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I thought the woman who went off on a rant on the dangers of Substack was simply incorrect, but she appears to be stark raving mad (not to mention woke, but I repeat myself).  "Masquerading as a journalist"!

"Welsh Man Arrested, Claims He Was Strip-Searched For Going For A Walk Too Far From Home" (Watson).  There are a whole list of greentexts riffing on the idea that the Brits are personally overregulated (see here or here), but I have to say it is equally as bad in Canada or even the Land of the Free.

The Pelosi role in the Capitol larping has been kicking around for a while:  "Trump Confirms He Called For 10,000 National Guard For Jan 6th… Pelosi Refused." (Winters).  Removal of the guardians is classic conspiracy theory.

Tweet (The Horny Police).

Tweet (Jonathan Landay):

""If pursued, the new missile would cost in excess of $264 billion over its anticipated 50-year life cycle." https://armscontrol.org/act/2021-03/focus/enough-already-no-new-icbms"

Goyim, it is a small price to pay to get Putin out of Syria.  Or, you could make peace with Russia and waste the money on education, medical care and infrastructure.  There's really no choice, is there?

Tweet (Maura Moynihan) (the Pritzkers are Peak Woke):

"#Hyatt CEO, #TomPritzker, addressed in this letter, was cited in many court documents as a client of #JeffreyEpstein and his criminal abuse of girls. But he’s so woke on everything else" 

"Has Israel Been Out-foxed?" (Crooke).  What I was musing on the other day.  Israel has fought tooth and nail and cartoon against an imaginary nuclear program, which Iran couldn't use even if it existed, while Hezbollah and Iran are now loaded up with missiles and rockets that can wreck Israel whenever the time is right.  How incompetent can Bibi be?

Sailer on McNeil:
"One often overlooked aspect of this story is that McNeil is a veteran union activist who was on the team representing the workers in the upcoming negotiations with management over the next contract. So, management got to fire a long-time thorn in its side over labor issues in the name of Wokeness, perhaps sending a message to other veteran union leaders that maybe they shouldn’t try quite so hard to get on the Sulzbergers’ bad side because who knows what an inquisition might find out about something they said in the past.

Funny how that works …"
From November, but more apt by the day: "Biden Polling Well Among Pentecostals After He Speaks In Tongues" (The Babylon Bee).  Also:  "Can You Find All 17 Instances Of Racism On This Page From A Dr. Seuss Book?".

Black eyes

"Mitt Romney knocked unconscious, suffers black eye during fall" (Garger).  Harry Reid received a similar beat-down, and was soon out of politics.  You have to wonder what specific thing prompted it.

Reid's tall tale got the full forensic work-up:  "Why Harry Reid’s Home Exercise Accident Story Does Not Add Up" (Leahy).  "The conspiracy theory around Harry Reid's exercise accident, explained" (Yglesias).  Utah isn't famous for its mob activity, but maybe Romney got his magic underwear on backwards.

With Romney, one's mind turns to his infamously bad relationship with Trump.  "Mitt Romney just did something that literally no senator has ever done before" (Millhiser).  The kind of people who do this kind of job, to a sitting senator (!), are also the kind of people who would return to finish the job should you start flapping your lips about it.

This sleek new world

Twitter has reached levels of cancellation which are beyond comical.  It is as if it is so connected to the national security state that it cannot help committing suicide as a platform.  I'm guessing the wrecking of Gab, thus removing the most prominent alternative, is connected.

Tweet (Orinoco Tribune):

"Anyone reading our account just for one day will know that we are not A ROBOT. But apparently for @Twitter that is not the case. So they suspended our account. We noticed it fast and PROVED them we are not a robot, but we do not believe in coincidences. Any advise welcome!!!Anyone reading our account just for one day will know that we are not A ROBOT. But apparently for @Twitter that is not the case. So they suspended our account. We noticed it fast and PROVED them we are not a robot, but we do not believe in coincidences. Any advise welcome!!!"

Tweet (Yasha Levine):
"another russian-american — a great guy who i know in real life — gets banned by twitter, right after he published a great look at navalny's early activism in russian nationalist circles. what a shitty fucking platform you built here, @jack."
Tweet (Yasha Levine):
"so cool twitter takes the side of azerbaijan against armenia. totally normal nato platform you got here @jack."
I always thought Birgitta was one of the good ones, but I was tragically misinformed.  Tellingly curious 'mission creep' for Bellingcat, who may be shifting to four years of Democrat PR.

Tweet (The Grayzone):
"Wikipedia articles reinforcing the official narrative on coup attempts across Latin America and on the Douma deception would also be demolished, which is why we were listed as a "deprecated source" by a consortium of neocons in violation of the site's rules"
Tweet (TassosMorfis):
"Facebook is deleting posts of photojournalists in #Greece, here it's @lolosmarios. There's a massive wave of censorship regarding the #koufodinas_hungerstrike. This is insane."
"Big Tech Needs Better Law | Opinion" (Shrier) (my emphasis in red) (this is striking considering the bizarre norms Big Tech is now enforcing, and even more striking as only a few years ago Big Tech would have been cancelling those who attacked feminism - it kinda makes you have a new appreciation for the idea that all thinking should be protected, as you never know on which side of the arbitrary, shifting line you will be found to be):
"This week, British feminist blogger Kellie-Jay Keen received a surprise email from Zoom: "We've detected an issue with your account that violated our Terms of Service and Community Standards" regarding "hateful conduct." The email primly informed her that "there is no place on Zoom" for anyone who threatens or harasses others on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, caste, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability or serious disease.

The dummy text concluded with an ominous warning likely to strike panic in any mother of school-age children: "Please note that further violations may result in the permanent suspension of your Zoom account."

What was Keen's "hateful conduct?" Zoom never said—as these tech companies rarely do. The purpose of the tech giants' Star Chamber is not to inform, but to instill fear. To encourage self-censorship. To persuade you to reform yourself—so that the overlords have no cause to visit you once more."
"Like a school of fish, these firms move seamlessly together, cleverly darting in the same direction. Lawyers representing those who have been injured by their censorship—Parler's lawyers, for example—hunt in vain for the proof of coordination that the law demands but which Big Tech does not require and is too smart to leave behind.

