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"The Dark Side of the Kurdish Militias Revealed in Qamisli Stand-off" (Sahiounie).  "Hillary Clinton set to produce TV show about female Kurdish fighters" (MacDonald) (also).

"Police Tries to Evict Farmers from One Site, Goons Attack Protesters at Another (India’s Farm Law Protest)".

Tweet (Dan Cohen):

"This week in Colombia:

-Rotted corpse of social leader Fermiliano Meneses found in a ravine days after he was kidnapped and murdered

-Social leader Miguel Uribe murdered and beheaded 

-Ex-FARC combatant/social leader José Alexander Quiñones murdered

Meanwhile US media is silent."

"UN Independent expert Alfred de Zayas: ‘This is how the human rights industry works’" (Colotti).

Tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"This is the first I hear of “millions fleeing” Hong Kong. How did such a massive exodus go unnoticed and in the middle of a pandemic? The ⁦@guardian⁩ now just a mouthpiece for British regime propaganda."
Tweet (Wyatt Reed):
"Today’s anti-China hit piece from self-proclaimed ‘left’ cites:
- 3 white anthropologists incl (you guessed it) Adrian Zenz
- HRW China watcher
- Secessionist with NED-funded World Uyghur Congress
- Scary info graphic showing Xinjiang surveilled at almost the same level as the US"
Tweets by Ben Norton (visiting the bosses out of country in the last week of a campaign! - since he has zero chance of winning legitimately you have to wonder what they are cooking up):
"If it wasn't already clear who Ecuador's authoritarian right-wing President Lenín Moreno truly serves -- while he has 8% approval in his country, with elections coming up on February 7, he spent the last week meeting with imperial elites in Washington, DC

Mere days before the election, Ecuador's right-wing US puppet President Lenín Moreno met with the following elites in Washington, DC:
-warmongering Senators Bob Menendez & Ben Cardin
-US National Security Council exec
-corrupt OAS chief Almagro
-director of IMF
-head of bank IADB"
Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"Incidentally, US-backed Ecuadoran Pres. Lenin Moreno just met in Washington with OAS general secretary Luis Almagro, a key architect of the coup in Bolivia and of subsequent attempts to scuttle/delay the election of Luis Arce"
Sneaking out didn't go so well:  "Ecuador leader's plane makes emergency landing in US".

Tweet (
"New revelations about Operation Gedeon (failed paramilitary invasion in May 2020). Vzlan woman who worked as a translator between the main coup organizers says Colombian president Ivan Duque and his mentor Alvaro Uribe were aware of the plan and helped with logistics"
"US and Colombian govts supported botched invasion of Venezuela: Bombshell testimony from coup-plotter" (Norton)

"Steve Cohen Nukes Twitter Account After Getting "Personal Threats" Over GameStop Debacle" (Durden).  The frogs are going after silver next, a 'market' of pure Rothschild - note the comment on how Palladino got sethriched!!! -corruption for the last hundred years, so there is no doubt that this is a slave revolt intentionally directed against their cruel Khazar masters.

"Biden won’t upset the Saudi-UAE apple cart" (Bhadrakumar).  The Greece-Emirates Alliance!  The enemy of my enemy is my friend, Muslim Brotherhood edition.

Actual reporting from a Navalny protest in Moscow:  "The Navalny Protests Charade: More Western Interference & Disinfo on Russia" (Bartlett).  Imagine the policeman with the flowers in an Assholian contest.  Can't imagine it?  Me neither.

"America’s Half a Century of War in Somalia Comes to an End. Sort Of" (Diego):
"Far from a capitulation, the pull out of U.S. troops from Somalia is little more than a part of a redeployment operation to move American forces to other parts of East Africa. AFRICOM spokesman Air Force Col. Chris Karns admitted that a “limited force presence will remain” in the country and, as evidenced by the continued U.S. airstrikes conducted after the withdrawal of 700 to 800 troops – on pace to exceed those of previous years – any illusions that the United States has any intention of retreating should be put to rest.


"Last Friday, January 22, barely one week after the withdrawal of American troops, 189 al-Shabaab fighters were massacred by the U.S.-backed Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF). The strike was coordinated with the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), which partners with CIA agents that “operate unilaterally in the country” as part of the spy agency’s counterterrorism program in Somalia.

Despite Joe Biden’s campaign promise to “end forever wars,” the incoming U.S. administration is unlikely to modify its policy towards Somalia. In fact, some are already calling for the president to reverse Trump’s decision to remove troops, which further reveals the withdrawal to be not much more than a political parlor trick, as even arch-neocon policy wonks at the American Enterprise Institute understand that enough of the groundwork has been laid to continue the U.S.’ bloody legacy in the region, take or leave a few boots on the ground."
"Gallup: Most Say Reducing Cost of Health Care High Priority for Biden" ('Hunter Wallace').  The Dems have obviously decided to use their hatred of, disdain for, and now fear of (!), the Republicans to do what they most want to do in the world, which is to avoid doing anything, even in areas of broad bi-partisan support.

Tweet (Ben Norton) (in reply to McFoul):
"*Unless it's a country in the Global South that is targeted by the US empire for regime change, like Venezuela or Nicaragua, in which case the US refuses to recognize the election results and wages hybrid war on the nation to try to overthrow its democratically elected government"
'European Jews', aka Khazars, being blindingly white of skin (pure Caucasians), are starting to realize that they run a big danger of falling on the Wrong side of Critical Race Theory (also) (also).  Hilarity will soon ensue.  Btw, how are all those monuments to Judah Benjamin faring?

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Much-needed yacht repairs

"Who is Alexei Navalny? Behind the myth of the West’s favorite Russian opposition figure" (Kurmelovs/Kazbek).  The actual nature of the lackeys who are selected by Assholia to serve as figureheads for warmongering is of no interest to the Empire or its cheerleaders.

"Amnesty International: Navalny a Prisoner of Conscience. But not Manning, Assange or Mandela" (MacLeod).  Amnesty is one of the longest operating political grifts.  Remember 'prisoners of conscience', including that monster Natan Sharansky?  Back in the day their trick was to focus on schoolchildren, who wanted to be helpful without knowing how they were being abused for Empire.

