece of shit known as Joe Biden, who combines a veneer of sunny affability with being one of the most ruthless and dangerous enemies of the American people, personally responsible for bipartisan-ing most of the worst actions of the Assholian government for decades, has supporters in Assholia dancing in the streets after his appointment by the (((media))) as President:  tweet (Slow News Day):

"Just in case anyone forgot that this is the piece of shit too much of "left" twitter is overjoyed about right now."

"Banana Follies: the mother of all color revolutions" (Escobar). The ultimate blow-back from years of pulling these stunts elsewhere, up to and including having the media 'confirm' the regime change in an atmosphere of paid-for unrest. Who's the shithole now?

"Ask yourself the crucial question: why?" (The Saker).  The confidence and attitude of a fait accompli coup is a front.

Very QAnon feel to this, 5-D chess!:  "Did President Trump Just Launch the Largest Sting Operations in US History Against the Corrupt Swamp of the Democratic Party?" (Koenig).

A thread by sameera khan on the foreign policy of Biden/Harris.

How do you walk this back if, as is still quite possible, Trump prevails?:  "This is absolutely amazing: the EU leaders follow the Ziomedia and declare Biden the winner!!" (The Saker):
"Just the fact that the US Deep State has the power to force the EU leaders into that kind of blatant intervention is the best proof that there are no real democracies in the West – all we are dealing with is a transnational plutocracy."
Superb graphic:  "Livid Luongo Lashes Out At Democrat "Depravity" Playing Out In Real-Time".
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