Thursday, December 10, 2020

Rush to slaughter

For a vaccine that is primarily there to keep old people from dying, they have a strange reticence to test its efficacy on old people:  "Oxford COVID-vaccine paper highlights lingering unknowns about results" (Ledford). 

They are using emergency approval protocols, mostly used to get drugs to patients who are going to die anyway without them, thus making safety somewhat moot, to a vaccine, of a type never before created, that is supposed to prevent a disease that 99 point something percent of the population can't possibly die of.  Does anybody see what's wrong with that picture?  The reason for the rush is twofold:

  1. to mask the complete failure of the political classes in doing the simple rudiments of their jobs (whose judgment in approving these concoctions we are now supposed to trust with our lives); and
  2. to fully reopen the economy as quickly as possible so the billionaires can make even more money.

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