Monday, December 07, 2020

Seizes total control

"Biden’s Iran Deal Faces Iran’s ‘Red Pill’" (Crooke).  It all turns on Hezbollah's rockets, and Iran's ability to hit Gulf State targets.

Tweet (Lebanese News and Updates):

"Authorities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia destroyed "Imam Al Hussein" mosque in Al Awameya.

This brings the number of destroyed Shia mosques in KSA to up to two dozen."

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Incredible. There is 0 evidence US embassy staff in Cuba were attacked. The US gov't provided a recording, but experts said it was the sound of crickets  
So the corporate media trotted out a known CIA disinformation asset to revive the conspiracy theory"
Tweet (Asa Winstanley):
""Seizes total control" aka "Wins democratic elections""
"Partitioning the US is Going to be a Major Topic of Discussion" (Anglin).  Two-state solution!  Assholia is a psychopath of a country, can't be fixed, and is a clear and present danger to the entire planet.  Breaking it up would be wonderful.
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