"The Fatuous Uproar About Robinhood and GameStop" (Smith).  Surprisingly (or not) terrible, seemingly missing all the interesting issues on purpose.  Much better:  "Economy verges on collapse after Redditors’ profits go toward medical bills and student loans rather than much-needed yacht repairs."

Tweet (David Dayen):

"psst... there shouldn't be any hedge funds, they were an accident of history. We should close the loophole in the 1940 Investment Company & Investment Advisors Acts, thereby mandating disclosure, altering fee structures, & eliminating the use of leverage"

We're past the point of the surprise of the Redditors, and the (((media))) is now bullshitting the issue full time, covering up for the hedge funds and assorted other crooks.  

"Report of Janet Yellen's Speaking Fees Draws Criticism: 'How Much Should Women Make?'" (Fearnow) (great name).  Identity politics covering one of the most outrageous examples of pure corruption I have ever seen.  It must have taken all their intellectual and moral strength to stifle a mention of the Holocaust, though they were perhaps avoiding emphasizing Biden's Khabinet.

"Finance Capitalism vs. Industrial Capitalism" (Hudson):

"One must conclude that America has chosen to no longer industrialize, but to finance its economy by economic rent – monopoly rent, from information technology, banking and speculation, and leave industry, research and development to other countries. Even if China and other Asian countries didn’t exist, there is no way that America can regain its export markets or even its internal market with its current debt overhead and its privatized and financialized education, health care, transportation and other basic infrastructure.

The underlying problem is not competition from China, but neoliberal financialization. Finance-capitalism is not industrial capitalism. It is a lapse back into debt peonage and a rentier neo-feudalism. Bankers play the role today that landlords played up through the 19th century, making fortunes without corresponding value, by capital gains for real estate, stocks and bonds on credit, by debt leveraging whose carrying charges increase the economy’s cost of living and doing business."

There is absolutely no political will to begin to fix this.  The Empire will thus have to blame its own deep problems on things the Chinese do, with disastrous results.

"Joe Biden: ‘New policy on Syria is a poisoned chalice’ – Peter Ford" (beeley).

"Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith gets probation after making a false statement in the FISA surveillance warrant process" (Willmann).  $100 fine!  Does lying to a court interest the bar association?

"More than FIFTY Orthodox Jewish weddings with up to 300 guests have been illegally held in London during third lockdown, investigation claims" (Duell).  The scofflaws continue (there are similar problems in Israel itself, though Israeli officials can, and do, act with more violence).

"Increasingly Bold Israel Begins Building Settlements In Downtown Albuquerque" (The Onion).

Friday, January 29, 2021

Early, but too late

"Outrage as Panicked Authorities Clamp Down on Robinhood Financial Uprising" (MacLeod).  ""This Is For You, Dad": Redditor Shares Heartbreaking Reason For Destroying Short-Sellers In WSB Raids" (Durden).

 "AIPAC demands NBC retract report on NSC aide who’s a big donor to lobby group– and NBC complies!" (Weiss).

"Blinken Says Iran Must Comply With Nuclear Deal Before the US Does" (DeCamp).  "Iran rejects reversing nuclear steps before US lifts sanctions".  "It’s Still Early, but Signs Point To an Israel-First Biden Presidency" (Peled).

"A Domestic Terrorism Law? War on Dissent Will Proceed Full Speed Ahead" (Giraldi).

Girlbossy two-step

Time to punish the )))criminals(((:  "SEC Publishes Statement On Short Squeeze Insanity, "Will Protect Investors From Manipulative Trading"" (Durden).  Tweet (Lord Keynes):

"How a serious nation treats its corrupt financial parasites"

"Anti-Populists Are Stewing Over Wall Street Uprising" ('Hunter Wallace').  Anti-populists.

Tweet (Natalie Shure):

"I have nothing but contempt for this girlbossy two-step, with Psaki swooping in to defend an accomplished woman’s value when the question was actually about a conflict of interest the public has every right to scrutinize"

Tweet (Striker):

"When a new communication technology is invented, an arms race between Jew-namers and Jewish pornographers begins. Only one side is meaningfully protected by the First Amendment."

Tweet (Dan Cohen) (it is amusing what you can get away with if you are on the right side of warmongering):

"Imagine my surprise: Adrian Zenz, the fake Xinjiang expert who believes Jews will be “wiped out” and put in a “fiery furnace”, sees the bright side of the Nazi Holocaust. 

No matter what, western media outlets will still treat this genocide apologist as a legitimate “expert”."

Obvious case of liposuction - they will then kill the entire population by dumping the extracted fat on Iran: tweet (Rania Khalek):

"How come they sound the same?"

(((Everybody))) pulling together is how farm animals are herded: "Google salvaged Robinhood’s one-star rating by deleting nearly 100,000 negative reviews" (Peters).

"A Domestic Terrorism Law? War on Dissent Will Proceed Full Speed Ahead" (Giraldi).

For some reason

Strap yourselves in, it is going to be a (((bumpy))) ride.

Tweets (The Angry Philosopher On #Stonks):

""Oh you silly poors, six hundred dollars is a *lot* of money if you invest it wisely and NO WAIT NOT LIKE THAT HOLY SHIT NO STOP WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!?"

Well shit. This was a throwaway gag that became a thing.

Can any of you fine people tell me where to put my money now that Robin Hood has gone full Sherrif of Nottingham?"

Tweet (Whitepilled Will):

"“Free Market” = rigged market for Wall St.

“Robinhood” = stealing from peasants to give to the rich

“Free Speech” = censorship and deplatforming

“Democracy” = rule by small minority of connected donors

Everywhere you look in America, it’s the opposite of what it claims to be." 

Tweet (Keith Woods):
"Gabriel Plotkin - Melvin Capital CEO
Steven Cohen - Point72 CEO (bailed out Melvin)
Adena Friedman - Nasdaq CEO 
Elad Roisman - SEC Chairman
Janet Yellen - Secretary of the Treasury
Ryan Cohen - Investor who sparked GME surge and made over $3 billion
George Sherman - Gamestop CEO"
Tweet (Judge):
"It's weird when you criticize:

*Hedge fund billionaires
*the Press
*Biden's cabinet
*Billionaire donor class
*Vulture capitalists
*Foreign war hawks get accused of anti-semitism for some reason"
Based! tweets by Striker:
"I have a a non-racial critique of capitalism as a system. This is not only reconcilable with a critique of Jewish power, it explains it.