Our clumsy laws—which never envisioned a force more powerful or repressive than the government—have little purchase in this sleek new world
where, in an instant, books vanish from shelves. Videos are deleted from YouTube's theater. Troublesome feminists, like Kellie-Jay Keen, are booted off Twitter. All without explanation or recourse. What was Kellie-Jay's sin? Twitter never informed her. "'One day, I just couldn't log in," she told me. "But I'm pretty sure I know why that might be. You know, basically saying, 'women don't have penises.' You know, same old, same old." 
If she'd been excluded from a traditional common carrier that the law recognized, like an airline, someone like Keen might have a case. If the government had explicitly directed her expulsion from Zoom, and Keen were a U.S. citizen, she'd have a case then, too. Instead, the new administration airily issues orders on "gender identity," signaling the view it favors, and Big Tech arrives, lightning-fast, at the dissident's door. Happy coincidences abound. And the law keeps mum."
"Taibbi: In Defense Of Substack".

I'm trying to get my head around just how much manpower is being used to swat down wrongthink, and how Big Tech is integrated into the processes of the national security state.  Of course, there are so many tweets and posts that almost all cancellation is prompted by snitches, and Snitch Culture is the new norm:  "Welcome to Snitch Nation: From kids to parents, it’s a race to rat out your (former) loved ones before they get you first" (Buyniski) ('infodemic').  Every 'good citizen' now works for the CIA, NSA, FBI . . .  Everybody now lives in East Germany in the 60s (your required loyalty to the party beats any loyalty you might think you have to your family).  Success is snitching.  The best thing is that they keep switching up the norms, so you have to live in constant terror that you will fall on the wrong side of the line, just as if you supported a politician who fell out of favor and was airbrushed out of the picture.  This encourages caution, for fear of stepping over the imaginary line. I suppose I shouldn't mention that it was the Khazars who created this entire model of cancellation around their holocaust religion and denialism.

Superb list here of national-security-state-connected - well, most of them; the others are just green-brown types, or idiots - academics (see Reddit), for future reference.

Tweet (folu):
"I have never actually read a tweet. I see the letters on the screen or maybe even the little picture but my brain just mimics processing the information. 
this is how I stay sane"



Angleton redux

"Stefan Halper’s Role In Crossfire Hurricane More Significant Than Previously Known" (Falun Gong).  It was Halper who directed the FBI to include Page, and, through the creation of a probably phony story (or at least a story based on a meeting he falsely claimed he attended), Flynn.  The same group who set the trap then ratted out those caught in the trap.

"In Final Days, Trump Gave Up on Forcing Release of Russiagate Files, Nunes Prober Says" (Maté).  Lots of key material still hidden, often on the usual bogus 'national security' rationale - phony claims of protecting sources and tradecraft - employed by the CIA, etc.  There's even a Nosenko-type, a probably phony 'defector' who purports to provide insider knowledge of the Kremlin (believing Nosenko through thick and thin is what eventually ended Angleton's career).

Comically large

"More Suggestions for Dealing with Israel" (Giraldi).  All very sensible (so no chance of it happening).  Needless to say, dual nationality - which is never 'dual'! - should be illegal (duh!).  Until then, anyone holding an Israeli passport (or, for that matter, any other foreign passport), whether in 'journalism' or politics, or bureaucracy, should be forced in public to wear a very large (comically large would be ideal) Star of David.  Any writing or broadcasting by such people should be similarly identified (large Stars of David both before and after the headline).  (((Newpapers))) should have large Stars of David on each side of the masthead, and (((television))) and (((websites))) should have constant identification on the screen (ownership, any one director, or any one senior officer would qualify).  This is just common sense.  If it were me, I'd apply this to all Jews, but I understand that this might be considered to be a bit excessive.  There is no reasonable way to disagree with these steps for Israeli passport holders.  All these steps should be applied to anyone who has ever held an Israeli passport, as otherwise they will temporarily dump them to avoid detection (even so, they will no doubt create a new generation of 'clean' liars and propagandists, with no traceable Israeli passports, and I can even see Israel issuing secret passports).  Quibblers should remember just how much damage (((these people))) have done in warmongering/genocidal PR.  The damage is so huge it is incomprehensible. Knowing the motives of the (((liars))) and (((manipulators))) is necessary.

The Weiss article linked by Giraldi is instructive in understanding the slight chilliness in current relations with Israel (more revenge of Barry by Weiss here).  (((Rhodes))) wouldn't be saying these things without authorization from Barry, and it all goes back mostly to Bibi's endorsement of Romney, a mistake which continues to burn.  The Democrats will still take the shekels, but Bibi is an issue, and I can actually see Bibi losing the Israeli election to remove this blockage from the usual pure Khazar supremacist agenda of Assholia.

Monday, March 01, 2021

Simply not true

Tweet (Steve Herman):

""It's simply not true" notes @APDiploWriter in exchange with @StateDeptSpox of assertion by @PressSec today that US doesn't take action against leaders of countries with which it has diplomatic relations." 

"Coup-supporting academics spread lies to censor The Grayzone reporting exposing pseudo-left candidate in Ecuador" (Norton).  This is baffling.  It is a great tribute to Norton, who seems to have riled up the US State Department, but I can't figure out how it advances the Asshole cause.  And why would the signatories ruin their reputations - those who still have reputations to ruin, anyway - on a letter with such a tenuous relationship to reality?  What is this letter supposed to change?  Is the reputation of Yaku Pérez of interest to anyone?

Online casino betting brand

Ha ha ha!:  "Torstar announced Monday it intends to launch an online casino betting brand in 2021" (Lorinc).  The url is funnier than the  headline.

"Flipping The Byrd: Democrats Demand The Firing Of The Senate Parliamentarian After The Minimum Wage Hike Is Deemed Out of Order" (Turley).  This decision was predicted weeks ago.  The real issue is they don't have the votes, which hides the real-real issue that they really don't want to raise the minimum wage, but want to be seen as trying.

