Saturday, January 09, 2021

A risky bet to make

Tweet (Sean Last) (also):

"(1/2) It's hard to tell people that they need be law abiding and fair when opposing a group that steals elections, burns down cities, and censors speech. The left is betting on conservatives, at their core, mostly being cowards. And that may be right, but's a risky bet to make."

Shocking wisdom from the last place you'd expect to see it: "Democrats: Impeachment is a Political Trap" (Judis) (Marshall has been even more intolerable and silly than usual over the 'coup', and I note 'Langley' is demonstrating that he is completely deranged, though it's Peak Irony that he chooses to use CIA creation/asset ISIS as his comparison).  Why would any party newly completely in power allow Trump to suck up all their energy for months?  It would completely derail any chance of making positive change.  Oh wait - that's the reason to do it!  'Sorry, we were too preoccupied by Trump to do any of the things we promised you.'  If they do proceed down this road it will be proof of how scared they really are of Trumpism and its return to power.  On the other hand, Trumpists should welcome it, as, when the Democrats fail, which they will, it will propel the second stage of Trumpism, with the hero rising from the ashes.

More Clarification - WSWS has been horrible on the Capitol tourism incident, certainly because their obsession is seriously threatened by populism, but this is not bad, if you ignore the PR crap, in describing government conspiracies around the set up:  "Details emerge of high-level state involvement in Wednesday’s coup attempt" (London).

Probably not a bad bet to wonder about the guy who seems to be immune from facing consequences:  "Black Lives Matter Organizer Seen Entering Capitol Building with Crowd Is Likely An FBI Agent Provocateur" (Striker).  Although this conveys the FBI propaganda, they are disturbingly open in their admissions of manipulation:  "Domestic Terrorism: A More Urgent Threat, but Weaker Laws" (Rotella).

The political contradictions of SJWism:  "Her Name Was Ashli Babbitt" (Hood).  Shaun King gets it!  Let the spin begin (exactly like the right wing pointing out the irrelevant criminal history of black police shooting victims)!

"Tiananmen Avoided in D.C. as Trump Era Ends" (Luongo):
"I’ve said many times in 2020 that this election was the last chance to keep a lid on their anger. It was, in their minds, their last non-violent way of choosing the rules they lived under.

As long as the results looked even remotely fair they would be willing to accept them and make the best of it. That’s the contract right?

But they would not accept fraud.

Because fraud is theft. And theft is force. Theft is ultimately violence.

So everyone clutching their pearls today over the ‘violence’ of January 6th needs to remember that violence is baked into this story at every level. 
In fact, the worst pearl clutchers are the ones whose power is most threatened, i.e. Congress, and the cowards unwilling to stand next to those facing them down."
Tweet (Ali Abunimah) (the blatant power grabs by the bad guys are the most enlightening 'responses' to the incident):
"Twitter is now the world government"
"Trump Tweets From POTUS Account, Tweeted Then Immediately Deletes It" (Durden).  Notable that Google suddenly decided to deplatform Parler.  If Trump decides to move to a different platform, assuming there is still one available (maybe a Russian one!), he would single-handedly break the (((monopoly))) control of information.

Smartest quick take I've yet read (this is probably the stupidest outside of SJW circles, although a lot of normally reliable writers seem completely unable to grasp the reality of the political stunt that has occurred):  "The Five Crises of the American Regime" (Lind).  Just read the whole thing, there is no filler.  Lind roots the Capitol tourism incident in much deeper problems with the whole country, problems which Trump seemed aware of, with this seeming awareness being the basis of his popularity (although he notably didn't do anything about them).

Classic color revolution analysis:  "Analyzing The MAGA Movement's Democratic Security Failure" (Korybko).

"Anarcho-Tyranny in Arkansas" (Kumar) (r/greentext).  "The Boot Is Coming Down Hard And Fast" (Johnstone) (also) (also) (also).  Moving from the War On Terror to the War On Domestic Terror - btw, the ultimate in 'blowback' - is moving from being an international bully to becoming a full-fledged police state, and Biden's just the guy to do it.
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