Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Mainstream saint

"White Helmets founder Le Mesurier is now a mainstream saint, but leaked docs raise questions about his widow's role" (Klarenberg).  "More Scandals on Dutch Government’s Involvement in Supporting Terrorism in Syria" (SANA).

Note the overt threats to real alt journalists by 'journalists' at the intelligence asset known as the BBC working on an intelligence-friendly whitewash of Le Mesurier!:  "Richard Medhurst: “BBC ATTACKS JOURNALISTS CHALLENGING NARRATIVE ON SYRIA AND WHITE HELMETS”".

A Fuck You message to those in the UAE who disagree with the President Jared-MbZ normalization of genocide against the Palestinians!:  "UAE royal buys 50 percent stake in Beitar Jerusalem Football Club".  Meanwhile, the Saudi princes decided to vote with their necks (overreaching by Bibi and his lackey President Jared has ironically forced the Saudis to reconcile with Qatar and even Turkey):  "Saudi overtures to Qatar and Turkey bring results" (Bhadrakumar).  "Saudi Arabia's Turki bin Faisal dubs Israel 'Western colonising power' at Bahrain summit".

"Arab League renews dismissal of Trump’s recognition of Quds as Israeli ‘capital’".

"40 years ago: 4 churchwomen committed to the poor are murdered in El Salvador" (El Salvador Perspectives).

Largest strike in world history:  "Modi maneuvers as support for Indian farmers’ protest swells" (Rupasinghe).

"Argentina introduces 'millionaire's tax' to help pay for coronavirus".

The mechanics of distributing the Steele dossier.  Tweet (Catherine Herridge).  "Emails About FBI Receipt Fusion GPS Thumb Drive".

"Sorry, Johnson Will Not Disappear" (Murray):

"Astonishingly, despite the UK government’s hideously inept performance in the Covid crisis, and the corruption and looting of the public purse on a massive scale for which the pandemic has been used, the Conservatives still lead Labour in the UK opinion polls.

Partly that is due to Sir Keir Starmer having no apparent policy other than to ensure that no party member ever criticises Israel."

Immediately followed by a trendy gratuitous attack on the British deplorables.

"Joshua Wong and the Exodus in China" (Pattberg).  For the style, and the use of the word 'idoneous'.  On the downside 'Call Me Maybe' is not Swift.  And yeah, these imperial lackeys are disgusting.
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