Tweet (Aaron Maté):

"Tulsi stands virtually alone in not only criticizing but *even acknowledging* the "modern day siege of draconian embargo and sanctions" that the US is imposing on Syria, "causing death and suffering for millions... and making it impossible for the Syrian people to try rebuild.""

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"The more official Anglo media tries to convince us that Le Mesurier wasn't a spook, the spookier he looks. At least they're not pushing the "he was killed by Russian Twitter eggs" conspiracy theory quite as hard as before."
Tweet (Michael Tracey):
"I've disdained Cuomo for well over a decade but the contrived and formulaic MeToo-style takedown is a tedious ritual at this point -- engineered to scandalize elite liberals who never take action on anything unless there's a sensational identity grievance involved"
"The Great Reset and the Great Awakening: Interview with Alexander Dugin on “the Great Reset.”" (Markovics).

China has the single operating goal of increasing the human development of its population, which has a way of making politics easy:  tweets by 내조선말실력은형편없어!:
"President Xi walked right into the middle of the people and drank directly from the exact same water source everyone does. President Obama sat behind a bulletproof pane, taking a fake sip of unidentified water to trick people into accepting poisoned water. I’ll never forget that."

Blessed is the man who opens fire

"Israeli Settlements Breed More and More Jewish Terrorist Organizations" (Al-A’raj).  "The “hero” who murdered 29 Palestinians" (Abunimah).  "The massacre of Ibrahimi Mosque" (Yasin).  Tweet (anna/аня):

"israeli children are taught to count with tanks and military aircrafts"

I'm going to enjoy the hilarity if Israel's blatant breach of international law in failing to supply vaccines to the Palestinians results in the Palestinians having better health results: "Hot Off the Press: Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Admits Israel Is the 'World's Lab.'" (Atzmon).  Of course, Bibi is basing his entire election campaign on the 'success' of this experiment, meaning that any data from Israel will be very unreliable until after the Israeli election.

Tweet (Mike Prysner):

"Taliban won the war 10yrs ago. Everyday since has been delaying the inevitable: US exit & Taliban government. A lot of pointless death over imperial hubris & political cowardice. Biden can either restart a full-intensity ground war (which he’ll also lose) or finally admit defeat."

"Biden Says US Will ‘Never’ Accept Russia’s Annexation of Crimea" (DeCamp).

"Biden Admits He Won't Sanction MbS Simply Because Saudis Remain "Our Allies"" (Durden).  This is exactly what Trump said, though Trump was naturally clearer about the arms sales.

"America Offers Warning to the World: War Is Health of the State and Death of Liberty" (Bandow):
"A new study from Brown University’s Watson Institute found that between 2018 and 2020 the US backed surrogate forces in combat in four countries, unleashed air and/or drone strikes in seven, engaged in combat operations in eight, undertook military exercises in 41, and participated in military training in 79. All of these were labeled "counter-terrorism" operations."
"Biden too Cognitively Impaired to Fulfill White House Duties" (Lendman).  "Did Joe Biden pull another gaffe in Texas? POTUS fumbles before signing relief bill: 'What am I doing here?'" (Dey).

"Iran pushes back at US overreach on nuclear issue" (Bhadrakumar).  Iranian liberals still hold out hope, in the face of Joe's Khabinet.

"Nicolas Sarkozy found guilty in historic corruption trial of former French president" (Cuthbertson).

Tweet (Madame Boukman - Justice 4 Haiti):
"US Diplomat Helen La Lime - Head colonizer of the UN neocolonial "Integrated Office" in #Haiti claimed only 3000 people protested on Feb 14, to justify support for her unconstitutional puppet. 

Here's the massive crowd today chanting, "Helen La Lime does not know how to count!""
"NYTimes Peru N-Word, Part One: Introduction" (McNeil Jr.).  TwoThree:
"To me, it appeared a blatant conflict of interest for the Times to let its contract negotiators also discipline the union’s negotiators. It felt like an attempt to intimidate the union."
Four.  As you might expect, the JYT does a sort of amateur theatrical production of 1984.

"Are Declassed Professionals in the United States like Surplus Song Dynasty Civil Servants?" (Studebaker).  You could see 'woke culture' as a similar attempt to try to take control of a shitty world.  Young people have it worse, and thus dish out a more lethal dose, so you can predict that things are going to devolve even more as these people start running things.  It looks to me like the JYT management had it in for McNeil due to his union work.

Tweet (Friendly Whale Shark Jackson):
"Local teenagers BTFO liberal utilitarianism with this one weird trick."

Shameless weaponizers of woke coercion

Substack is The Devil!  Yet decent, competent people are fleeing 'journalism' as all the lying is too much to bear.

"The Kinshasa Interviews: Glenn Greenwald - the interview that breaks the internet" (Soldo).  I started to read this and thought it must be a parody, but apparently it is legit.  The further you read, the saner it gets (up to a point).

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):

"Neocons didn't just turn against Trump. They became as loyal, reverent and steadfast propagandists for the Democratic Party as they were for Dick Cheney back in the glory days of bloodshed and torture. They're also the most shameless weaponizers of woke coercion. Bizarre to watch"

You'd need a parasitologist to explain the seamless moves of the (((neocons))) from party to party.

A good source of memes is a joy forever, so I have to welcome our new tranny overclass.

(((Who))) do you think owns those lousy death-trap New York nursing homes?  The new conspiracy theory is that Cuomo is being #metooed in order to distract from the nursing home scandal (and it is working).

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Miami vice

Thread by Borzou Daragahi:

"I don't think the US, France, and Germany realize how close Iran is from walking away from the JCPOA and ramping up its nuclear program. Tehran feels it has weathered the worst of "maximum pressure" and emerged stronger. It is in no mood to make concessions." 

Of course, we know that the (((neocons))) don't want a deal, and have set things up specifically so they can gloat when negotiations collapse, putting all the blame on Iran.

"‘Debt-trap diplomacy’ a myth: no evidence China pushes poor nations to seize their assets, says academic" (Nyabiage).  It is quite the outrageous claim when you consider that the alternative is having all your social programs hollowed out by the IMF.

