Saturday, December 19, 2020


"Meng Wanzhou's lawyers claim extradition would violate international law" (Proctor).  Well, duh!  All these extraterritorial Sanctions For The Jews are utterly illegal under international law.  If fact, you could say that this is the very point of having international law.  Interfering with the Khleptomaniacs' right to kill people and steal land by leeching on Assholian overreaching is the quintessence of 'anti-Semitism', so nobody dares mention it.  It is hilarious, and possibly an inside joke, that they are relying on an (((Abella))) - married to this (((monster))) - judgment for this!

"US Media Suffers From ‘Russia Hack Syndrome’ & Provides No Proof of Breach, as Usual" (Blinova).  "Secret, Invisible Evidence Of Russian Hacking Is Not Actually Evidence" (Johnstone).  "Media Blame Russia For Cyber Intrusions Without Providing Evidence" (Moon).  They keep pulling the same stunt over and over.  After some time, each attempt is conclusively shown to be bullshit (incubator babies, yellowcake, Atta in Prague, Russiagate, White Helmets/OPCW, various spewings of Bellingcat, etc, etc), so the (((media))) ignores it and supports the new bullshit.  Of course, this isn't just random, there is a specific warmongering point:  "The frenzied anti-Russia campaign in anticipation of Biden presidency" (Van Auken).

"‘NY Times’ tries but fails to clean up multiple failures by ‘Jihadism Terror’ reporter, Rukmini Callimachi" (North).  It is fun to contrast the NYT Picks and Reader Picks amongst the comments to any given JTY article, particularly where the JYT is trying to feed you another (((line))) from the (((parasites))).  I think they'll have to eliminate the Reader Picks!

Tweet (Ben Norton):

"What Ken Roth (director of billionaire-funded regime-change lobby group Human Rights Watch) conveniently forgot to mention is that he publicly supported the 2011 NATO "humanitarian intervention" in Libya that turned the oil-rich country into a failed state"

A bit of a shock from the spooks at the Guardian!: "The Guardian view on Julian Assange: do not extradite him".  It is actually quite good, and completely out of line with everything else they have published on the subject, without the prevaricating/nitpicking I would have expected to see.

Important, as we know Trump talks to Carlson, and respects his opinions:  "Watch: Tucker Carlson Makes Appeal To Trump For Assange Pardon" (Durden).  I'm sure Trump would already have done it if he didn't have to consider the issue of post-Presidency Swamp retaliation.  Assange's release of the material on the CIA's ability to create false flag cyber intrusions is directly on point for the current 'Russia Hack' lies.

"Statement on Palestine and Western Sahara" (Palestine Solidarity Committee).  President Jared essentially started up another War For The Jews just for a tiny PR bump for Bibi.

Based!:  "South Africa's chief justice unrepentant for linking Covid vaccines to satanism" (Rothschilds).  "COVID-19 Vaccines -Will Vaccine-Induced Enhancement Be a Long-Term Side-Effect?" (Viable Opposition).

"Covid, the Politicization of Science, and More Questions About the Pfizer Vaccine Approval" (Smith):
"As to why we are continuing to examine the data, recall again that this is an mRNA vaccine, a technology never deployed at scale in humans, let along planned to be population wide. This is a completely different beast than traditional vaccines. Igancio set forth the stakes:
How on hell it is possible to approve a vaccine that uses a platform with 0 experience on the basis of so little data? Have we forgotten, again and again, the precautionary principle? These 8 infected after a couple of months from the trial start compared to 168 in the placebo group is enough to approve something for thousands of millions? Have we forgotten previous mistakes? Is 8 enough to have any information on adverse effects and serious adverse effects? Can we rule out antibody-enhanced disease on the basis of 8 reported infections? No way, no way, no way. Please, remember this, RNA vaccines have NO history of deployment, these are a big unknown and, if anything, the most thorough research and follow up of the trials should be carefully done before approval, before delivering an unknown to the masses.
In other words, there were solid reasons for the bar for approving a mRNA vaccine to be set higher than for a conventional vaccine, or alternatively, for its initial subjects under the EUA to be medical personnel who volunteered to take it. That is an obvious top priority group, capable of informed consent. Instead it’s being rolled out on a mass basis."
"Sacklers Deny Wrongdoing During House Panel Over Purdue Pharma Oxycontin Sales" (Mann).  The 
Sacklers are Khazars, extremely violent, extremely racist, group supremacists, who consider all non-Khazars to be the equivalent of farm animals, so making billions killing off farm animals to donate much of it to Jewish charities cannot possibly be wrong in their eyes.

"The New England Journal Of Medicine Is Now Fully Woke" (Widburg) (noting that this is a massive credibility killer, at a time when trust in doctors is iffy anyway, but required).  Using woke factors in the criteria for the vaccination line:  "Will the U.S. Snatch Defeat From the Jaws of Vaccine Victory?" (zeynep).

Saudi-UAE rivalry:  "Why is Saudi Arabia Approaching Qatar and Turkey?" (Sheikh).
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