Thursday, December 31, 2020

Year of pain

"PATRICK LAWRENCE: Trump’s Foreign Policy Explained".  How the Deep State flattened Trump's 'art of the deal' attempts at diplomacy, largely through having his traitorous appointments subvert his efforts at sanity.  Once the stupid is done, Trump then had to pretend it was what he intended all along, or look like a powerless fool.

The record:  "Grading Trump on Foreign Policy" (Kuzmarov).

"Saudi severe Violations of Human Rights Law pose Challenge to new Biden Administration" (Rakipoglu).  For a country that does nothing except pump oil, they sure punch above their weight in the human rights abuse department.

"Merry Christmas – Your Account Has Been Suspended: Update & Cry for Help" (Illingworth).  The mysteries of the Twitter banhammer, and systematic social media effective censoring of any leftish thoughts.  Again, who thought it was a good idea to give these billionaires full control over allowed speech?

"There Goes the Neighborhood: What really caused the decline of 18th & Vine" (Larson).  The process by which political reform and 'progress' leads to destruction.  I've been thinking about that Hudson material from yesterday and wondering what possible steps could be taken to start to fix it, and I'm stumped.  Once the entire society and economy is gummed up by debt and rent-seeking, there is no hope.  You can't get there from here.  A jubilee might be a good start, but where is the political will for that?

"In a year of pain, one silver lining: fewer mass shootings" (Pane).  The mass shooters were too depressed to be bothered, and everybody was working from home.

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