Thursday, December 17, 2020


They were too afraid to test the vaccine on the people the vaccine is supposed to protect, no doubt in terror that bad results would upset the gravy train:  "When the elderly and frail die after receiving the COVID vaccine" (Rappoport).

"Why the Trump administration’s extradition request against Meng Wanzhou is a farce" (Lascaris).  Hints abound that the Assholes are going to back off in return for a face-saving phony apology from Meng.  Canadian extradition law needs to be completely overhauled.

Discovering the mythological 'good Jew' is about as hard as finding Bigfoot, but he does exist (the jury is still out on Bigfoot):  "Rabbi Moshe Ber Beck Endured a Nearly a Century of Struggle for His Beliefs" (Peled).

Fucking Chinese Assholes:  "Report details widespread illegal extraction of smartphone data by US law enforcement" (Reed).

Germany is going right off the railstweet (Ali Abunimah):

"Important to emphasize that this racist and segregationist vaccination campaign is fully supported by Germany and @EUinIsrael which perversely view helping Israel to persecute Palestinians as a way to “atone” for the Holocaust"

Tweet (EconChick/IntelChick):
"Chris Krebs slipped during testimony and admitted Dominion was hooked up to internet in some places. 
For weeks Dems denied it was hooked up to internet because they knew that would nullify entire election, even just one machine."
"Top Social Media Execs Donated To Biden Campaign While Censoring NYPost's Hunter Story " (Durden).  When you put it that way it almost sounds crooked.

"‘Thinking Machiavelli, Acting Mussolini’" (Crooke).  The Shia just seem to be altogether quicker on their feet, smarter, than any of their opponents.
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