Tuesday, December 29, 2020

“Where is my money?”

"Mumia Gets a New Chance to Challenge His Murder Conviction" (Lindorff). “Where is my money?”

"How Much Longer the Us Will Still Be Able to Print Dollars and Not Sink" (Stalker Zone).  An attempt to gauge the length of the 'reserve currency' gravy train.  Every 'American' Khazar should print this, laminate it, and stick it to their fridge, as a guide to how many years of leeching is left before the host is just a complete third-world husk.  Mark my words, a time is coming, very soon, when you Assholes will regret not listening to the 'anti-Semites'.

"The US Money Tree: The Untold Story of American Aid to ‘Israel’" (Baroud).  The 2002 calculation of the total, just before the multi-trillions spent on Wars For The Jews, was 1.6 trillion dollars.  It's fucking unbelievable!

"Unanswered questions in the SolarWinds Orion hack" (Reed):

"According to security experts and former employees, SolarWinds was extremely vulnerable to an intrusion like Sunburst—not only because of the widespread government and corporate use of its software—but for its own slipshod security practices.

The New York Times reported, for example: “The company did not have a chief information security officer, and internal emails shared with The New York Times showed that employees’ passwords were leaking out on GitHub last year. Reuters earlier reported that a researcher informed the company last year that he had uncovered the password to SolarWinds’ update mechanism — the vehicle through which 18,000 of its customers were compromised. The password was ‘solarwinds123.’ ”"

Tweet (Dan Cohen):
"Colombia’s 90th massacre of 2020 under the watch of narco-president 
@IvanDuque: Ex-FARC guerrilla Rosa Mendoza, 25, her newborn baby and 3 others were murdered on Saturday. Mendoza was the 249th signer of the 2016 peace accords to be assassinated."
Classic Mondoweiss headline (so much winning, goyim!): "Victories for Palestine continued on US campuses in 2020" (Elia).

"How The Fracking Revolution Is Killing the U.S. Oil and Gas Industry" (Mikulka).  Just another paper-shuffling financial scam, that also permanently wrecks the environment.

"A Pardoning Time of Year" (Giraldi).
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