Tweet (Imagine your block without cars) (Cuomo's idea of an 'independent' review):
"remember in late 80s when the feds invstigated Cuomo and pals for trying go take over a Miami Beach S&L bank and drain it of assets? lol #miamivice"
Tweet (Louis):
"Bill Gates’ so-called philanthropy has been shown time and time again to actually be a means of pushing through policies in the interests of corporations, in healthcare, education and beyond globally."
"Amazon Under Fire For Blocking An Anti-Transgender Book" (Turley).  And Clarence Thomas, during Black History Month!

Serious steps

"Exclusive: Biden in no rush to lift Venezuela sanctions, seeks 'serious steps' by Maduro" (Spetalnick).  I'm starting to see the brilliance of picking a goof like Guido as the Asshole stalking horse.  He is so ridiculous the Venezuelan government can't possibly "negotiate seriously" with him, meaning that Assholia can continue to keep its sanctions forever, at least based on their unilateral and unreasonable conditions.  Had they picked a far-right politician with even the slightest credibility, the Venezuelan government might have had to take the bait and at least pretend to deal with him.  The fact that he is a ridiculous figure is not a bug but a feature.


"Russia’s Policy of Peace Is Encouraging War" (Roberts).  "Biden’s Latest Strike on Syria. The S-300 No-Show. The Russia-Israel De Facto Alliance?" (Korybko).

Trump's illegal and immoral attack on Syria used missiles fired from ships, and he gave Russia, per the protocols in place to prevent accidental clashes, enough warning that the Russians were able to warn the Syrians.  The attack by Joe's (((teleprompter))) was smart bombs delivered by F-15s, and the Assholes gave Russia only minutes of warning, not enough to protect human beings at the target site.  Is Korybko suggesting that Russia should have shot down American planes?  That would be crazy.  Even intercepting the bombs would have been regarded as a very unfriendly act by Joe's (((teleprompter))).  I know Korybko has a theory that Russia has some dirty deal with Israel, backed by the 'alt-media', but Russia's failure to act does not reflect badly on Russia.  The S-300s are there primarily to protect Russian bases.  I don't know anybody who is suggesting that Russia ought to start WWIII in order to protect Syria.

Hitler or whatever

"Lee Camp: It’s Time for Major Wealth Redistribution — Yes, I Mean It." (Camp). 

"Media Completely Ignore American Secret Agent’s Trial for Terrorism in Venezuela" (MacLeod):

"Unless you read the local Venezuelan press, you are unlikely to know that an American secret agent is currently standing trial in Venezuela on charges of terrorism and weapons trafficking.

Matthew John Heath was arrested in September outside Amuay and Cardon oil refineries in possession of a submachine gun, a grenade launcher, C4 explosives, a satellite phone and bricks of $20 bills. The Venezuelan government also alleges that he was found carrying a small coin or badge that CIA employees use to prove their identity to one another without raising suspicions. On Wednesday, Heath pled not guilty to all charges.

Situated in Falcon state in the west of the country, the Amuay and Cardon facilities are the largest refineries in the oil-rich nation, considered an enemy of the United States since it elected socialist president Hugo Chavez in 1998. The facilities have been the site of controversy before: in 2012, a fire at the plants killed 55 people; after conducting hundreds of interviews with experts and witnesses and carrying out over 200 inspections and technical tests, the Venezuelan government claimed that the evidence of sabotage was “overwhelming.”

A former marine, Heath is also widely reported to have been a CIA agent, serving the agency as a communications operator between 2006 and 2016, at which time he took a job at security firm MVM (for obvious reasons, the CIA does not confirm or deny the identity of its staff). Although MVM is technically a private company, it was founded by three former Secret Service agents and continues to work closely with Washington. According to business directory Dun & Bradstreet, the firm “provides security staffing and consulting services, primarily to U.S. government entities.” Indeed, the only clients listed on its website are American government agencies. “Need a secret agent?” begins its description of the company."
Feedly won't let me add the Irish Savant's new site.  Glitch or the usual censorship?  I've never had this problem with any other site.

A false-flag attack to coincide with the Purim attack on Syria:  "Israel Says Iran Behind Blast On Israeli-Owned Ship In 'Initial Assessment'" (Durden).

Tweet (Murtaza M. Hussain):
"Real quote: "They immediately set out lionizing Khashoggi as some sort of Nelson Mandela so that they could turn MBS into Hitler or whatever.""
MbS has moved from being under the protection of President Jared to being under the protection of Bibi.  Protection ain't free.  

Sometimes a good bonesawing is just the right thing to do, goyim:  "The antisemitic tweets of murdered Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi" (Frantzman).  Tweet (Amal Saad):
"That the US refuses to sanction MbS for murdering Khashoggi despite holding him responsible, on account of “shared interests” between allies, is an acknowledgement that sanctions are not an instrument of diplomacy, but a form of siege warfare against civilians of enemy states"
Tweet (Jack Posobiec):
"Kamala Harris was not informed prior to the Syrian bombing and is very upset about being left out of the loop, per WH official"
Tweets (Carl Zha):
"So Chinese gov subjected her to systemic gang rape, forced sterilization and then issued her a 10 year passport so she could travel abroad to tell CNN. Got it!
CNN story made it sounds like she escaped frm #Xinjiang on foot across the border, then CNN editor made sure to blur out the issue date of her passport. That’s professionalism!!!"



Saturday, February 27, 2021

A room full of clowns looking back at me...

"Morocco's ruling party faces wave of resignations over 'drifting principles'":

"Earlier in February, MP Abouzaid el Mokrie el Idrissi froze his membership of the party after criticising what he called a recent "catastrophic" shift in its values under Saad Eddine el-Othmani. He was referring to Morocco’s normalisation with Israel in December, which critics called a betrayal of the Palestinians." 

Moon on the third wave.

Not All TV News Sources Are The Same”: Congress And The Slippery Slope Of Censorship" and "SUNY Suspends Student For Posting Views On Biological Gender" (Turley).  "I Can't Stand Fox News, But Censoring It Might Be The Dumbest Idea Ever" (Taibbi) (what the SJWs are prepared to do is scary).

