Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Pre-jab reading

"An Internal Medicine Doctor and His Peers Read the Pfizer Vaccine Study and See Red Flags [Updated]" (IM Doc) (on what is essentially a Pfizer-paid advertorial in the New England Journal of Medicine):

"Now we travel from the can of worms to the sewer. And this impacts every single one of us. I want you to Google the names of the people on the FDA committee that voted 17-4-1 two days ago to proceed with the Emergency Use Declaration. Go ahead – Google it. On that list, you will find the name Eric Rubin, MD. Why yes indeed, that is the very same Eric Rubin MD who wrote this editorial. Who is the Editor-in-Chief of the NEJM. A publication that certainly takes ad dollars from Pfizer. And he was one of the 17 to vote for the Pfizer product to be immediately used in an emergency fashion. Oh yes, oh yes he was.

Am I the only one who can recognize that Pfizer and other pharma companies may have some influence on Dr. Rubin thanks continued support of his employer, the NEJM? Am I the only one concerned that Dr. Rubin’s “rah rah” editorial may have been influenced by Pfizer? Is anyone else troubled that the Editor-in-Chief of the NEJM, supported by Big Pharma advertising dollars, is sitting on an FDA board to decide the fate of any pharmaceutical product? Is this not the very definition of corruption? Or at least a severe conflict of interest? I strongly suspect that a thorough evaluation of members of that committee will reveal other problems. As my grandmother always used to say, “There is never just one roach under a refrigerator.”"

and (the reason for the rush is to stop the pandemic, but no evidence is provided that this vaccine can stop the pandemic):
"Another issue of grave concern to us all on Friday was the asymptomatic cases. The only subjects counted in the 162 and the 8 numbers above were patients with symptoms. Who knows how many in each cohort were asymptomatic. 
This to me leads to the most important question of all, and it was again completely untouched….. How many asymptomatic patients are there? And how many who were vaccinated are still able to spread the virus? Not even an attempt to answer that question. This is critical, and is one of the ways a vaccine can backfire. If a vaccine does not provide sterilizing immunity, ie stop transmission, it is of limited use for disease control. It is great for the individual, but if they can remain without symptoms and still spread it all around it does not help from a public health standpoint."
Also see Note 1 on the polio vaccine, and note 2 on the missing test subjects, who may be missing for a reason.  Discussion of sterilization is also interesting as many of these guys, including Gates, are obsessed with it and mass population reduction, and thus could rationalize a lot of human suffering.

"COVID-19 Un-Explained" (Romanoff).  On the evidence for the non-Chinese origins of the virus, and the fact it may be a bioweapon.
"A number of American cities made the same discoveries of the virus in their wastewater samples from 2019. The US mass media didn’t pick up the stories, but the local papers did. It was at that point that Pompeo issued another gag order that hospitals and labs were forbidden from disclosing any virus information directly to the CDC or the media but that all must be passed through the White House. That killed all further reports of COVID-19 in America’s wastewater in the second and third quarters of 2019. 
With the accumulated volume of evidence, it now seems a certainty that COVID-19 was circulating in the US since June or July of 2019, far earlier than admitted, and that the CDC’s prevention (and forbidding) of testing was to bury this evidence."
"For COVID-19, I am 100% convinced that some part of the American government, perhaps acting independently on behalf of the Deep State, created and deliberately released the coronavirus upon the world. With everything I know, the alternative of a natural outbreak is almost an impossibility. There is still new information escaping confinement and I am hopeful we will find sufficient evidence to justify an international criminal tribunal to unearth all the facts and perhaps undo some of the damage. Those responsible will escape, as always."
See also the comment by Godfree Roberts on vaping and COVID.
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