Saturday, March 28, 2020

They are even lower than Italians

"The US Has Faced Decline Before – But Nothing Like What’s to Come" (Cockburn):
"The very real decline of the US as a global power, as exemplified by the coronavirus pandemic crisis, has less to do with guns and money than many suppose, and much more to do with Trump himself as both the symptom and cause of American decline.

Put simply, the US is no longer a country that the rest of the world wants to emulate or, if they do, the emulators tend to be authoritarian nativist demagogues or despots. Their admiration is warmly welcomed: witness Trump’s embrace of the Hindu nationalist Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and his cultivation of the younger generation of tyrants such as Kim Jung-un in North Korea and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Saudi Arabia.

Democratic and despotic rulers will, at least at first, be strengthened by the pandemic, since in times of acute crisis people want to see their governments as saviours who know what they are doing.

But demagogues like Trump and his equivalents around the world are seldom much good at handling real crises, because they have risen to power by exploiting ethnic and sectarian hatreds, scapegoating their opponents and boosting their own mythical achievements.

An example of this is Brazil’s far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, who accuses his opponents and the media of “tricking” Brazilians about the dangers of coronavirus. Such is the government’s laxity in enforcing any type of lockdown in Rio de Janeiro that in at least three slums, only the local drugs cartels have stepped in to declare and enforce an 8pm curfew.

Trump has always excelled in exploiting and exacerbating divisions in American society and producing simple-minded solutions to mythical crises, such as building the famous wall to stop the entry of Central American migrants into the US. But now he is faced with a real crisis, he is gambling that it will be of short duration and less severe than most experts predict. Polls show that his popularity has risen, probably because frightened people prefer to hear good news rather than bad. So far, the worst outbreaks of the illness have been in New York, Boston and other cities where Trump never had much support. If it spreads with the same intensity to Texas and Florida, then the loyalty of even Trump’s core supporters may evaporate. 
The reason why the US is weaker as a country is because it is divided and these divisions will get deeper as long as Trump is in power. Hitherto he has avoided provoking serious crises, and his mishandling of the coronavirus epidemic shows that he was wise to do so. He is polarising an already divided country and this is the real reason for the decline of the US."
Drone killing a civilian child, or torturing a freedom fighter, things that are done in fighting Wars For The Jews, just won't stop the virus:  "This Pandemic Is Exposing The Futility Of The National Security State" (Bacevich).  You Assholes went and spent all your money on a fancy umbrella during a drought.

You've heard of 'first world problems' but they've got nothing on Khazar problems:  tweet (Tareq Baconi طارق بقعوني):
"Israeli media reporting on the nightmare for israeli security forces who will have to shoot COVID patients from Gaza if they run to the fence for treatment. “No way to spin that footage”. #gaza"
No worries, their (((media))) will just hide it.

"Congress passes a money virus bill while Britain stealthily downgrades COVID-19 as no longer being a high consequence infectious disease" (Willmann):
"Today, Friday, the House passed it by a shifty, and possibly outlaw procedure, bulldozing past Representative Thomas Massie (Repub. Kentucky), who demanded that a quorum be proved and that a recorded vote be taken on the proposed law.  It is not clear at this time exactly what took place within the context of the House rules and the constitution. "
Note the level of the bipartisan attacks on Massie for doing his job:  tweet (John Kerry):
"Breaking news: Congressman Massie has tested positive for being an asshole. He must be quarantined to prevent the spread of his massive stupidity. He's given new meaning to the term #Masshole. (Finally, something the president and I can agree on!)"
Google images search:  "Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras festivities in New Orleans on Feb. 25, 2020".

In case you accidentally forget and assume there are some moral limits on the Assholes:  "Dreams of Extermination in Puerto Rico: U.S. Biological Warfare and the Legacy of Dr. Cornelius Rhoads" (Guzman):
"I can get a damn fine job here and am tempted to take it. It would be ideal except for the Porto Ricans. They are beyond doubt the dirtiest, laziest, most degenerate and thievish race of men ever inhabiting this sphere. It makes you sick to inhabit the same island with them. They are even lower than Italians. What the island needs is not public health work but a tidal wave or something to totally exterminate the population. It might then be livable. I have done my best to further the process of extermination by killing off 8 and transplanting cancer into several more. The latter has not resulted in any fatalities so far… The matter of consideration for the patients’ welfare plays no role here — in fact all physicians take delight in the abuse and torture of the unfortunate subjects.

Do let me know if you hear any more news. 
Sincerely, “Dusty”"
Tweet (Mark Ames):
"*Always believe the Mojahedin-e Khalq terror cult, so long as they pay you"
Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Mike Pompeo is one of the most evil political figures on Earth
The competition is very stiff. But few people can compare with the unimaginable death, torment, pain, and misery that Pompeo (at both the CIA and State Department) has unleashed on this planet"
"US State Dept accuses China of putting conditions on Covid-19 aid, cites media when pressed on proof".

It's the great circle of CIA bullshit: "Lockerbie’s Only Convict May be Exonerated Posthumously" (Fetouri) to "Devastating Revelations About the Truth Behind the Destruction of MH17" (O'Neill).

Tweet (Louis Allday):
"Iranian politicians contracting corona was used by the Western media to portray the Iranian Government as corrupt, irresponsible and unable to handle the outbreak. What does that mean for the UK Government now that both its Prime Minister and Health Minister have the virus?"

Tweet (Matt Stoller):
"This isn't even an ideological critique. It's like, hey Democrats, you had ten other loser centrists none of whom have cognitive decline or sexual assault allegations or obvious nepotism. And you rallied around this one?"
Tweet (Matt Stoller):
"This announcement of layoffs by United Airlines came literally a few hours after they got $25B in grants from the government so they wouldn't have to lay anyone off.  
Congress is full of a bunch of fucking morons."

Friday, March 27, 2020

Risk stratification

'Risk stratification':  "Googly-Eyed Wop Cuomo Backtracks on Lunatic City Lockdown" (Anglin).

"Why is the U.S. so Exceptionally Vulnerable to Covid-19?" (Davies).  Many reasons, many ways of putting it, but it all boils down to a country filled to the brim with assholes.

Institutional Democrat #metoo corruption is the best thing ever!:  "New Allegations Surface" (MetaFilter).  Note that even this report is polluted with the ubiquitous PDS.

Tweet (Ben Norton) (very good friends, as the truth oozes out):
"The media portrays billionaire oligarch Bill Gates as a noble "philanthropist"—while he's trying to privatize global public health infrastructure and make it a for-profit scheme run by corporations
And don't forget he was good friends with Jeffrey Epstein"
The problem with universal masking is that it doesn't provide the protection people think it does, so they get even more sloppy with the interpersonal contact. Perhaps just mask the olds.

"Recognizing and Resisting the “Hasbara Pandemic”" (Sepahpour-Ulrich):
"But it was not just the timing that was odd. It was the orange prison uniform. Orange prison uniform is easy to process for Americans, and the West. Images of prisoners wearing orange jumpsuit in Guantanamo is embedded in our minds. More disturbing still are the images of prisoners captured by ISIS and wearing orange jump suits as they are being executed. I always wondered where did ISIS get all the orange jump suits their prisoner wore. But that is beside the point. In Iran, prisoners do not wear orange. The uniforms are different shades of blue depending on their status. Ordinary prisoners wear the striped while political prisoners the plain blue uniforms.