"Mitch McConnell trying to redeem himself..."

"the haunted - 1-2-5"

"Gavin Bryars -- Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet" (Metafilter).

Speed-dial relationship

THERAD by Joe Emersberger on the Yaku Pérez election stunt in Ecuador. 

Tweet (Camila):

"Pérez has an incredibly close speed-dial relationship with the most reactionary of the rightist media (national & international), where he goes on and uses the platforms, steering clear of any trace of actual leftist economic policy while pushing anti-leftist rhetoric."

Twitter's latest micromanaging of the content of tweets by cancelling.


"Biden Comforts Families Of Syrian Airstrike Victims With Eloquent Speech On Living With Heartbreaking Loss" (The Onion).  There comes a time when the SJW bullshit is intolerable.

Tweet (Ali Abunimah):

"Why did the US directly blame MBS for the Khashoggi murder but then exempt him for consequences (for now)? I suspect the price MBS will pay for such leniency is to push ahead with full Saudi normalization with the Zionist occupation entity in Palestine."

None of those killed

"‘At least 22 killed’ after President Biden orders first military strike" (Daragahi):

"None of those killed in the attack were Iranian, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a generally credible monitoring group based in London. So many deaths could prompt cries of revenge by the Iraqi militiamen’s comrades or extended families or tribes, possibly imperiling the moderate, pro-western Kadhimi government in Baghdad."

"Why the US won’t be leaving Afghanistan" (Sheikh).

"Lavrov: Russia Has Information that US Plans to Stay in Syria Forever, Destroy the Country" (Tsukanov).

Fire up the bone saws

"Amnesty International chiefs admit 'undermining' Alexei Navalny by stripping him of his prisoner of conscience status for ‘racism’ as they are tricked into Zoom call with pro-Kremlin pranksters" (Ibbetson).  Would any really oppressed person in the world be worse off if Amnesty were to be closed.?  Nope.  It is just another bunch of Imperial grifters, no better than Bellingcat.

Navalny and friends:  "Visions of "A New Political Nationalism"" (Lavinski).

It is interesting that the vaccines are sprung just after the covid rates naturally plummet, making them seem responsible for the improvement!

"Culpability and Recalibration: MBS and the Killing of Jamal Khashoggi" (Kampmark).  Recalibration = nothing, so Biden is again following Trump.  MbS has learned he can operate with impunity:  "Canada: après la disparition d'un dissident saoudien, des exilés craignent d'être en danger (média)".

"US exceptionalism surges again. Will it fly?" (Bhadrakumar):

"The US’ return to the UNHRC does not stem from noble intentions. It is primarily due to the worry over China’s increasing influence in the UN body during the US’ absence in the most recent years. Specifically, China stole a march over the US by bringing the pandemic under control and it has become an eyesore. Equally, China’s stance on human rights has growing resonance among the developing countries — that human rights should be relative to the situations of developing countries; that the concept of human rights should be diversified as there is no one-size-fits-all approach for human rights development; and that countries should not export their own model or use human rights issues to interfere in other countries’ domestic affairs. 

Indeed, the western concept of human rights, narrowly focused on freedom of speech or religion and democratic elections tend to overlook that the basic right for the bulk of humanity is about living and development. The Western countries refuse to accept the fact that there are many roads to development and prosperity for the developing countries, and their path is only one of them and, perhaps, not even the best or the most suitable path. 

Plainly put, human rights are being used as a tool to enforce and perpetuate the present global order in accordance with Western interests. However, it is a losing battle. A new world order is taking shape with a vastly different global humanitarian agenda, which will inevitably become the mainstream for human society. "

Friday, February 26, 2021

Those eternal, intrinsically right norms

Tweet (Daniel Larison):

"To sum up, we have to bomb targets in Syria without authorization to protect the troops that are in Iraq without authorization in order to pursue an unauthorized anti-ISIS mission that is really just an excuse to keep troops in the country for anti-Iranian reasons." 

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"How anyone can believe the US is hostile to Assad because he’s a “brutal dictator” — while at the same time embracing regimes in Saudi Arabia, Egypt & UAE, to say nothing of their beloved dictators over decades — is one of those enduring mysteries: a testament to US propaganda."
Tweet (Mark Ames):
"We're ruled by utter fucking psychos who think having proper manners while murdering brown people makes them superior than the other ruling clan of psychos."
Tweet (The War Nerd):
"Amy Siskind runs a blog called "The Weekly List." It chronicles every violation of etiquette Trump every committed. Violations are defined as if the Clinton norms were eternal and true. 
Biden is the revival of those eternal, intrinsically right norms..."
Tweet (matt's idea shop):
"Biden taking his first step towards the Nobel Peace prize by bombing Syria."

 Tweet (Shant Mesrobian):

"The reason why so many extremely woke people turn out to have been bigoted in the past is because bigotry used to be the best way to bully and intimidate people, but now performative anti-bigotry is the best way to bully and intimidate people. An evolving toolset for sociopaths."

"Washington Post’s “Wuhan Lab” conspiracy theory stands exposed" (Damon).  If it was an Assholian bio-warfare attack on China, the issue then is whether the attack went terribly wrong, or whether the bigger pandemic was created to allow the capitalists to dig themselves out of their hole with the Great Reset.

"Facebook censors WSWS article exposing “Wuhan lab” conspiracy theory".

"Amid ‘political repression,’ Ukraine becoming American ‘colony’ in Europe: sanctioned opposition leader Medvedchuk" (Gavin).  It is difficult to imagine how Ukraine survives at all as a livable place without normalization of relations with Russia.  "Ukraine SITREP (as seen from Hungary)".  On 'Ze' as a stupid tool of the West:  "The Ukraine’s Many Ticking Time Bombs" (The Saker).

"Why Joe Biden Will Continue the US War on Nord Stream 2 till the Bitter End" (Ross).  Note that Biden's personal corruption plays a role.

