Sunday, December 27, 2020

Liberal authoritarianism

 "Goodbye, Lebanon" (Dinh):

"So who’s winning this conflict? Obviously Israel, if you consider how their recent assaults have met with almost no retaliation, and how many Muslim nations have normalized relations with the Jewish state. Just this year, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco have done so, and soon, Oman, Pakistan and Indonesia may join them. Israel is here to stay, it’s clear, while the Axis of Resistance is economically crippled, diplomatically isolated and militarily impotent, no?

A closer look, though, will reveal that Israel’s solidity is entirely illusory, for its sugar daddy, slave and hired gun has been economically, politically, socially, intellectually and morally imploded, thanks, in large part, to the machination of Jewish power, ironically.

Driven by spite, hubris and contempt, it doesn’t know when to stop. Wagging the dog for decades, the all-too-clever tail has just about killed it. Uncle Sam has been reduced to a limp and blathering cross-dresser with less than a penny in his pockets.

Ah, but Sammy and his Jewish boss still have plenty of nukes! Going under, they may not hesitate to unleash a bunch. To get rid of the Jewish/American Axis of Evil, this might be the price Lebanon, the Middle East and the rest of humanity will have to pay."
"The Fascist Scale Revisited" (Atzmon).  "White Child Has Life Ruined for Liking Rap" (Sailer).  Tweets by Richard Hanania.

"Trump's Latest Pardons: Jewish Gangsters and Murderous Mercenaries Win Out Over Prisoners of Conscience" (Striker) (to some extent I think he pardoned the Assholian war criminals to cover up the  fact this was a shekeled mass jail break of Khazars):
"As the Trump administration winds down, the growing movement calling for a pardon of physically ill incarcerated Australian journalist Julian Assange has been snubbed once again in favor of thugs and fraudsters connected to the Chabad-Lubavitch sect.

The latest clemency proposal granted to the Aleph Institute, which is controlled by members of Chabad-Lubavitch, is Philip Esformes. Esformes was sentenced to 20 years in prison last year after swindling $1.4 billion dollars in tax payer money through Medicare fraud. Esformes’ family made a large donation to the Aleph Institute prior to Trump breaking him out of jail. Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and Trump ally Alan Dershowitz, both active Zionists, are being credited with the decision.

Esformes is by no means the sole beneficiary of Aleph’s special access to the Trump White House. Five of Trump’s last 24 presidential pardons were granted at the behest of Aleph, including Charles Kushner, Jared’s crooked real estate mogul father, Daniela Gozes-Wagner, another Medicare fraudster, and Mark Shapiro and Irving Stitsky, two men who schemed to raise $25 million dollars from 250 investors in a fake development project. 
It should be noted that the third defendant convicted for aiding in Shapiro and Stitsky’s scam, a Gentile named William B. Foster, was not pardoned."
Tweet (Ben Norton):
"What this Middle East editor at the billionaire Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post conveniently didn't mention is that Syria's "economic meltdown" has been caused by murderous, criminal US/EU sanctions that amount to a medieval siege of the entire country"

"The Curious Case of Seth Rich: Why DNC Staffer’s Murder Continues to Stir Up Political Controversy" (Blinova).
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