Aside from the wrong color uniform, I was struck by Levinson’s appearance as portrayed in Western media. It was hard to process the tanned face which contrasted so sharply with his pale hands. It didn’t make sense. It is not clear to me as to why America would choose this moment to stage this death. I can only imagine that it is to present an image of a ruthless Iran in order to justify its terrorism by way of sanctions at a time when Iran, like the rest of the world, is fighting this pandemic. But even the lies will not hide the shameless stain of America’s cruel madness. Hence, we must resist and fight the propaganda.

For decades, we have been victims of propaganda to the point that we are no longer aware of it. In spite of it, we have not managed to build an immunity to the lies. Quite the opposite — we have become more vulnerable as our resistance erodes with every shot of hasbara. But we are not broken – not yet. It can only affect us if left undetected. Like COVID-19, the hasbara virus goes undetected until it’s tested for and discovered. We must therefore learn to test for, detect, and reject it. We can do this by refusing to abandon our critical thinking. Pleasant or not, we cannot allow our underlying bias guide us and use commonsense. Don’t let the hasbara virus infect you — it is deadlier than you can imagine."
"US State Dept accuses China of putting conditions on Covid-19 aid, cites media when pressed on proof".  "Trump pledges cooperation with China's Xi after phone call" (Chalfant).

"Who’s behind the COVID-19 global pandemic" (Barrett).

Barrel of Monkeys

"Bailouts for the Rich, the Virus for the Rest of Us" (Urie).

"Corporate Socialism: The Government Is Bailing Out Investors & Managers, Not You" (Taled/Spitznagel).

Fine print:  "Bonanza for Rich Real Estate Investors, Tucked Into Stimulus Package" (Drucker):
"Among the possible beneficiaries of the change are real estate investors in President Trump’s inner circle.

In 2018, The New York Times reported that Jared Kushner, Mr. Trump’s son-in-law and adviser, likely didn’t pay federal income taxes for several years because of paper losses generated by depreciating his companies’ properties, despite his significant wealth and earnings from other sources, according to confidential financial documents.

Mr. Trump has also reported significant losses on his tax return. Portions of a 1995 tax return published by The Times showed nearly $916 million in losses, which could have permitted him to avoid paying any federal income taxes for almost two decades. 
The 2017 law restricted both men’s abilities to reap tax savings through only-on-paper losses; now, with those limits likely to be lifted, Mr. Trump and Mr. Kushner, as well as other wealthy real estate developers, have the potential to score big tax savings."
Slumlord news:  "As the Coronavirus Hit, Jared Kushner’s Company Told Renters to Take Action to Pay “ASAP”" (Vicens) (Mother Jones, though).  "Kushner Cos. Defaults On Major Times Square Retail Property" (Neubauer).

Thread by Jason Hickel on the British version of the same kind of theft.

It is amazing just how cheap it is to buy off every individual to allow for the theft of trillions and trillions.

"The Senate's Coronavirus Relief Package Must be Stopped!" (Whitney):
"Do you understand why this bill is being rushed through congress?

It has alot to do with the falling stock market but more precisely with the hundreds of corporations that have been hawking bonds to gullible investors who thought they were buying the debt of responsible, well-managed companies that used the money to improve their product-line, train workers, or build new factories. But instead, greedy CEOs have been using the money to buy shares in their own companies to boost executive compensation and reward shareholders. It’s a multi-trillion dollar scam that blew up in their faces causing a complete freeze-over in the corporate bond market. That’s what’s really going on, there’s a massive credit crunch that has a stranglehold on the bond market and there are only two ways to fix the problem:
Let the failing corporations default and pick up the pieces after the dust settles or…
Launch a major $4.5 trillion bailout for busted corporations that drove their companies off a cliff. 
Those are the two choices. Naturally Treasury Secretary Mnuchin chose the latter which suggests that the real motive for giving working people the $1,200 checks was simply to divert attention from the massive trillion dollar bailout to teetering corporations. That’s the real objective of the so-called fiscal stimulus bill. It’s another giant welfare check for the plutocrats."
". . . Mnuchin is transforming the US Treasury into a hedge fund. That’s what it means. It means that the Treasury is going to use the $450 billion that is obliquely allocated in the emergency bill, to create a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)–which is a sleazy, off-balance sheet operation that is used to conceal underhanded bookkeeping, that will leverage up by 10x (which means that the Fed will use the $450 billion to borrow tens times more than the original amount or $4.5 trillion) that will be stealthily used to bail out underwater corporations, financial institutions and, yes, banks. (Note–The fairy-tale about “well capitalized banks” is pure bunkum. These guys have serious exposure through “sponsored repo” which is lending to hedge funds via the repo market.) The Fed has already created one SPV for the Commercial Paper market under the Treasury’s Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) which is supposed to be used to mitigate volatility in global currency markets, not for bailing out failing corporations. It’s a complete misuse of funds. Unfortunately, targeted suspension of the Sunshine Act will prevent the public from figuring out who is getting money in what amount and for what purpose. This whole scam has been carefully worked out right down to legal provisions preventing transparency.

By the way, Mnuchin’s personal bio is worth reviewing. According to Senator Ron Wyden:

“Mr. Mnuchin’s career began in trading the financial products that brought on the housing crash and the Great Recession. After nearly two decades at Goldman Sachs, he left in 2002 and joined a hedge fund….
“In early 2009, Mr. Mnuchin led a group of investors that purchased a bank called IndyMac, renaming it OneWest. OneWest was truly unique. While Mr. Mnuchin was CEO, the bank proved it could put more vulnerable people on the street faster than just about anybody else around.
“While he was CEO, a OneWest vice president admitted in a court proceeding to ‘robo-signing’ upward of 750 foreclosure documents a week…between 2009 and 2014, a period during which the bank foreclosed on more than 35,000 homes. ‘Widow foreclosures’ on reverse mortgages – OneWest did more of those than anybody else. The bank defends its record on loan modifications, but it was found guilty of an illegal practice known as ‘dual tracking.’ One bank department tells homeowners to stop making payments so they can pursue modification, while another department presses on and hurtles them into foreclosure anyway.” (“Stimulus Bill: The Fed and Treasury’s Slush Fund Is Actually $4 Trillion”, Wall Street on Parade)

Does that sound like someone who can be trusted in the distribution of $4.5 trillion in government funds?"
"Look: The Fed has always had the ability to print as much money as it chooses. (Remember: “Unlimited QE”??) So why did the Fed need to link-up with the Treasury for this operation? 
Because the Fed is unwilling to accept the credit risk. Who will ultimately be accountable for all the bad bets and worthless bonds that are being downgraded as we speak? Who is going to mop up the trillions in red ink created by crooked, scheming, cutthroat corporations (and their financial counter-party accomplices) who plundered their companies for the sole objective of enriching themselves and their shareholders? 
The US Treasury backed by the American taxpayer. 
This is really the endgame. Wall Street has subsumed the US Treasury and turned it into a massively leveraged hedge fund that is controlled by an unscrupulous charlatan who made his bones evicting families from their homes during the worse economic slump since the Great Depression. 
We’re truly fu**ed."
So the Fed is now a huge lender to the worst credit risks, to the extent of trillions of dollars, completely independent, unless it fucks up (which it will, as the borrowers have already proven how feckless they are), in which case the Treasury is on the hook.  Khazar nirvana!  That's quite the use of a crisis to sneak in what amounts to a profound change to the entire system of government.

