Thursday, December 24, 2020


 Lest we forget:  tweet (David Gura):

"From a 2004 Department of Justice news release, RE: Charles Kushner:"

Obviously the most moral Khazar man who has ever existed and kudos to Trump for ending this Holocaust.

It may be some kind of Christmas miracle, but it seems to be the extra pork for the Khazars that created the outrage around the paltry $600, leaving political space for an increase in the amount (which will still be wildly insufficient, as the amount decided on should be a monthly payment, not a one-off).

"US Jews need to stop Biden from reentering Iran deal — Israeli tells Israel lobby group" (Weiss).  
But we all only want peace, goyim!

"Lawyer for Israeli “anti-terror” group was convicted terrorist" (Winstanley).  I guess it takes one to know one (of course, the people called 'terrorists' by the Khazars are all people resisting Khazar terrorism. with, as we all know, modern terrorism being entirely a Khazar invention).  Not ironic when you consider that 'terror' can only be applied to human beings, and Khazars are the only human beings.  Never, ever, forget, goyim.

Tweet (Michael Tracey):
"One of Tulsi's final bills would prohibit taxpayer funds or government resources from being used to enact sanctions that inflict suffering on civilian populations anywhere in the world"
"Pakistan court orders release of accused in Daniel Pearl killing".  Still awaiting final determination.  Pakistan is angry about all the pressure being put on it to 'normalize' relations with Khazaria, i.e., fuck over the Palestinians.

"China to strengthen military coordination with Russia" (Bhadrakumar) (good approach to any Assholian 'divide and conquer' strategy):
"The US-Russia-China triangle is sure to transform under the Biden presidency if Washington sets sights on Moscow as the biggest threat to the US national security. Unsurprisingly, Beijing is signalling that the China-Russia strategic partnership should remain close and continue to be strengthened to handle increasing pressure from the US, even if Biden might ease tensions with Beijing. "
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