"YouTube Removes a CN Live! Episode."   Palast, though:  "Greg Palast, the left wing of the Lobby" (Shamir).  I have avoided Palast as a blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Zionist ever since he tried to peddle the War For No Oil Theory, an attempt to deal with the ridiculous War For Oil theory of the attack on Iraq (you probably have noticed it is China that is financing/developing all the new Iraqi oil fields, as Iraqis naturally hate and despise Assholians), which itself was a way of parrying those of us who call it what it was, a War For The Jews.

There is clearly quite a bit of tetchiness about both the unlikely election results and the Capitol tourism incident.

Tweets (Ashton Pittman) (forensic 'science' is on par with witchcraft):
"THREAD: Eddie Lee Howard, a Black man, is free after spending 26 years on death row at Parchman for a rape/murder DNA now proves he didn't commit.

The primary evidence against him? 

INVISIBLE bite marks an alleged expert found using "special glasses.""

Such a quiet attack

Tweet (Confirmed Miscer):

"Bomb back better" 

Tweets (Aaron Maté):
"To remind Iran who’s boss — rather than conduct the diplomacy he promised — Biden opts to act as ISIS’ Air Force. (That’s who “Iranian-backed militia” have long been fighting)

And just as Obama greenlit a mass murder campaign in Yemen to assuage Saudi anger over the Iran deal, I wouldn't be surprised if bombing an Iranian target is Biden's way of making nice with Mohammed Bone Saw for the pending release of the Khashoggi report." 
Tweet (Kevin Gosztola) (you can break international law and start down the road to WWIII, but it's OK, as long as you are polite and respectful about doing it!):
"Liberal celebration of covert acts of war."
Tweet (Mike Cernovich):
"$2,000,000,000 for Raytheon. 
Oh by the way did you know their Secretary of Defense was on their Board? 
But he’s a person of color so it’s all good. 
P.S. You’re not getting that $2,000 check."
Tweet (Josh Marshall) (Greenwald is in superb form these days, and Marshall is brain dead with TDS, not to mention a WWIII-mongerer):
"it’s remarkable how @ggreenwald’s personal grievances and disputes with leading Democrats have led him to become a leading supporter of fascism in the US"
"Lab Rats to the Front!" (Armstrong).

Tweet (Alex Lawson) (can you imagine if you took a time machine back to 1972 and told people that Joe Biden would be the 'woke' Assholian President fifty years in the future, having won with 10 million more votes than anyone has ever received!):
"Reading “We’ve Got People” by @ryangrim and this is a ‘72 Joe Biden quote"
"Biden’s Journey: Change Is Imperceptible" (Giraldi).

Tweet (Sarah Abdallah):
"$1,500,000,000,000 stolen from American taxpayers to fund a F-35 warplane program that failed.

While 12 million American children live in poverty.

This is the military-industrial-complex at work."
Tweet (Ben Norton):
"In case it wasn't obvious who is really in charge in Ecuador, the corrupt right-wing Lenín Moreno regime (which has 8% approval) is trying to ram through a law privatizing the central bank. That law was written in the USA.

This isn't just US imperialism; it's neocolonialism"
"Cuba has assisted almost one third of the world’s population in health care".

Thread by Yaneer Bar-Yam on the pandemic and Dharavi.

"Repressed IRISH SAVANT Unrepressed" (Cleburne).

Tweet (Ben Norton) (Patreon is Kushner family, so there should be no shock at this) (see tweet by Hive Blockchain and "9 Decentralized, P2P and Open Source Alternatives to Mainstream Social Media Platforms Like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Reddit"):
"Silicon Valley censorship never ends: Now Patreon is suspending users unless they delete political content that it doesn't like 
It doesn't matter if you disagree with the content or political viewpoint; this is a precedent that can & will be used to expand the censorship dragnet"
"Twitter’s Attempt to Suppress Grayzone Reporting Backfires as Warning Label Becomes Meme" (MacLeod).

The trots dabble in literary criticism (they are not wrong):  "Amanda Gorman at the Biden inauguration: “O sing, sweet lucre,” or, The poet wore Prada" (Clayton/Walsh).  "O sing, sweet lucre" might have been a better title for today's post.

"NBC pulls ‘Nurses’ episode accused of being anti-Semitic" (DeNinno).  "A dead goyim leg" would also have been a great title.

Tweet (Fredrick Brennan):
"I ordered Uber Eats and the delivery driver kind of looks like my grandmother and that makes me sad that people out here struggling so much they have to deliver cripples cheeseburgers to have heat"

"Op-Ed: There's A Difference Between 'Cancel Culture' And Wanting To Throw Commies Out Of A Helicopter" (The Babylon Bee).

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Remember what you're fighting for . . .

Some funny tweets.   This one won't last.  Remember what you're fighting for . . . 

WWIII has to start somewhere

"U.S. carries out airstrike in Syria after rocket attacks" (Seligman).  Shekels, goyim!  I'm getting tired of being right all the time.  Does anybody still believe there is any chance for a deal with Iran?  Note that this is ostensibly in 'retaliation' for militia attacks on Assholes in Iraq, attacks which could easily be false-flags (nobody knows), and in any event couldn't happen if Assholes weren't illegally occupying Iraq against the express wishes of its government.

“Kinetic” event

"The Capital Riot: Tourists, Terrorists, or Iranians-in-Disguise, Perhaps?" (Smith) (my emphasis in red):

"Another member of the ancien regime, modern American-style, is longtime Republican Senator from Maine, Susan Collins.  Collins’ initial take on what was happening at the Capitol was notably unusual:  “My first thought was that the Iranians had followed through on their threat to strike the Capitol…” (Bangor Daily News, January 11).  Sounds outlandish, at first glance, but perhaps the Senator was referring to that ferocious flotilla of Iranian speed boats violently skimming Atlantic Ocean waves to harass the “sacred” Citadel of our “Demo-crashy” in retaliation for last January’s assassination of Iran’s top general, Qassem Soleimani?

