Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Security reimagined

"Biden administration will reportedly uphold Trump’s Abraham Accords" (Arria). Shekels are completely bipartisan, goyim!  This is one of my favorite paragraphs ever:

"According to sources, Biden will push the Trump agreements to curry favor with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “Biden could use additional deals to induce Netanyahu to take steps toward preserving the option of a two-state solution — the way Trump got Bibi to kill the annexation of the West Bank in return for his agreement with the UAE,” writes Barak Ravid."

'Security reimagined':  "US cybersecurity company FireEye HACKED, blames breach on ‘nation state’ as media cry ‘Russian hackers’... because who else?"  You'd think it would have been more prudent for their business to keep this quiet.

"Biden's Choice For Pentagon Chief Further Erodes a Key U.S. Norm: Civilian Control" (Greenwald).  Peak Swamp, but at least he's not psycho Michèle:  tweet (David Sanger) ('classy'):
"A very classy statement of support for Gen Lloyd Austin’s nomination from Michelle Flournoy, one of the leading lights in rethinking American defenses and a mentor to many -especially women - in the national security sphere."
Another example of Sailer's thesis that white women are behind everybody on the woke pecking order.

The laughs just keep on coming:  tweet (Elizabeth Warren) (snakes in replies):
"I had a great discussion with @NeeraTanden today about how the Office of Management and Budget can help working families and strengthen our economy. Neera has exceptional management experience and vast budget and policy expertise to help make this government work for the people."
More laughing, laughing to death: "By adopting IHRA, universities would show leadership on tackling antisemitism" (Green).  What will stop the Khazars?  It's a serious question - this can't continue.

"Those Who Don’t Fear the Lobby" (Wood).

New toy (I still don't think the F-35 is going to MbZ, and if it does it is an acknowledgment that it is a piece of shit):  "How Washington is Maintaining Israel's Qualitative Military Edge in the Middle East" (Viable Opposition).
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