A purely economic critique of Wall Street doesn't explain how a single hedge fund is able to quickly mobilize the media, anti-racist activists, all tech companies, competing hedge funds, the government, etc to crush an emerging and seemingly isolated challenge."
Tweet (6'3", 81 IQ, 5G Respecter):
">locked down in their homes
>businesses destroyed
>can't get another $2,000 from Congress
>arresting people for memes
>wealth disparity ballooning
>trying to shut down GME attack on shorts

It's like they want 1789"
Tweet (Tony Hovater) (yes! - Cohen - Cohen! - wanted to chat, honest working man to honest working man - "I'm just trying to make a living just like you."):
""I'm merely an honest working man just like you. Would you persecute me for making a living(14.1 billion?)""
Tweet (Ned Kelly):
"The stock market actually is a merely a casino where the hedge funds are supposed to win and retail is supposed to lose

What's happened here is that retail forgot that their role is to lose, and now the oligarchy is attempting to remind them of their job. Won't work"
It looks very much like Robinhood was set up just for this very eventuality, to bail (((hedge funds))) out of a short squeeze.

Tweet (6'3", 81 IQ, 5G Respecter):
""Epstein killed himself"
"Biden laptop story isn't newsworthy"
"We had to stop counting votes because a pipe burst""
Guess (((whose side))) (((Ben Shapiro))) is on!

Tweets regarding the woke left taking the side of the hedge funds over the 'Nazis'.

Tweet (Ryan James Girdusky):
"Hiding neoliberals, corporatists, and warhawks behind intersectionality is the lefts favorite pastime"
Tweet (Jack Posobiec):
"Janet Yellen’s millions in speaking fees from Wall Street"
Tweet (Jack Posobiec):
"Biden admin caught totally flat-footed. Psaki just asked about GameStop Rebellion and had no real answer. Punted to SEC statement. They are in the pocket of the suits. Yellen took the money."
Tweet (Jessica Grace):
":Janet Yellen accepted $810,000 in speaking fees from Citadel, owner of Robinhood. 

Reporter: Are there any plans to recuse herself from advising the President on GameStop and Robinhood situation?

Psaki: ‘No and she’s an expert and deserves that money.’"
"GameStop Short Sell Firm Citadel Paid Biden’s Treasury Secretary $MILLIONS." (Winters).  Incredible, unbelievable, mind-boggling levels of shithole country corruption.

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"Literally the world's dumbest fucking people - the absolute dumbest, can't get dumber - are those who don't just claim but really believe Wall St. firms pay powerful politicians gigantic sums for banal 45 minute speeches because they want their wisdom rather than their servitude:"
"You Can’t Make This Up: Disgraced Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s Wife, Melissa Hodgman, Named Acting Director of the Division of Enforcement for the SEC" (Hoft).  Her job, naturally, will be to hunt down and crush the frogs so harshly that nobody will dare challenge (((our natural masters))) ever again.

Tweet (Dan Price):
"Think GameStop is wild? Wait 'til you see what the financial industry did to retirement accounts for teachers, nurses, police, firefighters and factory workers in 2008.

Their punishment? 0 jail time, big bailout, and a huge new revenue stream: cheap houses to buy and rent out."
"Suck It, Wall Street" (Taibbi):
"The episode prompted calls to regulate Reddit and, finally, halt action on the disputed stocks. As I write this, word has come out that platforms like Robinhood and TD Ameritrade are curbing trading in GameStop and several other companies, including Nokia and AMC Entertainment holdings. 
Meaning: just like 2008, trading was shut down to save the hides of erstwhile high priests of “creative destruction.” Also just like 2008, there are calls for the government to investigate the people deemed responsible for unapproved market losses.
The acting head of the SEC said the agency was “monitoring” the situation, while the former head of its office of Internet enforcement, John Stark, said, “I can’t imagine there isn’t an open investigation and probably a formal order to find out who’s on these message boards.” Georgetown finance professor James Angel lamented, “it’s going to be hard for the SEC to find blatant manipulation,” but they “owe it to look.” The Washington Post elaborated: 
To establish manipulation that runs afoul of securities laws, Angel said regulators would need to prove traders engaged in “an intentional act to push a price away from its fundamental value to seek a profit.” In market parlance, this is typically known as a pump-and-dump scheme…
Even Nancy Pelosi, when asked about “manipulation” and “what’s going on on Wall Street right now,” said “we’ll all be reviewing it,” as if it were the business of congress to worry about a bunch of day traders cashing in for once."
This should have been the most educational few days in American history.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Something absurd

"The People vs. Wall Street." (Saul):

"Now consider this: Gabe Plotkin, the hedge fund investor behind Melvin Capital, is one of the best in the game. He recently bought a $32.2 million mansion with nine bedrooms after overseeing 30% average yearly returns at Melvin Capital. He joined Melvin in 2013, after paying a $1.3 billion fine and pleading guilty to insider trading at his previous gig with SAC Capital. When Melvin Capital was getting bulldozed by Reddit, SAC Capital injected them with cash. So did Citadel, the hedge fund that is currently benefiting from the pause in trading on Robinhood. 

“Robinhood was never what it pretended to be,” Gemini CEO Tyler Winklevoss said. “It built its business on selling Wall Street Bets order flow to the hedge fund Citadel. In the moment of truth, we learned which customer it cares about the most.”

How might you feel if you were someone who had lost their house in the 2008 financial crisis that was manufactured by these same kinds of institutional, big-money investors, then spent 12 years watching those same investors skate around scot-free, and then made a few thousand dollars on a miraculous, speculative trade — only to be told what you were doing was actually bad now, maybe even illegal, and perhaps required punitive measures?

How is it possible to examine this and not see the obvious fault lines — the many vs. the few, the populist vs. the establishment, The People vs. Wall Street?

