Saturday, December 12, 2020


Rubbing it in:  "The Empire Doubles Down: Open Society Foundations Will Now Be Run by Lord Malloch Brown" (Ehret):

". . . I must admit that the December 4 announcement of Lord Malloch Brown’s rise to the Presidency of Soros’ Open Society Foundations did surprise me.

Knowing that Dominion Voting systems shared its office space with Soros’ Tides Foundation in Toronto Canada was pretty bad. Knowing that Dominion executive Eric Koomer was caught on Soros-connected Antifa organizing zoom calls publicly announcing that he had ensured that Trump would not win was also bad. Seeing the integration of Dominion’s voting systems with a Soros operation known as the Clinton Foundation Delian Project didn’t look good.

When it came to Soros/Malloch Brown characters active in Biden’s aspiring administration, we find the likes of Atlantic Council Senior Fellow Peter Neffenger have found themselves enmeshed in the current coup operation serving as U.S. head of Smartmatic. Other Soros-Malloch Brown connected operatives include International Crisis Group member Jake Sullivan as Biden’s pick for National Security Advisor, Neera Tanden (head of the Soros-funded Center for American Progress) who will head the White House Office of Management and Budget, and lest we forget Anthony Blinken – longtime friend of International Crisis Group President Robert Malley and son of Soros confidante Donald Blinken (whose Donald and Vera Blinken Open Society Archive in Hungary should serve as a constant reminder.)"
That's Malloch, not Moloch, which is Soros himself.  It was Soros who 'won' the 2020 Assholian Presidential election.  'Winning' is when you can take this kind of outrageous victory lap for an election well stolen without fear of anybody noticing in the (((media))).

On the succession plans of the Deplorables (BLCKDGRD):
"Mississippi will miss my money more than I will miss Mississippi, but not as much as any Mississipian who ate or slept any etc better because of my money will miss my money"
I can certainly understand the sentiment, but I note this is exactly how Mitch McConnell regards the poors, undeserving leachers of questionable moral character who live off the hard work of the wealth providers, who are the only people deserving of his attention.  See:  "Rose McGowan Backs Matthew McConaughey Calling Out Condescending Jews" (Anglin) (this has almost nothing to do with Jews, but weev apparently demands a soupçon of 'anti-Semitism' in each Anglin posting):
"I will tell you this: there is nothing on this planet more bizarre than the fact that the ruling elite have chosen “privileged” as their favorite adjective with which to attack the working class as evil.

It would be more accurate – and also funnier – if they just called Trump supporters “peasant scum.”

Because, let’s be real here – that’s what every good liberal hears when they hear “racist” or “privileged.” The people who use these words point at working class people, who might even live in trailers, who have stupid looking facial hair, probably have an opioid problem (and if they don’t they’re probably more overweight than you are), probably consider Applebee’s “fine dining,” and are likely to be caught wearing a NASCAR t-shirt with their MAGA hat.

Both “racist” and “privileged” are terms that people who consider themselves upper class use to describe people who they view as lower class. The nifty thing is that a person who is lower class by birth can become associated with the upper class by signaling using this language.

Here’s the thing: they can afford to have positive feelings towards immigrants, because they can afford not to live around them. That is effectively what a person is saying when they say “refugees welcome” – they’re saying “I’m well off enough that I don’t have to live around refugees.” Because obviously, no one who lives around Somalians is out there saying they love Somalians – it just simply does not happen.

It’s all very transparent and obvious. Though I suppose, frankly, a lot of people involved in this process don’t admit to themselves that they’re actually just looking down on poor people – and hiding behind the shield of Somalians and Guatemalans to justify their hatred for the peasant class.

A lot of more intelligent people would think they were less gay if they were just like “we hate peasant scum because they’re poor.”"
It is really going to be tough to get a social justice future if the people you think you are trying to help are the same people you consider as being beneath contempt.

"The Politics of COVID Vaccinations: Who Will Get Them and When?" (Giraldi) (note how Israeli Jews are at the front of every line).  The politics of this will be interesting, as it is a completely novel substance, essentially untested, so being first in line is no bonus. The politicians will line up to get injections of water to fool the sheeple.

"Zodiac Killer's Cipher Cracked by Amateur Codebreakers More Than 50 Years Later" (Stanley) (also).  The biggest cryptographers in the world have tried to crack this without any progress for decades, to the point that some suggested it was uncrackable as it was gibberish, so this is huge news, although the message seems unhelpful in solving the case.
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