Also:  "Democrats Are Handing Donald Trump The Keys To The Country" (Carter).

"Donald Trump Says America’s Ventilator Shortage Was “Unforeseen.” Nothing Could Be Further From the Truth." (Turse).  If you can believe it, President Jared is taking his sweet, sweet time trying to Jew down the price!:  "After Considering $1 Billion Price Tag for Ventilators, White House Has Second Thoughts" (Sanger/Haberman/Kanno-Youngs).

Whenever they ask the Assholes who aren't social distancing what they think they are doing, they inevitably say 'I am not at risk, why should I inconvenience myself just for the benefit of others'.  This isn't some random sociopath, it is the Weltanshauung of an entire country.  It also explains why the endless series of Wars For The Jews, not to mention previous atrocities, goes down so easily.

Needless to say, the biggest sociopaths, by far, are those who loudly proclaim their religiosity:  "Prosperity gospel megachurches: close them down as health risks" (Madsen).

There's some good news:
  1. "After 5 years, Saudi Arabia is finally on the verge of defeat in Yemen" (Ahmed);
  2. "Canada to cut number of troops in Ukraine due to COVID-19 pandemic" (Berthiaume) (it is amazing how much outrageous fuckery is completely unnecessary, and can just be allowed to drift off);
  3. "Barrel of Monkeys now worth more than a barrel of Alberta oil" (Bekx/Seskus);
  4. on the attempted theft by Gilead:  "We Just Barely Averted a Gigantic Pandemic Grift by Big Pharma" (Day) - rare link to the (((Jacobin tricksters)));
  5. "Canada can ignore drug, device patents during outbreak under new law" (Globo-homo-Rothschild-o, which notes that the big pharma lobby group is 'concerned').
"Can social distancing hide Biden from voters until November?" (DeWitt).  In the few times he has appeared, he has noticeably deteriorated from his base line (which wasn't good to start with).  Remember Ol' Kil used to similarly disappear for a neurological tune-up. probably involving the blood of recently slaughtered children.  Can you imagine what happens if Biden has to disappear while campaigning (Trump will have a field day).  As bad as Trump as been during the crisis, at least he is available, Americans can't count on Biden to be fit to serve.

I keep forgetting, why do the nicest people in the world keep being oppressed by everybody else?:  "During the Coronavirus crisis, Israel confiscates tents designated for clinic in the Northern West Bank".  Oh yes, it's irrational ancient Jew-hatred, that's it!

"Netanyahu, forever! Gantz abandons his opposition" (Weiss).  Gantz looks just like Bernie - pretend phony opposition just there to help with the legitimacy of the entire system, but always no real threat to it.

The 'bright side' is that Bibi no longer has to pander to the ultra-right (not that there is any difference between the ultra-right and the mainstream):  "Israeli politics wins — thanks to coronavirus" (Bhadrakumar).

Tweet (Rob DenBleyker):
"have you talked to your grandparents about the benefits of Dying for the Stonks?"

Infection models

This is old news, as the Chinese and Koreans won't shut up about it, but the lesson has not been learned in many places.  The model of having groups self-quarantine in multi-generational family units doesn't work well.  That's because the olds stay home, with the less-olds, but the youths run free, refusing to self-isolate, and thus hoovering up all the virus that's around, and come home every night to infect grandpa.  Infection is starting to appear to require long-term multiple instances of close-contact transmission, which is exactly what the youths are doing to the olds.

This model is the cheapened version of what the West has come up with to try to replicate Asian success without having to spend money on testing.  The successful Asian model is to test, test, test, and remove any infected people into extremely strict quarantine.  It's like a fisherman's net, you keep testing until you've removed all the sick fish, and the fish that remain are uninfected, and can't harm each other.

Of course, the proper response depends on local social conditions.  Italy has strong family bonds and tends to keep the olds at home, but Italians are the world's natural anarchists, refuse to obey laws and thus refuse to self-isolate, so the Italian response was a total disaster.  Other places, perhaps the Netherlands and Sweden, which are more likely to separate the olds into care facilities, may be able to get away with the 'herd immunity' strategy, as long as they strictly isolate the care facilities.  I'm afraid American cities are closer to Italy than Sweden.

The bottom line is that there can be no single right answer to the appropriate social techniques.  The only commonalities for success are social isolation as much as possible, and massive testing of anybody who exhibits symptoms.  In many countries, including most of the West, neither of these is really happening.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

The talking dead

"This is Very Important News from Italy. Please Read." (Marshall).  The dead talk, and they're saying there is still not enough testing going on.  A lot of virus deaths are still being blamed on other things.  Total deaths in an area is a hard number to fudge, even with crooked local officials (as in the US).

Italy and the US may just turn out to be places where there is no curve flattening, and the virus dies out only when it has killed every, or almost every, susceptible victim.  People will blame Trump, but it is really a question of the percentage of the population that consists of scofflaws.  Places where people are generally more law-abiding should do better.

Putatively progressive

"Fine Print of Stimulus Bill Contains Special Deals for Industries" (Lipton/Vogel):
"Meanwhile, the provision inserted by Democrats to block the families of government officials from receiving certain assistance might not exempt the companies owned by the family of Mr. Kushner.
While the provision expressly bars such funds from going to companies controlled by “the spouse, child, son-in-law or daughter-in-law” of the president and other officials, in order for the prohibition to kick in, the person in question would have to “directly or indirectly” own or control 20 percent or more of a company. Mr. Kushner rarely owns that much in his family firm’s various real estate projects, according to a person familiar with the family’s business arrangements. The ownership is usually divided between Mr. Kushner, his three siblings, his two parents and various outside investors.
Mr. Kushner’s representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment."
What a shock, the no-government-cheese-for-Javanka clause doesn't work!

"‘This is a massive scandal’: Trump FDA grants drug company exclusive claim on promising coronavirus drug" (Conley).  Gilead, ready to profit after each conspiracy.  But:  "Public Pressure Works: Gilead Asks FDA To Rescind Orphan Drugs Designation For Possible COVID-19 Treatment" (Masnick).

"The FBI and Jewish Organizations Invent Anti-White Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory" (Striker) (the cough-on-a-Jew fantasy):
"There is no evidence that this is happening or ever has happened. It is baseless blood libel against white people intended to hide the failures of these demagogues in the midst of a crisis. The hate crimes against random Asians in the US so far appear to be committed largely by blacks.

