Monday, December 21, 2020

Fact checker

Tweet (Bryan MacDonald):

"FACT CHECK*: Putin was attending the 100th anniversary of Russia's foreign intelligence service. An event planned long in advance & absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump. 

*Mr Kessler is the Washington Post's fact checker. " 
The one-two of the 'Russian hack' nonsense and a new novichok spew from Bellingcat, with some lite Russiagate - Putin and Trump, kissing in a tree - makes it completely clear what Biden is going to do.  The entire country is basically on life support right now, and the parasites are going to draw all the remaining blood while there is still any to draw.

"Today’s China Espionage Scandals Revive the Gouzenko Hoax That Unleashed the Cold War" (Ehret).  Even by Canadian standards, where everything is far apart, Camp X was not close to Ottawa (it was near Whitby, close-ish to Toronto).  Stephenson  - Intrepid, James Bond - was actually the pioneer of all the shenanigans used to trick Assholians into WWII, a War For The Jews (and for Britain).

"Congress votes $4 billion to Israel for 2021, press doesn’t tell Americans" (Weir).  Minor detail, goyim, enjoy your $600!

Tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"You are corrupt and despicable. You denied people relief before the election as a political ploy and you still lost seats. Now you give people who are losing jobs and homes $600. The ice cream in your freezer is worth more than that!"
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