Something absurd happened this week."
"The System Is Rigged - Episode 4537: Game Stop Corp" (Moon).

Added:  tweets by Justin Kan.  Citadel is looking like the big villain/criminal.  The Robinhood name now has new meaning, and the Citadel and Robinhood people should all be in jail.

Added:  tweet (Tyler Winklevoss):
"Who made the call to @RobinhoodApp this morning? People deserve to know."
Reply (Yakes):
"The white house did"

Shady links

Somebody - State Department, CIA? - is really pouring money into the Epoch Times, which is starting to present itself, and be presented, as a legitimate news organization, and not just a Chinese-government-hating cult of fruitcakes (similar in many ways to the MEK):  "NY Times’ pseudo-expert accusing China of genocide worked for publicity arm of far-right cult Falun Gong" (Norton).

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald) (Robinhood could lose a lot of its customer base, hopefully very fast):

"French court orders Hassan Diab to stand trial in terrorism case, 3 years after he was set free" (Cochrane).  Hopeless (((corruption))) in the French 'justice' system.  I'm hoping Canada won't extradite (at least until the big bags of shekels arrive).

"Why Biden installing Obama-era hawks in senior roles and preparing to fire up the War Machine again is very bad news for Syrians" (beeley).

Tweet (Aaron Maté):
"If you’re going to try to impugn people like Jimmy & Tulsi, doesn’t help your case to invoke an example where they were vindicated. This claim of a “red-brown alliance” indeed fits right in: it’s bullshit."
It is starting to look like one single War For The Jews - Afghanistan or Yemen, probably, with Yemen the best bet - will be put on hold, as a sop to the Jew haters/lovers of peace, to allow for full speed ahead on all the others, including, of course, WWIII.

"The Angry Arab: Machinations in the Gulf":
"Biden pledged to seek accountability and that won’t be easy to reverse, despite Biden’s long career of support for Arab despots.  Most likely, Biden will support the replacement of MbS with another prince. Former Crown Prince Muhammad bin Nayif remains a favorite of the D.C. security and intelligence establishment. 
But the rehabilitation of MbS is not out the question, especially if he were to follow in Sadat’s footsteps by addressing the Israeli Knesset."
Tweet (Keith Woods):
"Nancy Pelosi bought TESLA stock right before they announced Electronic Vehicle subsidies were in the legislative agenda.

But they want you to get outraged that some forum users beat the insiders at their own game."
"Signal, the ‘encrypted messenger of the future,’ has shady links to US national security interests" (Klarenberg).  When you decide to use any of these products, you have to decide which intelligence operation you would prefer to snoop on you.

"Merrick Garland Wants Former Facebook Lawyer to Top Antitrust Division" (Grim/Dayan).  Part of a series of mind-boggling examples of corruption in the Biden Administration involving the 'regulation' of Big Tech.  It's shithole country tier stuff.

For the feeble minded

The outrageous memer prosecution, the Black-Epstein Apollo story (much worse than you thought/have been instructed to believe), the wailing by the hedge fund crooks subject to Crimes of Financial Genocide - Holocaust II, the Short Squeeze, with only one way out, the bombing of the railway lines to the crematoria, caused by Gamestock issuing more stock, for a pretty price - who have shekeled the entire political class for Wars For The Jews (and coming restrictions on trading to protect their illegal insider trading manipulations, not to mention Deplatforming For The Jews), and the amazing complete retraction of the Khazar Biden functionary/AIPAC story, on comically bogus grounds, are all happening at the same time, so even the slowest of us can catch up.  Tweet (Keith Woods):

"They have rigged everything, silenced dissent with tech censorship and financial deplatforming, rigged the economy with insider trading, rigged democracy with lobbying and mass immigration, and they'll tell you with a straight face that racist rednecks are the problem."

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Free Ricky Vaughn

"Social Media Influencer Charged with Election Interference Stemming from Voter Disinformation Campaign" 

Tweet (Michael Tracey):

"Democrats have only controlled the government for a week and pro-Trump online trolls are already being indicted for criminal "conspiracies" involving the posting of memes on Twitter in 2016"

Killary remembers everything!

Cyber spy spy

Tweet (David Corn):

"SCOOP!! Top Biden cybersecurity aide donated (via a foundation) over $500,000 to AIPAC while she was an NSA official. Should a top US intel official be giving money to a group aligned with a foreign gov't? NSC won't answer that. Please read and RT." 

Anne Neuberger.  Deputy national security adviser for cyber and emerging technology on the National Security Council, a swell spot for an Israeli spy/asset, were she to be one.

Added:  tweet (Savvy & Realistic Democrat):
"Absolutely right and we’d of course say the same about an official who gave half a mil to an Iranian or Saudi lobbying group"


Tweet (Stephen Kinzer):

"The mendacious hypocrisy of regime-change lobby Human Rights Watch has robbed the once-inspirational phrase “human rights” of all its meaning. Now when people abroad hear that US human rights activists are on the way, they have to worry that a coup or war is being plotted." 

From 2019: "Accelerationism: the obscure idea inspiring white supremacist killers around the world" (Beauchamp).  It is curious how they would think that killing random people in a mosque, synagogue or black church would actually help their cause.  Seems like a waste of good bullets.

"Israeli Health Minister likens his obligation to vaccinate Palestinians to taking ‘care of dolphins in the Mediterranean’" (Weiss).  "To justify broken bones, Israeli occupation police prevent Palestinian workers from appearing in court".  Seems odd, but the victims were Supreme Beings as well:  "Israel extradites woman wanted for sex crimes to Australia".  "700,000 Israeli settlers and the two-state illusion" (Ofir).

"Cristiano Ronaldo rejects $6m-a-year deal to promote Saudi Arabian tourism: Report".  Ronaldo isn't a great guy, so this is a reflection that MbS has become completely toxic.

"Egypt’s suicidal state" (Diab).

"Narendra Modi is pushing Indian society to the brink" (Roy).

"Pompeo’s Last Stand" (Giraldi).  How much harm can one Fat Fuck do in a week?

This is the funniest thing I've read this week, especially the explanations and lists of 'sponsors':  "Who were the Jews pardoned by Trump in his final days in office?"

