Thursday, December 17, 2020

Grandfathered spitballers

Tweet (Aaron Maté):

"A masterclass in US war crimes apologia from @Anand_Gopal_ in the New Yorker: “unlike Russia, America does not bomb indiscriminately. The U.S. razed an entire city [Raqqa], killing thousands in the process, without committing a single obvious war crime.” (

"Washington’s whack-a-mole sanctions on Iran are wearing thin as Tehran finds new ways to dodge pressure" (Fowdy).

"Americans’ Hunger During the Coronavirus Pandemic – Here’s What’s Happening in Los Angeles County" (de la Haye).  Much of politics these days is establishing a baseline of what we will put up with:  "Year Zero" (Hopkins).  Added:  Banana republic

These guys truly kick ass:  "FURNACEFACE - Government Cheque".  See also.

"US Embassy Caught Scrubbing Tweets Urging Venezuelans Not to Vote" (MacLeod).  And yet, would you believe, low turnout is the main reason in the PR that the election is 'illegitimate'?

The War On Farm Worker Organization:  "Denuncian captura de tres líderes agrarios en Nariño, Bolívar y Meta".

Tweet (Baseball Reference):
"On this day in 1920, the American League voted to allow eight pitchers who used the spitball in 1920 to continue using it as long as they are in the league"
Added!: tweet (Vanessa Parra):
"Dios mio"
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