Sunday, December 27, 2020

Mask blasphemy

The allergic reaction:  "Polyethylene Glycol - The Prize in Every Vial of COVID-19 Vaccine" (Viable Opposition).

"Developers of Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Tied to UK Eugenics Movement" (Loffredo/Webb).  "Big Pharma Propaganda and the COVID-19 Vaccine: The U.S. Government’s Legacy of Human Experimentations" (Guzman).  It is striking how many eugenicists hover around the world of vaccines.  Of course, they are all fixated on fixing African overpopulation.  Africa would be wise to stick to Russian and Chinese vaccines.

Tweet (Keith Woods):

"They want us to be outraged that the people they're ethnically cleansing don't like them."

David Sheen tweets on the Real War on Christmas.

"Far-right Israeli football fans rebel over Beitar Jerusalem’s new Arab owner" (Holmes/Kierszenbaum).

The crime is mask blasphemy: "NYU ignores academic freedom, investigates Mark Crispin Miller’s course content, blog post" (Patton).

"The turmoil in Bolivia shows that, in times of crisis, the world’s democratic powers cannot be relied on" (Daragahi).  Nobody is going to step up and do the right thing and help you (another striking example is the Euro-Trash and the Palestinians).  You have to do everything yourself.

The price of reporting on the shekeling of the Judas princelings:  "Al-Akhbar under cyberattack for reporting Saudi and Emirati bankrolling Israel deals" (Abu Sneineh).

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