In reality, Senator Collins was even further off-base, but entirely on-brand, in her “immediate” reactionary thought.  On the morning of January 6, a Wednesday, CBS News broke an “exclusive” story that on January 4, a Monday, several New York City air traffic controllers had heard a “digitized voice recording” claiming that Iran, presumably, would be flying a plane into the Capitol building on Wednesday, January 6, the precise day when president-elect Joe Biden’s election would be officially certified by the Congress, as revenge for the murder of Soleimani.  CBS also reported that U.S. intelligence agencies — not named — did not find this threat “credible.”  One can only assume that Senator Collins knew all of this, but still used the opportunity of the “Capitol Riot” to take a rhetorical stab at Iran anyway.  Why not?

Why not, indeed?  Nevertheless, the good Maine Senator’s initial cognitive response is also doubly illogical.  Donald Trump took — or was assigned — credit for Soliemani’s assassination; logically, you would think that the White House, and not the Capitol, would have been the imaginary Iranian plane’s target, at least according to the “digitized voice recording” referred to above.  After all, the Trump administration took a particularly hard-line against Iran, culminating in the Soleimani hit-job.  For its part, CBS re-reported it’s “not credible” morning story on its Evening newscast, after the Capitol melee, as if to say:  “Never forget those zany Iranians!”

It seems not unreasonable to suspect that the “digitized voice recording” reported by CBS News, and known to Senator Collins based on her self-reported immediate reaction, was a “false flag” operation.  Moreover, the CBS story indicates that U.S. intelligence agencies were aware that a “kinetic” event would be staged at the Capitol on January 6, yet did nothing to prevent it.  The CBS non-story also fails to account for who may have produced and transmitted the “digitized” Iranian threat message to NYC air traffic controllers, which presupposes some degree of sophistication, as well as concern that a nefarious actor could penetrate what should be a secure airport communication system; indeed, that should be the actual story here, or:  “9-1-1, we have another problem!”"

This was considered important enough that intelligence officials put in a briefing that Collins read.

"Can We Reform a FBI that Behaves Like a Gestapo?" (Johnson).  "U.S. Capitol riot: Top officials say they did not see FBI warning of calls for violence" (Wu/Johnson).  "The chief of the Capitol Police said he tried 6 times to call reinforcements to deal with pro-Trump rioters but kept getting blocked" (Bostock/Pickrell).  "Former Capitol Police chief describes "frustrating" call with Army official about reinforcements" (Kaplan).

Remember the 'failure to communicate' between CIA and FBI prior to 9/11?

"Understanding the Kennedy Assassination" (Hornberger):
"In his June 10, 1963, Peace Speech at American University, Kennedy threw the gauntlet down and declared an end to the Cold War and, implicitly, an end to the ever-growing budgets, power, and influence of the national-security establishment. Owing to what was considered JFK’s extremely dangerous conduct that supposedly threatened a U.S. defeat in the Cold War and a takeover of the United States by the communists, Kennedy was deemed to be a grave threat to national security.

The war ended with Kennedy’s assassination on November 22, 1963, in a regime-change operation that was no different in principle from those that preceded it and followed it (e.g., Iran 1953, Guatemala 1954, Cuba 1960s, Congo 1961, and Chile 1973)."
"Fred Hampton, internationalism, and Palestine: an interview with Jeffrey Haas" (Tamari).

Ferlinghetti, CIA.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021


More common sense that will never happen:  "Michael Hudson Discusses the Economic Winds of [Non] Change Under Biden on Radical Imagination" (Vrettos interview of Hudson):

"Housing is the basic criterion for joining the middle class. And for a century, blacks were excluded, not only by banks but from the government mortgage-insurance programs dating from FDR’s reforms in the 1930s. That’s what made black buyers “more risky” and hence charged higher interest rates.

I grew up in Hyde Park, in Chicago. The University of Chicago and its property management companies were among the worst abusers. For them, a “free market” meant a market free of blacks. But in the late 1950s they saw that they could do “block busting,” that is, selling a home in a white neighborhood to a black buyer. This panicked the neighboring owners, who sold their homes. The buyers were largely the speculators, who flipped them to black buyers at marked-up prices.

That happened on my block, on 48thand Dorchester, a block from where Obama has bought his home. Once a few houses had changed hands, Mayor Daley condemned the block. My house was torn down, as were others, and the land is not gentrified.

To put the issue in perspective, think of the situation in 1945. That is when the great increase in middle-class wealth – today’s middle-class net worth – took off. It was limited to white people, because they were the only people who qualified for the great increase in net worth created by the house-price boom over the past 75 years.

The norm was that banks limited their mortgages to a level that would absorb up to 25% of a buyer’s salary. The buyer would get a self-amortizing mortgage, to be paid off in 30 years free and clear. This limit on debt leveraging kept housing affordable.

You and I have spoken about the issue of black reparations before. It’s very hard to pay reparations for slavery, because the enslaved families have died long ago. The reparations need to be paid to the living – and after all, it’s the living blacks who remain injured.

There is one way to make the black population economically as resilient as the white population has been. That is to give it the same deal that created most white middle-class wealth. The government should buy or build homes – private homes, just like white neighborhoods, not public housing. They should offer buyers the same deal that was given in 1945. Any black family would be given a home, with a mortgage of 25% of the household head’s income, to be amortized over 30 years.

Suppose the black buyer earns the minimum wage, or about $25,000 a year. Then 25% of this would be $6,250 – just about $500 a month. Over 30 years, the buyer would pay $187,500 – much of it in interest, guaranteed by the FHA.

As a practical political matter, of course, such a windfall would have to be offered to all Americans across the board. Hispanics and white poor would qualify.

That is the only way to create economic resilience of a class that has been excluded on racial lines, and which remains excluded today.

Without special subsidy of this sort, there cannot be any serious talk of equality. Minority buyers were the great victims of the junk-mortgage run-up and the Obama evictions.

In a recent N.Y. Times piece, David Leonhardt raises the question of why the U.S. economy has fared so much better under Democratic presidents than Republicans? In fact, he argues the gap is “startlingly large” when one measures annual growth rate, Gross Domestic Product growth rate, jobs, incomes, productivity – even stock prices.

Well, the New York Times has been the leader in “fake news,” not least for its support of real estate and financial interests, and of the Democratic Party.