Tweet (Future American Refugee) (I don't want to be cruel, but that was doggerel, no?):
"A girl who writes shitty poetry who everyone humors because she’s black vs a guy who killed 2 pedophiles"
"It Seems YouTube is Taking Censorship to Next Level by Scrubbing ‘Dislikes’ from Biden Videos" (Becker).  This guy has an entire news site all written by him.

"The New National American Elite" (Lind):
"More and more Americans are figuring out that “wokeness” functions in the new, centralized American elite as a device to exclude working-class Americans of all races, along with backward remnants of the old regional elites. In effect, the new national oligarchy changes the codes and the passwords every six months or so, and notifies its members through the universities and the prestige media and Twitter. America’s working-class majority of all races pays far less attention than the elite to the media, and is highly unlikely to have a kid at Harvard or Yale to clue them in. And non-college-educated Americans spend very little time on Facebook and Twitter, the latter of which they are unlikely to be able to identify—which, among other things, proves the idiocy of the “Russiagate” theory that Vladimir Putin brainwashed white working-class Americans into voting for Trump by memes in social media which they are the least likely American voters to see.

Constantly replacing old terms with new terms known only to the oligarchs is a brilliant strategy of social exclusion. The rationale is supposed to be that this shows greater respect for particular groups. But there was no grassroots working-class movement among Black Americans demanding the use of “enslaved persons” instead of “slaves” and the overwhelming majority of Americans of Latin American descent—a wildly homogenizing category created by the U.S. Census Bureau—reject the weird term “Latinx.” Woke speech is simply a ruling-class dialect, which must be updated frequently to keep the lower orders from breaking the code and successfully imitating their betters."
"A Democratic National Treasure: The Saga of Nancy Pelosi’s Laptop" (South Front).  Still mysteriously missing (I hope Putin has it, and is reading her list of favorite ice creams).

Army of Peace

"What Did Jeffrey Epstein Do for His Money?" (Sailer).  Sailer's complete shtick is that he is smarter than everybody else, including those too dumb to grasp scientific racism, but he predictably goes full retard when he hits the JQ.  The comments straighten him out. 

Speaking of the JQ, here's a tweet mocking the mindset of (((what))) we are up against (insane doesn't begin to cover it):  tweet (Striker):

"Hedge Funds, NGOs, Billionaires and media moguls of the world UNITE!"

""Iron Gulf": Israel's Iron Dome Systems To Be Deployed At US Bases In Persian Gulf" (Durden).  Yes!  I wonder how much they are paying Israel for this, after already having paid once (paying again was too outrageous even for the Trump Administration, but (((times))) have changed).  A system that doesn't work is as perfect for US bases as it is for Khazaria itself.

It is 'antisemitic' to suggest that Israel need to fulfil its minimal obligations under international law and vaccinate Palestinians.

"Biden administration’s coercive Iran policy threatens a serious new regional crisis" (Porter).  The (((plan))), goyim!  WWIII is going to be so wonderful!  Porter, by focusing on negotiation strategies, side-steps the real issue, which is the JQ, and the need for WWIII, with a Biden cabinet chock full of Khazars.  "The US and Israel Playing their Cards in the Middle East" (Miskin) ("their filthy terrorist activities").

Lang reads Webb.

"Brazil's world-beating data breach" (Doctorow).

This is so full of Barry-worship, TDS, and Assholian imperialist China bashing, that it is close to unhinged, and it is by McCoy, so you can see just how bad things really are!:  "That Time when America was a Superpower before Trump surrendered to China".

"Biden’s Interventionist Agenda" (Lendman).

"Despite His Attempt to Tie MAGA to Anti-Semitism, Biden Will Preserve Trump’s “Israel First” Legacy " (Diego).

"Poor nations left reeling after Bill Gates advised Oxford to ditch open source COVID vaccine" (MacLeod).

All the reporting on the death of Biden's complete legislative agenda - except, of course, for military funding, and Wars For The Jews - states that Mitch 'caved'!:  "McConnell Caves On Preserving Filibuster After Two Democrats Signal 'No' On Eliminating" (Durden).

Shithole country:  "Nancy And Paul Pelosi Bought More Than $1 Million In Tesla, Disney And Apple Calls In December" (Durden):

"Obviously, the call option purchases are worth noting - not only because they are leveraged investments and are far more risky than buying outright stock - but because the Speaker now clearly has a vested interest in the success of names like Tesla, whose trajectories as public companies can be altered drastically by government decisions. "

"After COVID, Davos Moves to The “Great Reset”" (Engdahl).  Same shit, new packaging.  'Reset' is terrible marketing.  If we need a reset, a reset from what?  Oh, the system set up by the same guys selling the reset!

"How Not to Help the Russian Opposition" (Robinson).  Navalny is disposable, and not a sound possible alternative for Russia, so they are hoping to provoke the Russians to treat him as harshly as possible.  He's more valuable with a long jail term.


Navalny works, literally, from a western script:  "Oligarchy in Russia – Alexei Navalny’s Telling Mistake" (Helmer).

(((History))) keeps repeating:  "The Deplatforming of Father Coughlin" (Doherty):

"On Sept. 17, 1939, shortly after the outbreak of war in Europe, Coughlin crossed the line from insult to incitement. He urged his followers to organize “an army of peace” and march on Washington to protest any change in the neutrality laws that would permit FDR to aid European democracies in the path of the Nazi blitzkrieg. Anti-Nazi groups called on the FCC to stop the priest’s “use of the airwaves for the purpose of inciting the American people to riot and civil war.” Coughlin, said the Friends of Democracy of New York, was “an enemy of democracy, a disciple of fascism, an advocate of violence, and a purveyor of racial hatred.”

Finally, on Oct. 1, 1939, the National Association of Broadcasters, representing 428 member stations, none of whom wanted to run afoul of the FCC, decided to pull the plug. The group acted under the authority of a new “controversial issue clause” mandating stricter standards of “social responsibility” in the medium. Basically, it meant that broadcasters could not sell airtime for divisive religious or political commentary. The language had been written into the NAB’s Code of Ethics with Coughlin specifically in mind. If the priest confined his sermons to “purely theological issues,” he might still be allowed to purchase airtime, but the doctrine of transubstantiation was never his preferred topic.