Jewish people have been spreading coronavirus among themselves due to their poor hygiene, penchant for international travel, and refusal to follow prescriptions on social distancing. In New Jersey, Jews were arrested in two separate instances for hosting weddings in defiance of temporary laws against large social gatherings. One of the earliest reported contagion ground zeroes in America was a Shabbat dinner. Among the biggest hot spots are Kiryas Joel, New Rochelle, Williamsburg, and various other parts of the northeast with massive Jewish populations. 
As for the “intelligence community,” coronavirus is slated to go down as one of the biggest intelligence failures in American history. The Trump administration’s colossal waste of federal resources on the politically motivated hoaxes of “anti-Semitism and “white supremacy” means that the state had better and more accurate information about the latest 4Chan gags than the highly contagious virus."
"A Few Recent Political Developments Which Should Not Go Unnoticed" (The Saker):
"I have forced myself to listen to the daily COVID19 briefings from the White House and I have to say that Trump’s constant flag-waving and self-worshiping is almost physically painful to watch. The worst parts of these briefings are when Trump, or Pompeo, speak about the US “leadership” as if the entire planet was desperately expecting the US to help. It does not. In fact, most of the planet is disgusted by US action, be it the denial of vitally needed meds to countries like Iran or Venezuela, to the attempts are buying off German vaccines, to the mantric repetition about how great the US private sector is and how Amazon and Walmart will help us weather this crisis.
The truth is that this worldwide pandemic will allow us all to compare how different political systems, countries and cultures have reacted to the threat. In a year or so, we shall all know how free-market capitalism and libertarianism compared with social-democracies, socialist and even communist countries when their population needed protection and assistance.
True, other countries have responded with truly amazing incompetence (including several EU countries), so the inability to protect its citizens is not a purely US problem, it really affects all the countries currently subjugated by the Empire. 
Finally, it appears that the China-bashing strategic PSYOP has largely failed. Most fake-news about China was quickly and rapidly debunked, and even the legacy corporate ziomedia could not completely obfuscate the fact that China is, so far, the only country on our planet which defeated COVID19."
"The Coronavirus, Fear, and Poverty" (Shamir). There's a lot of this kind of 'debunking' going around, a lot of writers staking their ongoing credibility - as this is a huge, defining issue to be wrong about - on the virus being a nothingburger that has been drummed up, with various authoritarian restrictions on freedom, to control the sheeple.  I guess we'll see.  Countries like Sweden are really throwing the dice.

And Brazil:  "Worms Feed on Corpses" (Zero).

There are a lot of red flags in here to suggest that this is more of a cover-up:  "Japan’s winning its quiet fight against Covid-19" (Adelstein).

"An interactive visualization of the exponential spread of COVID-19".  The US. led by New York, has a very unwholesome line, even worse than Iran.

"Is the Coronavirus as Deadly as They Say?" (Bendavid/Bhattacharya).  Problems caused by the tests only being given to those who are already experiencing symptoms, a subset of the general problem of massively insufficient testing (caused by a combination of criminal unpreparedness and politicians not wanting the public to see how bad things are on their watch).

Tweet (Stuck Inside of Mobile w/ the Memphis Blues again):
"South Korea. "86% of coronavirus fatalities had chronic high blood pressure, diabetes: data.""
"Missing Ex-FBI Agent Robert Levinson Declared Dead By Family" (Durden).  The timing of the announcement is to block those calling for lifting of sanctions.

"“Forced labor” stories on China brought to you by US government, NATO and arms industry to drive Cold War PR blitz" (Singh).  Let's all cheer for "putatively progressive news outlets"!

Btw, I'm hearing a new round of obscene whining from the (((media))) that they are all going to go out of business unless they are gifted piles of money (see, BuzzKill).  Ha ha ha ha ha!  Ho ho ho ho ho!  If (((they))) just did their jobs - just once, to prove (((they))) can stop lying, if only for a second! - (((they)))'d get a lot more sympathy.

"How a network of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists penetrated Canada’s Conservative Party to lobby for military conflict" (Robeson).

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

A greasy spot in the back yard

"Covid-19 has exposed just how broken American economy & society are – a $2 trillion package alone won’t fix it" (Ritter).

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"This "bailout" going exactly like the last "bailout." Nothing was learned then & no one was held accountable, and the same will happen now without mass politics. The oligarchy is organized."
It's like coming across the scene of a terrible crime just after it has been cleaned up.  Everything looks normal, but you know nothing can ever be the same.

Tweet (Louis Allday):
"This is absolutely desperate. The US’ response is China’s fault now apparently."
Tweet (Julian Borger):
"According to Der Spiegel, the G7 foreign ministers haven't been able to agree on a joint statement because of Pompeo's insistence it refer to #coronavirus as the "Wuhan virus". Pompeo did not deny that this morning - said G7 don't agree on everything"
"As virus recedes in China, anti-Xi revolt is spreading" (Chen).  Maybe there is more to it, but one Xi hater, and a letter, does not a revolt make.  We're seeing all this stuff because Xi makes Trump, and by extension, all of Assholia, look like an incompetent buffoon.

"12 Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic", or, when 'alt' journalism sounds like Trump.  I get the gist - we could avoid a lot of bother if we just ice floe the olds.  If we stopped spending any money on diseases that old people get, or fat people get, or people with fucked-up genes get, we could save a heap of money.  Actually, modern medicine is a complete waste of money when you think about it, as all it does at best is buy us a few years.  It is even worse than that when young people are saved, as we're just propagating faulty genetics.  Let'em all die!

Quite the essay from a very conservative Catholic:  "The Coronavirus and the Culture War" (Jones).  Is it possible that quarantining makes the problem worse, by forcing closer prolonged contact?

A nice going out of business present from a grateful country to its American defilers (btw, the area in and around Alberta where there is oil is always called, in Canada, the 'oilpatch', as if it is a greasy spot in the back yard):  "Help for Canadian oilpatch coming in 'hours, possibly days,' finance minister promises" (Seskus).

To be fair, it will buy some really nice yachts:  "$5 Trillion Down The Drain" (Moore).

Third-world financing for a third-world country:  "Michael Hudson: A Brady Bond Solution for America’s Unpayable Corporate Debt".

War For The Jews or a health care system?  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  "The UK will spend over £350bn on extravagant military projects while failing to ensure national health security" (Curtis).  The virus is Clarifying.

"Its coronavirus response provides more evidence of Israel’s racism" (Dalloul).  I die so many times a day of amazement . . .

Tweet (Whitney Webb):
"Besides insider trading revelations, some other govt insiders joined the advisory boards of companies set to benefit from the covid-19 outbreak right before extent of crisis was made public.
Example - former head of VA David Shulkin (see below)"
"How Far Will Trump Go To Save U.S. Shale" (Geiger).  A CIA coup against MbS?

The economists call it 'moral hazard', a problem which only affects the poors:  "Woman Responds To Companies Failing Because Of Coronavirus By Saying The Same Things Poor People Hear" (Jasevičiūtė).

Tweet (Crescent Radio):
""So Prince Charles is self isolating with Covid-19 and Prince Andrew is self isolating with Emily-15"."

Global battle of narratives

"Bolsonaro and Coronavirus: A Tragedy Foretold" (Brazil Wire) (also).  For some reason, people always think that right-wing governments are an affordable luxury, and they are until the shit hits the fan.

Tweet (Michael Reid) (parallel to the US, which has an identical problem with its central leadership, but leading to disasters in places without sane governors):
"Brazil: 21 of the country's 27 state governors are co-ordinating amongst themselves as to how to fight covid-19, ignoring the president, Jair Bolsonaro. The confrontation between governors and president has no precedent in Brazil's democracy since 1985."
"Venezuela’s Coronavirus Response Might Surprise You" (Flores).

The Eurotrash are always good for a laugh (it is a shame there is literally no possible way to get rid of them, no matter how much damage they do):  "EU fires warning shot at China in coronavirus battle of the narratives" (Lau).  "Global battle of narratives".

"Deal reached on $2-trillion coronavirus stimulus bill — largest by far in U.S. history" (Wire).  Sounds like the original deal, with a tiny bit of oversight over the 0.01%'s slush/gift fund.