The focus on growth rates as measured by GDP is a travesty of reality. Since 2008, GDP for 95% of Americans has actually declined. We are still in the Obama Depression – that was the state of affairs when the covid-19 crisis hit. Pavlina Tcherneva at the Levy Institute at Bard College has produced the statistics.

When debtors fall behind and have to pay penalty interest rates to banks and credit card companies, this is counted as an “increase in GDP,” classified as “financial services.” As if the banks are providing a service by charging higher fees to indigent debtors who are unable to keep current on their living costs.

About 7% of GDP is hypothetical “homeowners rental value” – what homeowners would have to pay themselves if they rented out their homes to themselves as tenants. As rents have risen (largely by absentee owners who bought homes that were foreclosed), this increases GDP. It leaves out minority owners, whose home ownership rate is much lower than that of whites.

What The New York Timesand others looking at GDP leave out of account is how unequal the distribution of wealth and income have become since 2008, and indeed since the 1980s. Economists are now talking about a K-shaped recovery: up for owners of stocks and bonds (about One Percent of the population owns something like 80 percent of these securities), and real estate. But wage earners are being squeezed. The “recovery” is not a recovery for them. It’s a boom for the wealthy, for the rentierclass, mainly in the Finance, Insurance and Real Estate (FIRE) sector.

That sector is the main audience for The New York Times. And most of the Democratic Party’s donor class comes from the FIRE sector. Despite this, the Democratic success at identity politics has created a political situation in which only the Democrats can enact anti-labor and anti-black policies, because their politicians are able to deliver the labor and black votes.

I don’t see how there can be real progress unless the Democratic Party is replaced, at least with the DNC leadership that has turned its politics into demagogy. Its identity politics is based on every identity exceptbeing a wage-earner."

Usually done with clowns

Tweet (Edward Dutton):

"The Woke left are now storm troopers of the powerful to such an extent that it is 'right wing' to seize the wealth of the greedy and give it to to the poor." 

Wiles is a nut, but he's advocating a 'Jesus program' of redistribution for the Republican Party!

I don't usually recommend videos, but this one is pretty good:  "Lavrov’s Scathing Assessment of the EU: A “Party Committee” Run by Buffoons" (Mercouris).  There comes a point when the unelected Euro-trash aren't even worthy of contempt.

Tweet (Q. Anthony (FKA Andray Domise)):
"A fun exercise for the Very Concerned China Watchers is to check their tweet history for "Haiti" and just watch the blank screen come up."
"How Ottawa's mistakes ensured you'll likely be vaccinated six months later than everyone else" (Hopper). The biggest public policy failure in Canadian history. Why? Because Canada decided to fight the War For The Jews against Iran by kidnapping Meng Wanzhou.  I sure hope Trudeau enjoys his shiny new shekels.  On the bright side, most of the country won't be vaccinated before the side effects kill off the rest of the world.

A comment by anti_republocrat to a vaccination skepticism article by Mike Whitney, responding to another comment wondering why politicians would want a mass culling of their populations (PCR is Paul Craig Roberts) (see also this mind control comment to an Atzmon article):
"In answer to points 3 and 4, you might want to consider the words of Maurice Strong when interviewed by Donald Gibson for his book Environmentalism: ideology and power (pg. 95):

What if a small group of world leaders were to conclude that the principal risk to the Earth comes from the actions of the rich countries? And if the world is to survive, those rich countries would have to sign an agreement reducing their impact on the environment. Will they do it? The group’s conclusion is ‘no’. The rich countries won’t do it. They won’t change. So, in order to save the planet, the group decides: Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?

And on Sept. 1, 1997, Strong wrote in National Review,

If we don’t change, our species will not survive… Frankly, we may get to the point where the only way of saving the world will be for industrial civilization to collapse.

Regarding PCR, he just today sent me an email linking to this very article by Mike Whitney.

Your complacency and minimization is one of the frightening things about 2020-2021.


"‘NY Times’ finally investigates Dan Gertler, Israeli businessman who drained 100s of millions from DR Congo" (North):
"The front page of today’s New York Times has a long, valuable investigative report that explains how days before the end of Donald Trump’s term, U.S. Treasury Department economic sanctions that had hampered Gertler were mysteriously lifted. The report shows how celebrity lawyer Alan Dershowitz, along with “high-powered connections in Israel,” helped get the stiff sanctions rolled back for a year, which gave Gertler “access to money frozen in U.S. banks and allowed him once again to do business with financial institutions worldwide.” 

The Times quoted high U.S. government officials, even from the Trump administration, who were angered and stunned by the last-minute move. J. Peter Pham, who had a prominent post in Trump’s State Department, said that DR Congo is “one of the most poverty-stricken nations, with a population that has suffered incredibly over the last several decades, and we have worked to turn that around, so why do this?”

Back in 2017, the U.S. Treasury explained that it imposed tough sanctions because Dan Gertler:

is an international businessman and billionaire who has amassed his fortune through hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of opaque and corrupt mining and oil deals in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). . . As a result, between 2010 and 2012 alone, the DRC reportedly lost over $1.36 billion in revenues. . .”

Today’s Times exposé includes some new tantalizing details. The paper found that Gertler had connections in Israel to “people with ties to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,” including a prominent lawyer named Boaz Ben Zur, “whose client list also includes Mr. Netanyahu.”

Alan Dershowitz’s role in the scandal is not new. Back in 2018, the celebrity pro-Israel lawyer had officially registered to lobby the U.S. government on Gertler’s behalf, and called the corrupt mine owner “a very good person.”

The Times reported that Dershowitz slyly insinuated that Gertler should get a reprieve because he “had been of value to U.S. intelligence agencies.” Pham, the former State Department official, retorted: “The only value to national security that Gertler has comes from him being placed in the box that he was put into with the sanctions.”"
Tweet (Alan MacLeod) (there is also a bizarre 'These materials may have been obtained through hacking' Twitter warning!):
"This is not a joke. Twitter has deleted dozens of account for the crime of "undermining faith in the NATO alliance". 
Usually done with clowns.