Friday, December 11, 2020

Kill someone and go home

"Israel’s Honeymoon with the United Arab Emirates Is Grotesque" (Fernández).  "“Death to the Arabs” greets new Emirati owner of Israeli football team" (Nassar):

"Fans welcomed the club’s new co-owner by painting “Fuck Dubai” on the wall of the club’s stadium.

"New Documentary Sheds Light On Israel's Strict Prohibitions On Interracial Marriage" (Striker).

"‘All he wanted was a birthday party’: Ali Abu Alia’s father mourns son’s killing" (Patel):
"“The people who witnessed it said that the second Ali fell to the ground, the Israeli soldiers retreated and the confrontations were finished. That’s what they [the soldiers] wanted, they just wanted to kill someone and go home.”"
"We Don’t Listen to the Dying Government of Donald Trump" (Prashad). Hybrid war.

"A Government-Commissioned Report Admonishes the Netherlands for Stacking Odds Against Those Seeking the Return of Nazi-Looted Art" (Brown).

The second successful (?) black coup in the Americas after the Haitian Coup (which ended in 1804, so it's been a while):  "Electoral Fraud in Black and White" (Chisala).

It must pain Hawley to the depths of his alleged soul to give money to the poors, but he really wants to be 47:  "Josh Hawley and Bernie Sanders Demand Second Round of $1,200 Stimulus Checks" ('Hunter Wallace').  Seriously though, this Republican dabbling in progressive populism is what should make the Dems very nervous.  Wallace is excellent in giving the Republicans political positioning advice they seem too stupid to take.

"US Hits Search and Destroy Against the New Silk Roads" (Escobar):
"The relentless paranoia about the Chinese “threat” has much to do with the exit ramp offered by Beijing to a Global South permanently indebted to IMF/World Bank exploitation.

In the old order, politico-military elites were routinely bribed in exchange for unfettered corporate access to their nations’ resources, coupled with go-go privatization schemes and outright austerity (“structural adjustment”).

This went on for decades until BRI became the new game in town in terms of infrastructure building – offering an alternative to the imperial footprint.

The Chinese model allows all manner of parallel taxes, sales, rents, leases – and profits. This means extra sources of income for host governments – with an important corollary: freedom from the hardcore neoliberal diktats of IMF/World Bank. This is what is at the heart of the notorious Chinese “win-win”.

Moreover, BRI’s overall strategic focus on infrastructure development not only across Eurasia but also Africa encompasses a major geopolitical game-changer. BRI is positioning vast swathes of the Global South to become completely independent from the Western-imposed debt trap. For scores of nations, this is a matter of national interest. In this sense BRI should be regarded as the ultimate post-colonialist mechanism."
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