Tweet (Matt Stoller):
"People are not internalizing what is happening. A $6 trillion credit allocation to Wall Street isn't a corporate handout, it's a coup. These numbers are a thorough restructuring of America."
Tweet (The Debt Collective):
"You can thank @LindseyGrahamSC and the GOP for killing the $10,000 debt cancellation in the stimulus package.
Just remember, they can cancel your debt anytime. They are deliberately deciding to keep you in debt & bail out corporations instead."
"‘Helicopter Money’: This Is the Game-Changer Geo-Politically" (Crooke).  The turbo-capitalists are suddenly in favor of MMT, as long as all the product of the printing presses goes to the 0.01%.  I assume this is Assholia's last kick at the can of using the dollar's reserve currency status to finance its enrichment of its 0.01% (the bill to be paid by those outside Assholia who are still foolish enough to be holding dollars), but it's a spectacular flame-out.

Tweet (Caelainn Hogan) (the kind of taking the virus seriously without deferring to the usual turbo-capitalist norms that we should see everywhere, if our 'leaders' weren't such a bunch of tools):
"Ireland has just effectively nationalised its health service in response to the pandemic. Private hospitals are being taken over. Everyone is now promised equal access to treatment, regardless of insurance. A massive change. There should be no going back from this."
"Letter from LA: The homeless are internal refugees — victims on the run from neoliberalism" (Levine):
"The truth is that homelessness is fundamentally a refugee crisis — an internal refugee crisis caused by economic and political warfare. The United Nations has a pretty good bureaucratic term to describe the tens of thousands of homeless here in LA: “internally displaced persons.”
Internally displaced people (IDPs) have not crossed a border to find safety. Unlike refugees, they are on the run at home. IDPs stay within their own country and remain under the protection of its government, even if that government is the reason for their displacement.
Naturally, the UN leaves out economic policies as a driver of IDPs and mostly restricts its definition to wars and natural disasters. That’s expected in our neoliberal world — where economic power has been written out of the everyday realm of politics and remade into an immutable law of nature. But put economics and politics back into the realm of human warfare (where they belong) and there’s just no getting around how well “IDP” fits the homeless.
The fact is our government and our society has been directly responsible for the internal displacement of these people. On just about every level — from local to state to federal to cultural and personal — our establishment has waged a political war against its own society on behalf of corporate and private power. The vast majority of us have been on the losing side and everyone’s been dealing and coping with this assault in whatever ways they can. The poorest and most vulnerable among us are just the most visible casualties of this war. They have nowhere else to flee, nothing to retreat to. So they’re scattered all over the streets here like human wreckage.
The coronavirus is exposing this political war like nothing else I can remember — and it’s gonna simply decimate the homeless.
So the homeless are internal refugees — victims on the run from neoliberalism. But there is one big difference between the homeless and other “accepted” IDPs and refugees: the homeless are not allowed to have a sympathetic narrative.
Soviet Jewish refugees like me, Syrian refugees, Iraqi refugees, Bolivian refugees, and, hell, even Ukrainian Nazi collabos fleeing justice at the hands of the Red Army — all these groups are allowed to be seen as victims of external forces outside their control. But the homeless are given no such privilege. Their homelessness and misery and victimization is supposed to be their own fault. It’s all tied to personal choices they made — choices that exist completely outside of external political forces.
This narrative denial makes sense. Our political elite can’t smugly say that homelessness here is the fault of communism or that it was caused by the undemocratic policies of some bad authoritarian government. It can’t blame it on something foreign and external. And it can’t weaponize the homeless in service of its own ideology and power — like my fellow Soviet Jewish refugees and I were during the Cold War.
Our society is to blame for this disaster. It’s the one that’s waging war against its own people. And those in power today — whether liberal or Trumpist — do not want to stop it."
"The new Cold War with China has cost lives against coronavirus" (Blumenthal):
"Inside China, an already effective coronavirus screening regimen is likely to improve thanks to an innovative test that can be administered in airports, and that produces results in just 40 minutes. The creator of the groundbreaking test, Weihong Tan, was a professor at the University of Florida’s cancer research lab until last year, when the Department of Justice targeted him with a McCarthy-style investigation. Accused by a Cold War-crazed U.S. government of failing to disclose Chinese funding for his department, he returned to Hunan University, where he found ample government support for his lifesaving research."
"Correctly Estimating Coronavirus Infections" (Unz). On the math of too early celebration and guard dropping.

It's starting to look like Assholia, the Exceptional Country, is again going to be #1 in the world, in terms of deaths from the virus, and, needless to say, ahead by a lot.  It could get quite spectacular if Trump opens the country up for Easter.

"World Chloroquine production controlled by Israeli Bio-Terrorism forces".

"Michelle Malkin: Chutzpah—ADL Wants A Federal Bailout".  "ADL Demands that Americans Gibs Them 6 Gorillion Dollars or Else We're all anti-Semites!" (Bacon).

"Viral Coups: Authoritarians like Trump and Israel’s Netanyahu see Coronavirus as Opportunity for Power Grab" (Prosterman).

There is no greater sin than using Holocaust-worshiping iconography for any other purpose, thus risking a comparison of the only tragedy in world history to anything else.

Defending a Torturer For The Jews (of course, he's from The Foundation for Defense of Democracies).

Thread by 'wash your hands, rinse the boss' on the intentional destruction of Canada's unemployment insurance system, and social welfare programs.  This was all done on the pretense of deficit slashing, which suddenly isn't a problem at all (as long as 90% of the spending goes directly to the 1%).

"Coronavirus Stimulus Offered By House Financial Services Committee Creates New Digital Dollar" (Brett).  Spun as the only way to get money to the 'unbanked'.

"The Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic: The Real Danger is “Agenda ID2020”" (Koenig).  All the usual bad guys are trying to pin their bad ideas to the virus.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Anything goes

"Last night Julian Assange called me. Here is what we talked about" (Varoufakis):
"Julian wanted to talk about the effects of Covid-19 on the world we live in and, of course, on his case. He remarked that Jeremy Corbyn’s election manifesto, that the establishment had lambasted for being too radical, now seems unreasonable moderate. We laughed at the audacity of those who were telling the people of Britain that it was irresponsible to spend a few tens billions on providing proper funding to the NHS and social care for all, on turning broadband into a public utility, and on taking the railways into public ownership to make them work properly – the very same people who, now that big business and capitalism more generally, are in serious trouble seem to have discovered the money tree, announcing trillions to be pumped into the economy. Julian did not know (how could he, when the prison authorities deny him access to newspapers, the internet, even to BBC Radio 4?) that Boris Johnson had, earlier yesterday, announced the temporary nationalisation of the railways – seeing that privateers can never provide a decent service in the midst of a national emergency.
After a few minutes during which we allowed ourselves to bask in the neoliberals’ Waterloo, in the hands of some RNA that the system could simply not cope with without abandoning all its certainties, we discussed what this means for the future. Julian said, quite correctly, that this new phase of the crisis is, at the very least, making it clear to us that anything goes – that everything is now possible. To which I added that anything ranges from the best to the worst possible developments. Whether the epidemic helps deliver the good or the most evil society will depend, of course, on us – on whether progressives manage to band together. For if we do not, just like in 2008 we did not, the bankers, the spivs, the oligarchs and the neofascists will prove, again, that they are the ones who know how not to let a good crisis go to waste."
Tweet (Louis Allday):
"As The Atlantic is pumping out imperialist garbage so rapidly of late, now seems a good time to remember that its Editor in Chief, Jeffrey Goldberg, was an IDF guard in a notoriously brutal prison for Palestinian political prisoners and that he personally assaulted detainees."
"After Richard Burr’s Coronavirus Scandal, Will the Government Finally Crack Down on Congressional Insider Trading?" (Taibbi).

