Friday, December 25, 2020

Disgust and shock

Who better than an actual genocide practitioner to provide some verisimilitude to the weaponized Khazar genocide story, you know the one that lets them get away with things that nobody else could possibly get away with?:  "Former General Who Called for the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians Picked to Head Israel’s Holocaust Museum" (Cook).

Tweet (Yasha Levine):

"the squad —> the imperial firing squad"

Tweet (Ian Goodrum):
"When a US politician calls for a new consulate to be established anywhere, remember "US consulate" basically means "CIA outpost.""
"Democracies Don’t Start Wars. But Democrats Do" (Giraldi).

Tweet (Dan Cohen):
"Tibet didn’t make the International Rescue Committee’s list of world’s most dire humanitarian crises because China’s “atrocities” are completely fictional. 
US genocidal wars in Yemen, Afghanistan and Syria, however, topped the list, because they’re real."
You can see why China might be considered to be a terrible threat to the Assholian 'way of life':  "China Looks at Cutting Inequality in Order to Boost the Economy" (Hancock).  What happens to 'trickle down' if they try something 'demand side' like this and it works?

In contrast: tweet (Yasha Levine):
"translation: peasants are born to die and they should die quietly without making too big a fuss."
Note how the sexist STEM story was used by Harvard to cover up for the classic Khazar nepotism story:  "Larry Summers’ Opposition to $2000 Covid Payments Confirms Our Classic: “Why Larry Summers Should Not Be Permitted to Run Anything More Important than a Dog Pound”" (Smith).

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"Must-read NYT op-ed about the alleged Russia hack by Paul Kolbe, long-time senior CIA clandestine officer: 

"With Hacking, the United States Needs to Stop Playing the Victim"

"The US is engaged in the same type of operations at an even grander scale.""
War crime pardons are Trump at his absolute worst, and this one is really just a pardon of Erik Prince's reputation:  tweet (The War Nerd):
"Take a look at this story about Dustin Heard, one of the four Blackwater murderers pardoned yesterday. One interesting thing about this decision is that you find, on the few sites still allowing comments, a LOT of disgust and shock from US Iraq vets..."
He got The Visit and has just started his new shekel collection:  "Warnock throws Palestinians under bus and steps aboard with Israel" (Brown).

Tweet (Alan MacLeod):
"The word "missile" appears 19 times in the COVID Relief Bill. 

"Aircraft" appears 208 times. 

"Munition" 46 times.

"weapon" 46 times. 

"Healthcare" = 24.

"doctor"/"nurse" = 5.

"masks" = 0.

Who and what exactly is this bill really for?"
Tweet (Salem Barahmeh):
"If Jesus was born in Bethlehem today, he would have a Green ID. 
Being from Nazareth, Joesph and Mary would have Blue IDs. 
Jesus would need an Israeli military permit to visit his family or go to Jerusalem. 
This is Israel's Jim Crow and tiered segregation. 
Merry Christmas."
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