After the NAB edict, Coughlin’s syndicated network fell apart. In September 1940, with only two major stations broadcasting the voice that had once rung out coast to coast, Coughlin announced in Social Justice that “men powerful in radio and other activities” who had “long wished to silence him” had succeeded in doing the devil’s business. In a prophetic choice of words, he charged “virtual censorship.” The church hierarchy ordered him to return to his ministry in Royal Oak, where he spoke only from the pulpit. He retired in 1966 and died in 1979. 

Outside of a core of loyal supporters at home and in Germany, Coughlin’s permanent hiatus from the airwaves went unlamented. “Yes,” admitted Variety in September 1940, “radio `conspired’ against Coughlin. It was a conspiracy of self-defense, a conspiracy to stop free speech from running amok.”"

Tweet (Dimitri Lascaris):
"A panel led by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt held a mere two days of public discussion before concluding that it is a “moral imperative” for the world’s greatest purveyor of violence to develop autonomous weapons powered by artificial intelligence."
"Drug smuggler linked to Canadian Hells Angels gets last-minute pardon from Donald Trump" (Edwards). Part of the Khazar pardon-for-shekels assembly line.  It's hilarious (My emphasis in red):
"Braun’s lawyer — Alan Dershowitz — who was a part of Trump’s legal team at his first impeachment hearing, did not return calls from the Star.

Braun’s sentence was commuted by Trump on Jan. 19, the last full day of his presidency.

He was convicted after federal prosecutors said Braun operated the ring between November 2007 and mid-2010, smuggling more than $1.7 billion of marijuana south from Canada into New York State.

In her lawsuit filed last June, James alleges Braun told business owners who were behind in their loan payments things like “I will take your daughters from you,” “I know where you live. I know where mother lives,” “I am going to make you bleed” and “Be thankful you’re not in New York, because your family would find you floating in the Hudson.”

James called Braun’s lending business “predatory” and said it “threatened violence and kidnapping” while charging annual interest rates of up to 4,000 per cent.“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, so it is unconscionable that these modern-day loan sharks not only preyed on hardworking business owners with fake loans, but threatened violence and kidnapping,” James said in a prepared statement.

As Braun awaited sentencing in the marijuana smuggling case, Braun’s legal counsel reportedly told court that he had found work “as a manager and risk analyst at a private lending company.”"

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Today is September 10

"Xi reads the Multilateral Riot Act at Davos" (Escobar).  If these Davos Men had any shame they would never be able to show their faces in public, let alone tell us what our lives are all going to be like.  It's Xi versus the asshats who ran the western world into the ground pretending to fight the pandemic.  It is not a difficult choice.  

"Assassination Politics" (Bell).  More relevant than ever, especially in a blockchain world. Note what they did to Bell for this.

"The “Privacy Poor” vs. “Privacy Rich” in a “Digital Bastille”. The “Death of Privacy” under the Helm of the World Economic Forum (WEF)" (Willers)

"The Blob Is Addicted To Overseas Interventions" (Bandow).

"The Vicious Cycle Of Middle Eastern “Diplomacy”" (South Front):

"The situation in the Middle East is in a sort of vicious cycle. Israel targets reported Iranian positions throughout Syria. Tehran then responds by targeting Israel’s allies through its proxies.

Neither of the sides directly targets each other, at least not yet. Tel Aviv has even vowed to carry out a strike on Iran’s nuclear program if the Biden Administration rejoins the Iran Nuclear Deal. In own turn, Iran seems to be rock-solid to retaliate."

The false-flag casus belli for WWIII is being constructed by the (((usual suspects))) as I type, there will be no (or little) warning, and it will suddenly change everything.  It will need to be something shocking enough that the Euro-trash and the usual lackeys will be able, with a somewhat straight face, to participate in the illegal war, thus providing cover for the Assholian outrages. The (((media))) will be 100% War Talk, and the morans will chant 'USA USA USA'.  Shortly thereafter WWIII, a War For The Jews.

Reckless 'idea'

Keeping herself in the (((news))) and (((tabloids))):  "Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell claims HIS plea deal protects HER from prosecution on sex trafficking charges". 

"Why Apollo’s Palace Coup Against Leon Black and Further Disclosures on Jeffrey Epstein Are Not Reassuring" (Smith).  Of course, left out of the discussion, is the fact that (((Black))) was helping to fund almost entirely funding the (((Maxwell-Mossad))) blackmail operation fronted by (((Epstein))), and the 'tax advice' is a rather bad smoke screen.  Also:  "Leon Black Steps Down As Apollo CEO After Review Finds He Paid Jeffrey Epstein $158 Million" (Durden).

"The Political Immortality of Billionaires" (Pizzigati).

Discussion started by Anna Khachiyan on who is funding Navalny.

Tweet (John Pilger) (on famous immunologist/war criminal Tony Blair):

"What is Tony Blair's role in the govt's decision to ignore the science of vaccine trials and delay the second jab? Blair first floated this reckless 'idea' publicly in December. Why? /"

Tweet (Joe Concha):
"Like the campaign, Biden’s staff is choosing which reporters can ask questions instead of the president doing it himself. This continues to be profoundly odd and a painfully obvious attempt to protect him from those suspected of having the audacity to ask a challenging question."
On the coming horror show that is (((Blinken))):  "PATRICK LAWRENCE: Biden is Already Breaking Promises".  It is exactly as if the Fat Fuck went on a big diet and went to finishing school.

Tweet (David Sheen):
"Keep in mind there is no war going on right now, just an ordinary day in Israel to call for genocide: Channel 20 anchor Hallel @/BittonRosen says that to prevent the death of 1 Israeli soldier, the # of enemy forces that should be killed is “10 million!”"
Minority Report:  Comedy Edition:  "Indian Muslim comic in jail for weeks for jokes he did not tell" (Ameen).

"Former casino CEO, actress identified as couple who flew to Yukon, got COVID-19 vaccines" (Hong).  Particularly awful when they are trying to keep the north isolated, as it has not been hit hard due to distance and relative lack of traffic in and out.

