Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Didn't lose a single life

I think this is one of the signs of the apocalypse:  tweet (Zaid Jilani):

"I'm watching Fox News, and they're citing @mtaibbi on the stimulus deal (made a whole graphic out of it) while talking to Josh Hawley about why there should be more stimulus checks." 

"Wealthy countries block COVID-19 drugs rights waiver at WTO - sources" (Farge).  We're all in this together!

Catching the 'Jew thing', and the virtues of naming:  "The Jew Thing" (Jeelvy).  You never know just how many people agree with you if you keep your opinions to yourself (which is exactly why certain opinions are so strictly policed).

"New Hampshire state rep apologizes for post from neo-Nazi website" (Kampeas).

Talking (a lot) (constantly) about some stuff is a way of systematically not talking about other stuff:  "How NPR Divides and Conquers" (Rovics).  Added:  "How race politics liberated the elites" (Crawford).

"didn't lose a single life'

Barry/Bronfman, Beardboy/Bronfman.  Paradise.

"John Pilger: The most lethal virus is not Covid. It is war."
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