Friday, December 11, 2020

Death Race 2020

Tweet (JYT) (dead ringer - I'll bet they were relieved it didn't turn into a they-all-look-alike situation, with Gideon half-Indian):

"Correction: An earlier version of this tweet included a photo of Sara Gideon, not Susan Rice. We’ve deleted the incorrect tweet."

An issue so important that it is probably going to the Supreme Court, but the goyim aren't allowed to talk about it (no risking those delightful Wars For The Jews on (((our))) watch): "YoutTube’s Latest Censorship Push Could Signal The Dystopian Internet Under Biden" (Washington Watcher II).

Tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"My experience of Morocco and Moroccans is that I never encountered people anywhere more fiercely dedicated to Palestinian rights. I know first hand that the regime’s dirty dealings with Israel do not and never have represented them."
Tweet (Kawsachun News):
"Bolivia's lower house have approved a 'wealth tax' to pay for post-Covid economic recovery. The law is proposed by the ruling Movement Towards Socialism and will soon be signed into law by President Luis Arce. 
This is a break with the former coup regime's austerity approach."
In Death Race 2020, the Assholes built up a seemingly insurmountable lead, but the Swedes are making a game of it: "Sweden sees ICU occupancy approach 99 percent in Stockholm" (Mateus).  They seem to be committing suicide based solely on the fact the guy in charge doesn't want to admit he was wrong. 

"In Post-Election News: An Elderly Democrat Leader Is Senile and a Biden Is Corrupt" (Sailer).  The (((media))) is corrupt, and did everything possible to maximize the election of President Wars For The Jews.
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