Thursday, December 31, 2020

Savage and crazy murderers

Tweet (Andrew Cockburn) (also):

"Let's just imagine a traitor, jailed for spying for Russia, , being flown to Moscow post-release on the private jet of a Russian oligarch known for his lavish payments to American politicians."

"Wikileaks File Dump" (FreeSpeechFan).  Here.

"Joe and Hunter Biden’s Profitable Ukrainian Adventures" (South Front).  I imagine this will be tamped down with back-room threats to Ukraine from the White House.

"Iran Accuses UK Security Firm of Leaking Info for US Drone Strike That Killed Soleimani" (Ekimenko).  

"Stereotype Shattering Black Serial Killer Dies After Murdering Up to 93" (Sailer). The first profilers believed serial killers were all white.  I expect Sailer will be all over this story.

On birth certificates:  "The New Dark Ages" (Arnavi):
"The medical community has abandoned its primary mission of caring for the health of individuals based on the scientific method, pursuing evidence and truth wherever they lead. Instead, much as the medieval Catholic Church shut down Galileo, the modern-day woke leftist church shuts down any theories or research running counter to their holy doctrine. We are sadly moving back toward the dark ages. The authors of “Rethinking Sex Designations on Birth Certificates” have shrugged off the mantle of science and replaced it with that of social justice. At a time of global health crisis, when confidence in our public health leadership and institutions is both lacking and of paramount importance, it behooves every physician to cry foul and restore some semblance of credibility to the medical profession."
Tweet (Ali Abunimah) (Khleptomaniacs):
"Israeli media report that just weeks after direct flights started, Israeli tourists in Dubai steal anything that's not nailed down from hotels rooms... Did they not get the government training on how to give Israel a good impression when going abroad?"

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