Tuesday, December 01, 2020

The Double Breach + Sheldon

"Canada feared for safety of Macau-based witness who refuses to testify in Meng Wanzhou extradition case"  Note that the Canadian government is trying to keep this guy from testifying, and eventually gave up on its attempt to hide documentary evidence, based on imaginary fears for his life from the Chinese.  Note also that the RCMP officer, who seemed to be taking instructions from the FBI, retired shortly after Meng's arrest and moved to, of all places, Macau.  So he's been fairly neatly removed from the access of Meng's Canadian lawyers and the Canadian courts, but at the same time supposedly in danger from the reach of the Chinese.  Perfect!

Btw, why would the Chinese want to harm the one guy whose testimony would destroy the Asshole case?

Now for the good part.  "Canadian Mountie at centre of Meng Wanzhou extradition storm was elite officer in Hong Kong":

"Chang’s Hong Kong posting helps explain how he ended up working in the nearby Chinese gambling mecca as the assistant vice-president for security at the Galaxy casino. Former police officers are a common presence on the security staff of Macau casinos, and Chang’s fellow executives at Galaxy include at least one former member of the Hong Kong police tactical unit."

Galaxy isn't Sheldon's operation (which is The Sands), it is that of his main competitor. Sheldon's not an idiot. If he wants to hide somebody away from a Canadian court, he's not going to hire the guy himself.  You have to admit it's a small world when the RCMP security guy in place on the arrest ends up working security for a casino in Macao, and the main proponent of siccing Assholia on Iran has main base of operations in Macau.

By the way, Assholes, the shekeling and blackmail means that the Wars For The Jews have so hollowed out Assholian prosperity that Sheldon is planning on packing up and leaving Vegas for Macau, there being no more money left to rip from the hands of starving Assholes:  "Billionaire Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands mulls US$6 billion sale of US casinos to focus on Macau, Singapore markets".

We've got the completely illegal imposition of sanctions by the Assholes using threats against third party countries.  Canada isn't a part of those sanctions.  Then you have the completely illegal micro-managing of the Canadian apprehending of Meng (the Canadian authorities are having hilarious problems denying the obvious fact that they were just acting as lackeys for Assholes), which is fundamentally an extralegal kidnapping by the Assholes, all on the basis of alleged breaching by Huawei of these illegal third party sanctions against Iran.  This is the double breach of international law.  Then the point man of the RCMP is being hidden from the Canadian courts with a cushy sinecure in Macau, of all places, where more anti-Chinese hysteria can be raised over the danger he is supposedly in from China.  This isn't difficult to understand in the least.

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