Tuesday, December 22, 2020


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I think they have now established that there is nothing, no matter how preposterously unfair, that the Assholian elites can't get away with.  There will be no serious push-back (and the weak response to the serial bumbling of the incompetent politicians and bureaucrats concerning Covid proved that the people are spineless).  The historic fear of the elites of revolution, which put a slight damper on the grasping, and in fact allowed for the social development that is now being entirely rolled back, is no longer an issue.  They can't even be bothered to hide their disdain.  Let the pillaging begin!

"$500m to Israel in midst of Covid relief bill sparks ire" (North/Weiss).

"And, on pages 2630-2633, Congress decides to regulate the selection of the next Dalai Lama."

"Pork City: Here Are The Most Ridiculous Pet Projects In $900 Billion Stimulus Package" (Durden):
"Funding for a commission to educate consumers "about the dangers associated with using or storing portable fuel containers for flammable liquids near an open flame." (What?)"
Another piece that needs ((())):  "The Revenge Agenda" (Giraldi).  Who knew that a slight  slowdown in Wars For The Jews would create such a hatred?

"Top Russian Scientist Alexander ‘Sasha’ Kagansky Working On COVID-19 Vaccine Assassinated In St Petersberg",

"Purdue Pharma Owners Were Wary Of Lawsuits Before Moving $10 Billion From Company" (Durden).

"Europe’s Machiavellian Moment" (Crooke).  The Europeanization of Assholia, accomplished almost without a hitch
"Well, thanks to the ‘Great Disrupter’ (Trump), as David Stockman is wont to call him, many Americans have come to the settled view that their votes matter naught in eyes of those navigating ‘the centralisation project’. That there is scant accountability to it, and that all benefits accrue to the oligarchy. They feel disenfranchised – and are angry.

What they are traumatically experiencing, though, is the planned transition from ‘the politics of rules’ to the era of coerced consensus – as Middelaar so proudly outlined it.

The ‘Project’s modus operandi of a seemingly ‘depoliticised’ progress towards centralization, however, has crashed into the ever-unpredictable ‘rock’ of Trump. He intends to drive straight through – and past – the election ‘fraud’.

Even if it takes longer than 6 January (or the Inauguration of Biden), it seems plain that Trump is determined for the election entrails – with all the fingerprints – to be pulled out, and laid bare. This eventuality was not fully in the blueprint: Trump was supposed, under pressure, ultimately to concede. It is thus far from over. The election and Biden personally are de-legitimised for half America: Will the MSM ‘dam’ succeed to hold back the waters at this level?

Usually, such ‘coups’ are supposed to proceed quietly – with decisions presented as ‘depoliticised’ necessities, imposed by a series of emergencies (Covid being the most obvious example) – thus casting all opposition as ‘extremist’, or even as a ‘security risk’ (as in the case of anti-vaxxers). 
However, risks are attached to the ‘coercive consensus’ stratagem of the U.S. Tech platforms, and of Merkel’s similar tactic of declaring measures ‘alternativlos’ (translation: alternative-less, or TINA) – a favourite formula of Merkel’s. This strategy of endlessly repeated fait-accomplis feeds public scepticism: The public hears this as ‘like it or lump it’, and becomes more angry."
The virus facilitated the massive vote fraud, and it also facilitates the repression, which mostly takes the form of middle-aged white men angrily refusing to wear a mask, easily picked off one by one by the authorities on public safety grounds.
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