Wednesday, December 09, 2020

We're all going to die

"Canada Latest To Approve Pfizer Jab; UAE Says Sinopharm COVID Vaccine 86% Effective: Live Updates" (Durden):

"Bloomberg reported that two patients who received the vaccine yesterday demonstrated serious reactions to the shots, while AstraZeneca and Oxford released more data about their vaccine project - data that was criticized as incomplete and leaving several questions, including about potentially dangerous side effects, unanswered. AstraZeneca also disappointed investors when it revealed that it's vaccine is 62% effective on average, though some people who received just a half dose instead of their first full dose during the study were found to exhibit inexplicably superior results, as high as 90%."

"Four trial volunteers who got Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine developed Bell's palsy - but FDA denies that the temporary facial paralysis was caused by the shot" (Rahhal).

"COVID-19 Vaccines - What We Don't Know and What We Need to Know" (Viable Opposition).

In the West, we have a not-fit-for-use political class who have so mangled the official responses to the pandemic that they are rushing to save themselves with an untested set of inoculations.  Ask yourself, are you going to be in the least surprised when the shit hits the fan?
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