Thursday, December 17, 2020

Deadly cocktails

"The Top 25 Censored Stories of 2019-2020" (Project Censored). Tweet (Aaron Maté):

"I respect @ProjectCensored but I think this list is missing what should be its #1: OPCW's Syria cover-up scandal. Extraordinary case of veteran scientists exposing a pro-war lie, challenging evidence suppression, & then facing malicious smears. Yet media silence is overwhelming."

"OPCW executives praised whistleblower and criticized Syria cover-up, leaks reveal" (Maté).  Insiders at the OPCW are very conflicted about its new role as Imperial warmongering weapon.

"CNN, Spiegel double down on anti-Russia campaign over Navalny case" (Weiss).  "A deadly cocktail: Spies, cell phone records and the poisoned Negroni behind Bellingcat’s Navalny ‘expose’".

"Bellingcat reacts badly to scrutiny, but possible ties to Western intelligence should be discussed when considering its work" (Klarenberg) ('possible ties' is very generous):
"An alternative explanation for the source of Bellingcat’s incendiary illicit data trove was provided by BBC Diplomatic Correspondent Mark Urban, who collaborated with the organization on a number of its Salisbury investigations, in October 2018. 

“These independent researchers who’ve been identifying these people and pointing a finger at their membership of the GRU, they’ve been relying in large part on hacked databases... Who’s hacking these databases and passing them on to these researchers? I think it would be GCHQ or the NSA,” he told LBC Radio in October 2018.

While speculative, Urban would be well-placed to know, or at least offer a well-informed guess, given his intimate ties to British intelligence services, and keen interest in the Skripal case. Four months after the incident, he revealed he’d somewhat amazingly interviewed Sergei numerous times at his Salisbury home over the previous year.

Fittingly, hours after Bellingcat’s blockbuster was published, the New York Times reported an anonymous senior German security official’s claims that shortly after Navalny arrived in Berlin on September 22, representatives of the US Central Intelligence Agency and Britain’s MI6 “provided members of the German government with details about the poisoning, including the identities of the Federal Security Service officers involved, that directly implicated the Russian government.” 

Even more amazingly, Urban served in the same tank regiment as Pablo Miller – Skripal’s MI6 recruiter and handler, and Salisbury neighbor. Miller was conspicuously absent from Urban’s book, ‘The Skripal Files’, released a fortnight prior to his LBC interview.

A cynic might ask why the agencies seemingly took so long to get the information over to Bellingcat."
There is a very noticeable increase in Imperial PR - including attempts to revitalize some of their greatest hits - so Biden can hit the warmongering ground running right after the inauguration.

"Revealed: China suspected of spying on Americans via Caribbean phone networks" (Kirchgaessner).  "China’s ‘tainted’ cotton" (Sudworth).  They are not even ashamed of mentioning Zenz as their source!

"Cuban Officials Reject Claims That ‘Havana Syndrome’ Was Caused by Directed Radio Frequency Energy" (Arancibia).

"Cynical US Policy on Syria Revealed: Block the Russians and Iranians, Destroy the Economy, to Hell with the People" (Ford).  More shamelessness.

Releasing unredacted names is the biggest crime in the world according to the Killary State Department, but at the time of Assange's explicit warning they didn't give a shit.  "NEW Assange recording reveals WikiLeaks founder tried to WARN Washington about damaging release, defying claims of carelessness".  "Julian Assange's 2011 Warning to the Department of State" (Viable Opposition).  "Audio Recordings Confirm Assange Spoke to US State Dept to Stop Publication of Unredacted Cables" (Elmaazi). Tweet (Edward Snowden) (note the chucklehead replies dismissing the whole thing because of the source):
"This extraordinary recording (which I had never heard before) confirms claims that
made for years, but its critics dismissed as lies. 1) Assange DID seek to minimize risks to individuals. 2) Bulk release of cables was forced, not intentional."
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