Tweets by T.K. of AAK! on the problem of South Korean doctors.  I think this is a fairly common issue.  People would prefer the fantasy that doctors actually care about patient health.

"Boeing, Which Demands A $60BN Taxpayer Bailout, Refuses To Give US An Equity Stake" (Durden).  Why should they, when they can just kick back some of the free government cheese to the crooked Congress to ensure it is not required of them?

We're being told by the (((media))) that Pelosi is being blackmailed by McConnell - nothing for the poors unless the 0.01% gets all the free government cheese they can fit in their gullets.  Shouldn't it be the other way around - no bailouts unless permanent changes are made benefiting everybody else, like paid sick leave, proper compensation (minimum wage), looking after rent and debt payments, and monetary compensation that is more than an insult?  Pelosi consistently allows the debate to be framed in this way as she doesn't give a shit about anybody other than the 0.01%.  This should be a time to insist on a complete reconstruction of the crooked system, but it is being squandered.

"Time to Rein in the Potent Virus Called “The Super Rich”" (Farruggio).  Tweet (Mike Prysner):
"The billionaire class could never make another cent in profits again and would still live the rest of their lives in wealth & luxury we can’t even imagine. Yet they want to kill us making us go back to work just so they don’t lose one month of profit"
Tweet (Gavin Shoebridge):
"In Italy today, a priest decided to live-stream a mass due to COVID-19. Unfortunately he activated the video filters by mistake."

Total system failure

"The New Federal Reserve as Garbage Can for All Capitalist Debt" (Rasmus):
"Yesterday, the Federal Reserve crossed its latest liquidity free money Rubicon. It announced it will provide unlimited credit–and assume the bad debts, not just of banks, shadow banks, and wealthy investors but for what it called ‘Main St.’
But by ‘Main St.’ it doesn’t mean consumers or households. It means that virtually any capitalist financial enterprise that has bad debt it can now dump it on the Fed. In today’s announcement of its latest ‘lending facility’, as it is called, the Fed declared it would ‘support’ small business loans, student loans, auto securitized loans, and credit card debt. But that does not mean the Fed will ‘support’ consumers and assume their loans. Oh no! It means it will support the financial lenders making such loans for students, auto purchases, credit cards and small businesses.
It means these lenders can now dump their bad, defaulted, or otherwise non-performing debt from credit cards, auto loans, student or small business loans on the Fed. The Fed will eat it for them, and add it to the Fed’s own $4 trillion plus indebted balance sheet–soon to rise to $8 trillion or more."
It's guaranteed that Trump will use the virus crisis to hide his covering the banks for their fracking loans.

Exactly as you would expect (I'd fall over dead of amazement if Pelosi did anything else):  tweet (Matt Stoller):
"It's not just on Pelosi. This is a total system failure. No one has fought back on the Dem side. They are all just letting this corporate coup happen."
"Debt and Power: An Interview With Michael Hudson":
"The only way you can escape and maintain stable economic relations is to write down the debts. That means you have to let many banks and their loans go under. That almost happened in 2008. Sheila Bair, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation head, wanted to foreclose on one bank that she wrote was more incompetent and crooked than the others. That was the largest bank: Citibank. The problem is that its sponsors were President Obama, Robert Rubin and basically Wall Street. Rubin was Secretary of the Treasury under Bill Clinton, and had become head of Citibank. His protege Tim Geithner became the bagman for Citibank, and was made Secretary of the Treasury. Geithner blocked the Obama administration and Sheila Bair from taking over Citibank.

Here would have been a wonderful chance. You take over one of the worst bank in the United States – the bank that made the bad bets and so many junk mortgage loans that it was called a serial criminal by former S&L prosecutor Bill Black, now at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. Imagine if Citibank would have been taken into the public domain and made a public bank. It wouldn’t have made more crooked loans. It would have made loans for what people and business actually needed. But Obama invited the bankers to the White House, and promised to protect them from the “mob with pitchforks.” The mob with pitchforks were his own voters, his supporters, the people whom Hillary called deplorables – mainly indebted wage-earners. Obama said that he would protect the banks from loss and not to worry about Congressional reprisals.

Posing as a black civil rights icon, Obama bailed out the banks – his major campaign sponsors and donors – so generously that not only did they not go under, but they are now gigantic as a result of the bailouts and designation as Too Big to Fail (TBTF) driving out the small smaller banks. Obama didn’t write down the mortgages as he had promised voters. I think he was the worst U.S. president in a century, because the economy stood at what couldhave been a turning point with real hope and change. He’d promised to write down the mortgage debts to the realistic value of the buildings instead of the inflated value that Citibank, Bank of America and Wells Fargo and other crooked banks had put on them. Instead he let them go ahead foreclose on 10 million American homes.

That became a great wealth-producing activity as large Wall Street companies like Blackstone came in and bought up homes that were foreclosed on, for pennies on the dollar, and turned them into rental properties. That raised rents on Americans very rapidly. So the rentiersector got rich by squeezing the working-class, leaving them with little to spend on goods and services without going deeper into debt. So Obama’s policy basically imposed what is now more than a decade of austerity on the economy. 
Since 2008, the GDP per 95 percent of the American population is actually shrunk. All the growth in America’s GDP has occurred only to the wealthiest 5% of the population. That’s Obamanomics,and it’s the Democratic Party policy – which is the main reason why President Trump was elected. He made a left run around Hillary and the Democratic Party. He’s doing it again today. That’s why most people expect that despite Trump’s mishandling of the virus crisis, he will move to the left of Joe Biden or Hillary or whomever the Democrats decide to run against him."
"Only Hard Times Ahead for Saudi Arabia" (Mikhin).  "Impressive Successes Of Houthis In Yemeni War Amid Saudi Oil Gamble" (South Front):
"By March 17, forces of Ansar Allah (the Houthis) have captured most of the province of al-Jawf, including the provincial capital – al-Hazm, from the Saudi-led coalition and its Yemeni proxies. In this battle only, Saudi-led forces lost hundreds pieces of military equipment, including dozens of battle tanks and artillery guns. The Saudi Air Force carried out airstrikes on positions, HQs and weapon depots of its allies. However, the number of abandoned equipment and the speed of fleeing of Saudi-backed troops were so high that 10-20 airstrikes were just not enough to compensate them.
Following the swift advance in al-Jawf, Asnar Allah turned its attention to the neighboring province of Marib. They captured a number of Saudi positions east of Sirwah, including the Kufil military base, a key stronghold of Saudi-backed forces on the route to Marib city. After this, the defense of Saudi proxies started collapsing in the entire eastern part of the province. If the situation develops in the same direction and further, Yemeni forces will likely be able to reach and besiege Marib city in early April and capture it by the middle of the month."
"Coronavirus: What Newsweek Failed to Mention About “Continuity of Government”" (Webb).

"US cuts Afghan aid by $1bn after Pompeo fails to end impasse".  "Afghan endgame enters the home stretch" (Bhadrakumar).

"Punishing America's Enemies" (Giraldi).  "Collective punishment has always been the stated goal of Iran sanctions hawks" (Clifton).  The Fat Fuck, who is not a diplomat in any possible sense of the word, outright admitted it.

