Thursday, December 03, 2020

Slaves' revenge

Even the 'racists' won't say it out loud, but I'm sure they have a unified conspiracy theory of the American election.  Sometime during the last month of the campaign, the Biden people started to panic.  The polls fed to the farm animals by the (((media))) are complete bullshit, but the parties both have access to real polling data.  The real polling data showed Trump was going to win (Biden was simply too terrible a candidate, and insulted the voters by taking them for granted by failing to bother to campaign, though of course his real reason for failing to campaign was senility, and the danger of publicly exhibiting its symptoms).  It was so bad it actually prompted the Biden apparatus to do the unthinkable at the last minute, and let Joe out of his locked basement to campaign for a couple of hours in front of a couple of people, but it was not enough.

Time for Plan B.  Plan B certainly involves heaps of beyond-last-minute, fraudulently-harvested, mail-in ballot dumps, and probably also involves vote machine fraud (noting, for example, the connections of the Democrats and Dominion).  There's a problem, though.  You need to calibrate the amount of fraudulent votes needed at the last minute, or after the last minute, and that involves a large conspiracy of fraud enablers.  You need to do this after the last minute to ensure you don't make your candidate win by too much, as that would reveal the fraud (of course, the cumulative effect of all the malarkey is that Biden ended up with a ridiculously high country-wide vote total for such an uninspiring candidate).

Remember when Bernie was way up, and Joe was floundering, and Barry summoned his peeps to come out on Super Tuesday to put the old shiv in Bernie?  Think of where the big counting is going on.  Big urban areas like Atlanta and Philadelphia.  Local black officials instructing black middle management electoral officials who manage largely black election workers, taking in big shipments of 'ballots' from black postal workers.  It is not difficult to see how it played out.  Biden is (somehow) seen as Barry II, and so any steps which can be taken would be taken.  Plan B is Plan Black.

I'm sure there are a lot of people who see this, and wish it were otherwise, but the perceived necessity of getting rid of Trump means that the niceties of fair elections had to be thrown out the window (as well, I'm sure some Dems see this as just revenge for being robbed in 2000, as well as numerous other Republican cheating shenanigans over the years).  As we've seen, the Dominion Voting preparation, gathering together the various crooked components, including even a whitewashed Diebold (!), goes back to the first Barry Administration.  The mail-in ballot trick was enabled by the pandemic.  There is a simply enormous pile of anecdotal evidence of mass fraud, plus all the incongruous results for a candidate as utterly lackluster as Biden.  The question people will ask: how is such an organized conspiratorial effort possible?  The answer is the slaves' revenge.

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