Wednesday, December 23, 2020


"The Dangerous Alliance of Rothschild and the Vatican of Francis" (Engdahl).  'The Guardians'.  Reality sounding like the most insane conspiracy theory.

"IMF Proposes Punishing Dissidents by Lowering Their Credit Score if They Go to Bad Websites" (Trejo).  The elites, having just got away with mass murder and mass vote fraud in Assholia, all with no repercussions, are loony with power.

"Biden Quietly Adds Goldman Sachs, Big Tech Officials to Transition" (Johnson).  "Big Tech's stealth push to influence the Biden administration" (Bose).  Not reassuring if you think breaking the tech monopolies is an important issue.

"Va. Judge Rules Black Defendant Can’t Get a Fair Trial in Courtroom Largely Featuring Portraits of White Judges" (Sailer).  Note the remedy is to remove the portraits which are creating the evil juju.

"The Case for Secession" (Dalton).  Secession is exactly what the most hard-core of the white nationalists have always called for, essentially physically separating themselves from other races.

"In last push before Trump exits, GOP tries to erase Palestinian refugees" (Reubner).  I long for separation from the Khazars.  Apparently, it is very easy, just pass legislation making ritual torture of animals illegal:  "Memo to Belgium: A country that wants Jews doesn’t ban kosher meat" (Brand).

"Alyssa Milano Posts Tweet About Israel Aid, Deletes After Being Goy-Shamed" (Anglin).

"Controversial ‘Spy Tech’ Firm Palantir Lands £23m NHS Data Deal" (Fitzgerald).  Another use of the excuse of the virus to do what they have wanted to do, but didn't dare.

"The Left’s Culture War Rebranding" (Mesrobian).  Identity politics sucks all the life out of class politics, and we are seeing it demonstrated now (AOC, morphing into Pelosi right before our eyes, runs the 'impossibility' of reform up the flagpole once again).

Pepe is losing his mind:  "Behold the dawning of the Age of Aquarius" and "Kim No-VAX Does DARPA".

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