"New York: Jew Accurately Accused of Spreading Viruses at Toyota Dealership" and "UK: Jew Plague-Spreaders Demand in Death They Be Allowed to Spread Plague" (Anglin).

A comically weak 'debunking' which, if you read it, is simply the bald assertion that Trump didn't direct work to his son-in-law's brother, something you could only believe if you were extremely retarded:  "“So Oscar Health, the company tapped by Trump to profit from covid tests, is a Kushner company. Imagine that, profits over national safety.”" (McCarthy).

Who could possibly have predicted that Wars For The Jews could possibly be the wrong wars?:  "COVID-19: Prepared for the Wrong War" (Lauria).

Ghomeshi in Canada was acquitted for similar reasons:  "Tomorrow is Another Day" (Murray).

Monday, March 23, 2020

Voltage 66

Tweet (VDARE) (The Clarification):
"Trump and the GOP have a chance to outflank the Left on UBI, student loan forgiveness and actually bailing out working-class Americans, but devoted adherents to Ayn Rand theology ensures $$$ goes to bailout corporate America and not main street. Electoral disaster in November."
"World Plutocracy's Last Chance" (Striker).  Well, you could, but you won't:  "This Time, Can We Finally Turn a Financial Crisis Into an Opportunity?" (Blyth/Lonergan).  "A Debt Jubilee is the Only Way to Avoid a Depression" (Hudson).

Americans are watching the two parties 'negotiate' over how many trillions the plutocrats get in the same way you watch an inevitable car crash:  "Bailout Shenanigans: Making 2008 Look Good?" (Smith).

One of the huge unaddressed issues around here is that small businesses have been ordered to shut, and thus have no income coming in.  The levels of government can defer collecting taxes, and the businesses can lay off their staff, but the landlords continue to insist on getting their rent.  If landlords aren't forced to take a big haircut, the entire economy will soon collapse.

Ironies abound:  "China’s Factories Work 24/7 to Build Ventilators for Milan, New York".

"The New York Times’ Insidious Ongoing Disinformation Campaign on Russia & Elections" (Porter).  Tweet (Ian Goodrum):
"Two weeks apart. They are absolutely shameless."
"Russiagate: The Great Unraveling" (Lazare):
"Or, to put it another way, the real scandal was the scandal itself, i.e. not what Russiagate revealed about what the Kremlin was up, but what it showed about how intelligence agencies were able to mount a classic disinformation campaign in league with the corporate press. Russiagate had the country in an uproar for years, but now the great unraveling has begun. Hopefully, it will continue until the entire process is laid bare."
Assholes never sleep - even in a pandemic, they still have time for a ratline for a Murderer/Torturer For The Jews:  "US airlifts Lebanese-American accused of torture, murder from Lebanon".  Magnier is less than happy:  "Lebanon: Don’t mess with the “axis of the resistance”."  Torturers get fancy nicknames, like Voltage 66 or Bloody Gina.

"U.S. and Iraq: The Hidden History" (Becker).

"Human rights groups call on Trump administration to end Iran sanctions amid COVID-19 crisis" (Arria).  But not, of course, the Khazar supremacist monsters at HRW.

"Trump-Voter-Mocking Max Boot In 2009 (As 17, 000 Died From Swine Flu) "Let’s Remove the Masks and Take a Deep Breath"" (Fulford).

It must be exhausting to be the State Department employee who has to keep the chart of all the Evil that Assholia is up to:  "US House Rams Through Nicaragua Regime-change Bill with Zero Opposition" (Norton).

Some wise man or other once said that if everybody you happen to run into is an asshole, perhaps it is you who is the asshole:  "My Eight Day Journey Around the Planet – With COVID-19 on My Tail" (Vltchek).

"Western Journalists Really Want There to be a Huge Corona Epidemic in Russia" (Karlin).

"Rousseff: “Submission to the USA, Injustice to China, Disrespect to Brazil”".

"Ten Questions for the U.S.: Where did the Novel Coronavirus Come From?" (Fuhua).  "Censored/2018: US Kills Dozens of Georgians (Republic of) with bioweapon disguised as research drug-Russian MOD".

"Mississippi Governor Refuses To Act On Coronavirus, Offers Prayer Instead" (Scarce).  Trump will have to nuke Mississippi to save the country. 

Iranians and Assholians aren't so different after all:  "‘Sacred ignorance’: Covid-19 reveals Iran split" (Ziabari).  "Area megachurch holds Sunday services despite coronavirus concerns" (Schwartzberg).

"3 men sentenced to 125 years each over drowning of Syrian boy Alan Kurdi" (Reynolds/Hauser).

Gosztola thread on the anti-Sanders donors who financed Biden's attack ads.

Warren's mysterious Super PAC:  tweet (gato fumador):
"The person who funded Elizabeth Warren's super PAC to the tune of $14.5 million also maxed-out to Joe Arpaio's 2018 Senate campaign. Wonder why Liz was so terrible on the issue of mass incarceration?"
This bizarre story - get sick and cough on a Jew - appears to be more FBI fantasy:  "White supremacists encouraging their members to spread coronavirus to cops, Jews, FBI says" (Margolin).  Friendlier than the farm animals:  "Why American Jews are at greater risk for coronavirus" (Abrams).

Spacey was not your 'normal' Lolita Express passenger:  "Blind Items Revealed #4" (CDaN).

The first man executed for memes:  "The Murder of Julius Streicher" (Knickerbocker).

"Microbes and Messiahs" (Taxi).

All kinds of charlatans

"SITREP – Iran’s fight against the Coronavirus exposes Washington’s cruel nature" (Mirzaei):
"Ayatollah Khamenei said, “American officials are mendacious, deceitful, shameless and greedy. They are all kinds of charlatans who speak like charlatans. They are cruel, merciless, and terrorist.”
According to the Leader, “part of this virus is said to have been made for Iran by using genetic backgrounds which they have collected from Iranians, which of course is part of their hostility”."
"Coronavirus: Iran’s leader suggests US cooked up ‘special version’ of virus to target country" (Daragahi).  Note all the editorializing by the 'journalist'/propagandist.

