Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Fomenting a general plague upon the whole world

"The Never-Ending Story" (Joyce): 

"The above proclamation from Claudius, in response to riots between Greeks and Jews in Alexandria almost two thousand years ago, illustrates the profound lack of mystery in anti-Semitism. For Claudius, peace in the city would be restored if the Jews ceased certain negative behaviours: agitating for heightened and special privileges (“to agitate for anything beyond that which they have hitherto enjoyed”); attempting to circumvent established practices of representative politics (“to send two embassies — a thing which never occurred before now”); attempting to intrude into, and disrupt, the cultural life of the Alexandrians (“to intrude themselves into games and elections”); attempting to manipulate the demographic context of the city (“to introduce or invite Jews who make voyages to Alexandria from Syria or Egypt”); and finally, abusing and exploiting the advantage of their diaspora condition to cause problems internationally (“fomenting a general plague upon the whole world”). These basic premises of Jewish financial and political acquisitiveness, cultural intrusion, disregard for political norms, propensity to demographic warfare, and exploitation of being essentially rootless, have been mainstays of ethnic conflict involving Jews for over two millennia, with extraordinarily little variation in themes."

2000 years of this shit, but guess who's the bad guy for noticing?

"Bibi Wants Biden to Bend the Knee | Opinion" (Parsi).

"The intimidation and rewards of normalizing with Israel" (Nassar).  "Moroccan Police Crack Down On Protests Against Israel Peace Deal As Kushner Sent To Lead Talks" (Durden).  "Trump’s bribe to Morocco to ‘recognize’ Israel means little — but could inflame a colonial conflict in the Western Sahara" (North).  "Is Saudi Arabia Backing Away from Normalization with Israel?" (Sheikh).  "How Gulf states became business partners in Israel's occupation" (Cook).

"Antisemitism Claims Mask a Reign of Political and Cultural Terror Across Europe" (Cook) (Probably should have checked a Yiddish dictionary:  "I can’t find a word in the dictionary that conveys the scale and degree of hypocrisy and bad faith involved.").  "Germany, BDS, and the limits of discourse on Israel" (Ofir).  "Germany Connects Jews with Corona" (Shamir).  "On Corbyn and accusations of antisemitism" (Nevel).  "Legal analysis blows apart EHRC’s “Labour anti-Semitism” report" (Winstanley) (note the last five paragraphs!).
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