Monday, December 28, 2020

Indecent proposal

 The uncanny Twitter-whispering powers of Max Blumenthal.

"Israel said planning to advance settlement building before Biden enters office".

"Biden’s Pony Problem: Why The Hunter Biden Scandal Is No Dead Horse" (Turley).  Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):

"Probably the most important story of 2020 for information control was when Twitter and Facebook explicitly censored the NY Post's reporting about authentic Hunter Biden documents -- just censored them from the internet -- and journalists cheered."

Biden's been around long enough that he probably learned his deflection techniques - turning the question around to an ad hominem attack on the asker - from Ronald Reagan.  The 100% (((media)))/(((Social Media))) deferential self-censorship is new.

A lot of people have been predicting a last-minute illegal Trump attack on Iran.  I don't see it, for many reasons.  However, say the 'American' Khazar billionaires made him a proposal:

  1. agree to pay him and his family $5 billion;
  2. arrange for Bibi to give him sanctuary;
  3. call off the (((attack dogs))) at New York State regulators who plan to come after him tooth and nail after the inauguration (and which he can't get out of even with self-pardoning).

In return, all he has to do is nuke Tehran.  I can't completely rule it out . . . 
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