Monday, December 28, 2020

Well meaning but thick

Tweet (Frank Graves) (Ford wants to be Trump, but he's going for the Boris Johnson overall excuse):

"Ok . I was prepared to buy the well meaning but thick Premier thing . I am, full stop done. This is massive incompetence on a truly epic scale.  The human costs of this are incalculable"

Ontario stopped vaccinating for the Christmas holidays!

Referring to the fact that the Premier of Ontario was a drug dealer:  tweet (Tabatha Southey):
"Maybe @fordnation would be better at getting the vaccines out if they came in ziplock baggies and were distributed in parking lots."
Tweet (Ben Norton):
"This is the perfect embodiment of the bankruptcy of Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau's "woke" neoliberalism:

Publicly claim to support oppressed groups with your rhetoric, while you help capitalists harm and exploit those groups with your actual policies"
Tweet (Bikrum Gill) (note that China is going in the opposite direction):
"It is interesting to note that thought the Trudeau government in Canada angered the Indian government with its suggestion of support for the farmers protests, Canada has nonetheless been quite involved in pushing for China and India to dismantle their farmer support programs"
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