"Welcome to Sweatshop Amerika!" (Whitney) (just when you need them, the people who say the Fed is just a bunch of Khazars disappear, and Rand gets the flu; I've added ((())) for ease of comprehension):
"Imagine if the congress approved a measure to form a public-private partnership between the US Treasury and the (((Federal Reserve))). Can you imagine that? 
Now imagine if a panicky and ill-informed Congress gave the (((Fed))) a blank check to bail out all of its crooked crony corporate and Wall Street friends, allowing the (((Fed))) to provide more than $4.5 trillion to underwater corporations that ripped off Mom and Pop investors by selling them bonds that were used to goose their stock prices so fatcat CEOs could make off like bandits. Imagine if all that red ink from private actors was piled onto the national debt pushing long-term interest rates into the stratosphere while crushing small businesses, households and ordinary working people. 
Now try to imagine the impact this would have on the nation’s future. Imagine if the Central Bank was given the green-light to devour the Treasury, control the country’s “purse strings”, and use nation’s taxing authority to shore up its trillions in ultra-risky leveraged bets, its opaque financially-engineered ponzi-instruments, and its massive speculative debts that have gone pear-shaped leaving a gaping black hole on its balance sheet? 
Well, you won’t have to imagine this scenario for much longer, because the reality is nearly at hand. You see, the traitorous, dumbshit nincompoops in Congress are just a hairs-breadth away from abdicating congress’s crucial power of the purse, which is not only their greatest strength, but also allows the congress to reign in abuses of executive power by controlling the flow of funding. The power of the purse is the supreme power of government which is why the founders entrusted it to the people’s elected representatives in congress. Now these imbeciles are deciding whether to hand over that authority to a privately-owned banking cartel that has greatly expanded the chasm between rich and poor, incentivized destructive speculation on an industrial scale, and repeatedly inflated behemoth asset-price bubbles that have inevitably blown up sending stocks and the real economy into freefall. The idea of merging the (((Fed))) and the Treasury first appeared in its raw form in an article by former (((Fed))) chairman (((Ben Bernanke))) and (((Janet Yellen))) in the Financial Times. Here’s a short excerpt from the piece: 
“The (((Fed))) could ask Congress for the authority to buy limited amounts of investment-grade corporate debt… The Fed’s intervention could help restart that part of the corporate debt market, which is under significant stress. Such a programme would have to be carefully calibrated to minimize the credit risk taken by the (((Fed))) while still providing needed liquidity to an essential market.” (Financial Times) 
The (((Fed))) is not allowed to buy corporate debt, because it is not within its mandate of “price stability and full employment”. It’s also not allowed to arbitrarily intervene in the markets to pick winners and losers, nor is it allowed to bailout poorly-managed crybaby corporations who were gaming the system to their own advantage when the whole deal blew up in their faces. That’s their problem, not the (((Fed)))’s and not the American taxpayer’s. 
But notice how (((Bernanke))) emphasizes how “Such a programme would have to be carefully calibrated to minimize the credit risk taken by the (((Fed)))”. Why do you think he said that? 
He said it because he anticipates an arrangement where the new Treasury-(((Fed))) combo could buy up to “$4.5 trillion of corporate debt” (according to Marketwatch and BofA). And the way this will work, is the (((Fed))) will select the bonds that will be purchased and the credit risk will be heaped onto the US Treasury. Apparently (((Bernanke))) and (((Yellen))) think this is a “fair” arrangement, but others might differ on that point. 
Keep in mind, that in the last week alone, investors pulled a record $107 billion out of corporate bonds which is a market which has been in a deep-freeze for nearly a month. The only activity is the steady surge of redemptions by frantic investors who want to get their money back before the listing ship heads for Davey Jones locker. This is the market that (((Bernanke))) wants the American people to bail out mainly because he doesn’t want to submerge the (((Fed)))’s balance sheet in red ink. He wants to find a sucker who will take the loss instead. That’s where Uncle Sam comes in, he’s the target of this subterfuge. This same theme pops up in a piece in the Wall Street Journal. Check it out: 
“At least Treasury has come around to realizing it needs a facility to provide liquidity for companies. But as we write this, (((Mr. Mnuchin))) was still insisting that Treasury have control of most of the money to be able to ladle out directly to companies it wants to help. This is a recipe for picking winners and losers, and thus for bitter political fights and months of ugly headlines charging favoritism. The far better answer is for Treasury to use money from Congress to replenish the Exchange Stabilization Fund to back the (((Fed))) in creating a facility or special-purpose vehicles under Section 13(3) to lend the money to all comers. “(“Leaderless on the Econom”, Wall Street Journal)
I can hardly believe the author is bold enough to say this right to our faces. Read it carefully: They are saying “We want your money, but not your advice. The (((Fed))) will choose who gets the cash and who doesn’t. Just put your trillions on the counter and get the hell out.”"
This is the kind of massive grasping and theft that makes people wonder whether these 'crises' are just engineered to provide the excuse to do things (((they))) could never get away with in normal times.

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"Biden's vanishing act in the worst pandemic crisis in a century reminds me of how Yeltsin disappeared in 1996 between rounds 1 & 2 of elections. We later learned Yeltsin was functionally dead from massive heart attacks. But his US sponsors covered it up & he "won" the election."
"Jailed Harvey Weinstein Tests Positive for Coronavirus: Report" (Melendez).  They'll have to start a mass release of prisoners - coronavirus, blah, blah, blah - just to get Harvey out.

Blind Items Revealed #4 (CDaN) (interesting reference to organized crime - there's a history of Jewish gangsters, who, according to (((Hollywood))), don't exist, supporting the Zionist Empire):
"This stepping down perv/mobbed up/ CEO had a party to celebrate the sale that netted him hundreds of millions of dollars. There were no wives or girlfriends at the party, just several dozen teenagers all dressed like they just came out of the catalog. The former CEO likes something a little different which was not on offer because he keeps that between himself and the people that he still kicks back to every month.
Les Wexner"
"The final days of Oscar Romero" (El Salvador Prespectives).

Some good has come out of the virus:  "NATO Cancels Massive Military Exercise 'Defender Europe 2020' Due To COVID-19" (Renny).  On the other hand, Globo-homo-Rothschild-o finally has the excuse it needs to shut down the Gilets jaunes before they ground away any remaining legitimacy that Macron might think he had:  "Comment s'expriment les Gilets jaunes lors du confinement?" (Butin).

Sunday, March 22, 2020

A brilliant success

Organized religion, particularly Orthodox Judaism and Christian Evangelism, are going to get everybody killed:  "Pastor Greg Locke says Facebook removed his Sunday service announcement for 'promoting a crime'" (Blair).  "Mayor: Trump Blocking Aid to New York CV19 ‘Hot Zone’- Where Most Infected are Jewish".

"Lack of Leadership at the Top During a Crisis" (Madsen).  "The Latest Plague So Far Is a Brilliant Success" (Karganovic).

"The IMF Abandons Venezuelans to the Threat of the COVID-19 Pandemic on a Political Decision" (Pagliccia).  "Iran’s IMF Request Shows Just How Desperate Tehran has Become" (Korybko, whose hobby horses make him almost too painful to read).  Of course, neither country held any hope that the Assholian-controlled stooges at the IMF would provide any loans.

"If You Still Think Corona Wasn't a US Plot Against China & Civil Liberties, Answer These Questions" (Bacon).  Assholes are certainly 'exceptional'.

"US must shut down its biowarfare labs to save the world from pandemics" and "9/11 Truth, Coronavirus Truth: Zionist Hysteria, MSM Lockdown" (Barrett).  The fact the Assholes have lost badly every single attempt to block the New Silk Road provides a powerful motivation for those used to being on top to pull out the dirty weapons.  I can see this as a joint American-Israeli operation, with Israel's attack directed at Iran (using the MEK).

The American plane situation is particularly striking when compared with the rest of the world.  No doubt interesting times ahead. As we've seen with so many of the political classes testing positive, it was this propensity of the Globo-homo-Rothschild-o jetsetters, flying round the world to pat each other on the back for being such an advanced group of motherfuckers, that led to this pattern of seeding.

The idea of 'Europe' is collapsing rapidly:  "Covid-19 Shatters the Facade of European Union".  "Germany Faces Backlash From Neighbors Over Mask Export Ban" (Dahinten/Wabl).

Forget about tp and hand sanitizer, the great American shortage is of rope:  "NYSE boss sold his own stock ahead of coronavirus market meltdown" (Gandel).

"Assad's annual amnesty for prisoners" (Lang).