Sikh terrorism keeps popping up in Canadian politics:  "MP removed from Liberal caucus over allegedly 'dangerous' accusations about colleagues" (Aiello).

"Iraqi group claiming to be new militia says it was behind attack on Riyadh" (Tollast).  Strong anti-Iran slant from the Emirates.

"Trump's Unpardonable Pardons" (Giraldi).

"Dershowitz persuaded Trump to let the Israeli billionaire, Dan Gertler, loot DR Congo again" (North).  From his picture, I think Gertler might be the Missing Link.  Imagine him holding a banana.

"With Likely Victory of Andrés Arauz, Ecuador Will Join Latin America’s Anti-Imperialist Surge" (MacLeod).  Slowly but surely the world is straightening itself out.

"BP's oil exploration team swept aside in climate revolution" (Rothsheilds).  No need for new product as the old product sits in storage and electric vehicles and renewable sources of energy keep coming.

"Twitter Censors Anti-Murderist for Citing Science" (Sailer).  Actually, I'm astounded this is the first time this has happened.  Also:  tweet (Sean Davis):
"If you accurately note that Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos doesn’t want Amazon to be subject to a mail-in union election because of the likelihood of fraud and coercion, Twitter will censor you. Check out the warning on the below tweet. Completely insane."

Monday, January 25, 2021


"Internecine and Existential Struggles in a Transformed World" (Crooke) (a well put critique of the our-way-or-the-highway Dems; read the whole thing):

"The American polity has fractured. After thirty-years’ involvement in conflicts in polarised societies, I have witnessed directly that the condition, primus inter pares, for any political ‘coming together’, is the acknowledgement, on both sides, that whilst ‘one party’ may adamantly refuse the narrative of the ‘other’; may additionally view it as historically untrue; and reject it utterly as a vision for the future, that until both accept that the others’ narrative (whether ‘true’ or not) is authentic to their community, politics simply is not possible. There is no ‘coming together’. (It took four years to reach this point between the sides in Northern Ireland – when both could say, I disagree completely, but I now accept that constitutes ‘their truth’).

The Blue State is taking the opposite path: It wants to crush utterly the narratives of Libertarianism and of Red’s desire to recover the Republican ethos, by claiming that truth, facts and science itself belong to the Blues alone. Biden’s entry therefore, will likely be as disruptive as was the last era. This route will likely fracture the GOP, and possibly in due course, the Democrats too – as its ‘progressive wing’ deems the Trumpist ‘other’ to be so morally flawed, contemptible and illegitimate, that just picking-up where Obama left-off, constitutes a wholly inadequate response."

Wealth cap

"Open letter from Honduran activist to Biden" (Pagoada-Quesada).

Greenwald-Yglesias cancel-culture fistfight, somewhere randomly on Twitter.

"Dominion Voting Sues Rudy Giuliani Over Election Claims" (Durden).  How could anyone defend themselves without seeing Dominion's source code?

Tweets by Mohamed Elmaazi on Joshua Schulte.

"New START Survives" (Larison).  Biden can do this without fear of being mocked as kissing his boyfriend Putin.

"Biden Administration Vows to Consult with Israel on ‘All’ Regional Issues".  'Consult' = 'obtain prior written permission for'.

"When police kill a settler, settlers rain terror on Palestinians" (Noy).  Tweets by David Sheen.

The loons who run Alberta - who are at the steal-everything-that-is-not-nailed-down-for-our-cronies stage of governing, after gambling big on a cancelled pipeline - have really fucked themselves, and the province (and the planet):  tweet (jann arden) (Arden):

"ALBERTANS need to realize- that they and every single one of their descendants— that will ever set foot on this planet, will gaze upon gaping holes and destroyed mountains and slag heaps and they will drink poisoned water and there is nothing that will ever repair the damage."

"Former Israeli army spy recruited by Labour should feel right at home" (Cook) (it is professional help for the 'cleansing', goyim!; note also the connections to Shai Masot, of the Al Jazeera movie fame):

"The revelation this week that the British Labour Party recently appointed a former Israeli military spy to work in its headquarters, reporting to the office of leader Keir Starmer, is truly extraordinary in many different regards.

It is hard to believe the Labour leadership did not know who Assaf Kaplan was or appreciate the likely backlash to placing someone with his background in charge the party’s social media work. That may explain the continuing reluctance from the Labour leadership to comment.

In his online CV, Kaplan had drawn attention to his years spent in the notorious Israeli military intelligence unit 8200, which has a long and ugly record of surveilling Palestinians.

One of the unit’s main tasks, highlighted by a group of whistleblowers in 2014 and widely publicised in the British media, is to gain damaging information to blackmail individual Palestinians. They are then threatened into collaborating with Israel’s military authorities against fellow Palestinians.

Unit 8200 is the lynchpin of Israel’s success in maintaining its 54-year occupation, by engineering a policy of divide-and-rule among Palestinians and foiling any efforts they make to liberate themselves from Israeli oppression.

If Labour officials did not know the significance of Unit 8200, or how the invitation of a former Israeli “military intelligence officer” into Labour headquarters would look to swaths of party members, that in itself is an indictment."

Tweet (Whitepilled Will) ("antisemitic conspiracy"):

"Virtually every country outside the West recognizes this reality. Even America admits to its truth by the fact that you cannot openly say it without incurring social, politcal, or financial retribution."

Mythological Biden-Zuck rift:  "Zuckerberg's Biden problem" (Clayton).

"Sen. Josh Hawley: It’s Time To Stand Up Against The Muzzling of America" ('Hunter Wallace') (the article):
"I don’t want to hear “repeal Section 230” anymore. That’s not an adequate response to the concentrated political, economic and cultural power wielded by the tech oligarchy. 

Confiscate their wealth.

Propose a wealth cap of $50 million to abolish oligarchs.

Nationalize, break up or regulate these corporations like AT&T."

Old Tweets

""Pravda-Level Propaganda" - WaPo Quietly Tries To Memory-Hole Kamala Harris' "Joke" About Starving Inmates" (Durden). Shouldn't the 'editor' who sanitized President Harris be fired on the same basis as whichever 'journalist' was fired by the JYT?

