Wednesday, December 23, 2020

The craziest

"Turkey gets an ally in Ukraine" (Bhdrakumar).  Using Turkish techniques used in Karabakh to capture eastern Ukraine.

"Don’t Blame the Soviets for the War in Nagorno-Karabakh" (Parry).  There is a discussion of the photo in the comments.

"Propaganda Pandemic: The Craziest COVID Claims Of The Year" (Cohen).  China's success is a PR problem for the Empire.

"Washington vetoes aid to Sri Lanka and paves the way for Chinese expansion" (Leiroz).  Backfiring 'humanitarian' bullying.

"US sanctions London-based family of Assad's wife under Caesar Act".

Cole, shamefully reprinting Khazar WWIII propaganda from HRW:  "Why is the Russian Public Paying for Bombing Schools in Syria?" (Wille).

"Dream of Greater Europe dies: German efforts to create a Europe without Russia forged a Europe against Russia" (Diesen).  "Does Russia Actually Have an Advantage in the Battle for Multipolarity?" (Kirby).

"Israel’s Genocide in Gaza Goes Uninterrupted, But Is Europe Finally Taking Notice?" (Peled):

"In fact, according to the Israeli press, Germany just announced that in order to provide Israel with a European made vaccine for Covid-19, “Germany used its influence in the EU to bend the rule that a European-produced vaccination would be given to European countries first. Germany justified the decision in part through its “historical commitment to supporting Israel.” Knowing full well that millions of Palestinians are denied health care and that the spread of Covid-19 among Palestinians is alarming, no such commitment was made to assist the Palestinians in their fight against the deadly disease.."

"Joint Statement: 10 Israeli, Palestinian and international health and human rights organizations: Israel must provide necessary vaccines to Palestinian health care systems" (reliefweb).  Striking in that Israel is vaccinating the squatters while ignoring the actual owners of the land.

"Israel illegally recruits Canadian citizens to its army" (Barrows-Friedman).  Laws obviously don't apply to Khazars, there are too many examples to count.  'Honoring' these monsters, while mopping up the blood pouring off their fangs.

"Imperial Intent: Destroying India’s Farm Sector" (Todhunter).  The usual.
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