Tweet (Joe Meadors):

"2/3 Without fear of contradiction I can confidently say that every Member of Congress during and since the attack have held the position that @Israel is allowed to commit War Crimes against the United States with impunity and without remorse."

It is no wonder the Khazars ordered their lackey Trump to murder him:  "Nasrallah: ‘It was Iran’s Soleimani who convinced Putin to enter Syria war’":
". . . (the Russians) were concerned about this decision (intervention in Syria) as it could either be a risky step that was doomed to fail, or one that might achieve success. As a result, it was not a political discussion that would convince (Putin) but rather a military discussion.

At the time, after coordination between Iran and Russia, our brother Hajj Qassim (Soleimani) went to Moscow and met with President Putin for two hours – the length of the meeting is important. A number of relevant military, security and political officials were present (at the meeting as well). Hajj (Qassim) told me this (information) himself…(I heard this) directly from him, not through word of mouth. He said, “I spread the maps out on the table and (started talking about): the current situation, our location/positions (and by ‘our’ he means the Syrian army and all its allies), the location/positions of the armed groups, the opportunities for (military) action, and the chances of success”.

(In this meeting) he (Soleimani) presented a (comprehensive) strategic report to (Putin) on the situation in Syria and the region, (and explained) the proposed idea and the expected results. Of course, (in the meeting) he used a scientific, objective, military and battlefield language, (and based his statements) on maps, land areas, numbers and statistics. At this meeting, President Putin said to Hajj (Qassim): “I am convinced”, and the decision (for a Russian military effort in Syria) was made. This what I heard from Hajj Soleimani, and it is (now) well-known by everyone." 
I am afraid we're going to have to suffer through a period of Big Tech tyranny, as there is literally nobody to stop them:  "Facebook escalates attack on socialist left" (Statement of the Socialist Equality Party).

Seriously, stop!:  "Stop saying "it's not censorship if it's not the government"" (Doctorow).

"“Aid and Comfort” To the Enemy: Speaker Pelosi Ramps Up Attacks On Republican Colleagues Amidst Calls For Expulsions" (Turley).  The original story that various Republicans were giving recon tours to the Capitol tourists/insurgents:  "Rep. Mikie Sherrill says Congress members gave 'reconnaissance' tours day before Capitol raid" (Katzban).  As far as I know, there is no evidence for this.  It makes no sense as the tourism was clearly unplanned, and depended on the police letting them in.

Tweet (Bryan MacDonald) (related):
"The US government describing the pro-Alexey Navalny protestors in Russia on Saturday as its “allies,” displayed questionable judgment, at best. 
Imagine the US media reaction if Putin had said the Washington 'Capitol' rioters were Russia's allies, to get some idea of why."
"Foreign States Are "Clearly Behind" Pro-Navalny Rallies, Say Russian Lawmakers" (Durden).  A ridiculous attempt at a color revolution is still a color revolution.  One of the most interesting things in the dynamic, as we've seen clearly in recent days, is that Assholia is particularly subject to a similar reverse attack, and it won't need any outside 'help'.  

"A Classic Example of Biased Political Reporting" (O'Neill).  Whatever happens, 'journalists' are ready to explain it all for you.

Russia '96 wasn't a color revolution, from a dip who would know:  "1996 Election – the Americans Didn’t Elect Yeltsin" (Armstrong).  Part II, including the idea that Yeltsin was a necessary step in leading to today's Russian success.

"The Massive and Unseen Costs of America’s Post-9/11 Wars at Home and Abroad" (Mazzarino).

"Farmers’ Protests Reflect Existential Crisis of Indian Agriculture" (Todhunter).

"Mysterious Group Claims Responsibility for Recent Attack on Saudi Capital" (South Front).  I will not be surprised in the least if something happens in the next year or so in Saudi Arabia resulting in the sudden but peaceful replacement of MbS.

"Iran Will Reportedly Issue Seven Demands to President Biden Before Re-Entering Nuclear Deal Talks" (Dunn):
"Fifthly, concerns over other regional states must be discussed as a separate matter, and not included in the negotiations over nuclear enrichment. The next point is said to be that despite not being willing to discuss its missile system, Iran would find it acceptable to talk about arms control on a regional level with United Nations supervision, raising particular concern over Israel’s missiles and illegally-held nuclear stockpile. 
Finally, Iran will not allow a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine, and instead demands a UN referendum that includes Jewish Israelis and Palestinians over the “land” issue. No further details on the content of the potential referendum were outlined, according to the report."
Research questions from Bronze Age Pervert (the replies to this, and the links in the replies, are worth reading):
"Research questions for antysemytysm "scholars":
1. Why did South Euro nations often have good relations with (often wealthy) Sephards/no property restrictions etc., but imposed these measures later only on Ashk?
2. Why did Sephards and Christians have same stereotypes about Ashk?
Bonus question: what was the cause of the original quarrel between the Ashk and their Roman co-religionists when Ashk communities started to move to Rome/Italy in 1400's? A quarrel that continues today."
The 'Rothschild' Khazars still look upon the 'American' Khazars as nouveau riche trash:  "Olmert: I hate everything Sheldon Adelson loved about Israel - opinion":
"Once, as he arrived at a reception in the White House, he introduced himself to the US president, saying, “I am Sheldon Adelson the Second.” The US president was confused. It is not a Jewish custom to give your son the same name as yourself and then add on “Junior.” 
The president at the time, who knew a little about Jewish tradition, told him, “But Sheldon, I know you. You’re Jewish. What do you mean by Sheldon Adelson the Second?”
According to the president, Adelson said, “I’m the second richest Jew in the world. Next year, I will be Sheldon Adelson the First as the richest Jew in the world.” Adelson never lived to achieve that title."
"Why Israel is a settler-colony" (Winstanley).  Tweet (Friends of Palestine):
"Today, the UAE cabinet has approved setting up an embassy in Tel Aviv.
It will be useful in giving asistance to the morons who come from the Gulf to “Israel” & take videos on how nice the occupation is going on! #Palestine #UAEIsrael #Zionism
The Boss Found Old Tweets