Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Army of Peace

"What Did Jeffrey Epstein Do for His Money?" (Sailer).  Sailer's complete shtick is that he is smarter than everybody else, including those too dumb to grasp scientific racism, but he predictably goes full retard when he hits the JQ.  The comments straighten him out. 

Speaking of the JQ, here's a tweet mocking the mindset of (((what))) we are up against (insane doesn't begin to cover it):  tweet (Striker):

"Hedge Funds, NGOs, Billionaires and media moguls of the world UNITE!"

""Iron Gulf": Israel's Iron Dome Systems To Be Deployed At US Bases In Persian Gulf" (Durden).  Yes!  I wonder how much they are paying Israel for this, after already having paid once (paying again was too outrageous even for the Trump Administration, but (((times))) have changed).  A system that doesn't work is as perfect for US bases as it is for Khazaria itself.

It is 'antisemitic' to suggest that Israel need to fulfil its minimal obligations under international law and vaccinate Palestinians.

"Biden administration’s coercive Iran policy threatens a serious new regional crisis" (Porter).  The (((plan))), goyim!  WWIII is going to be so wonderful!  Porter, by focusing on negotiation strategies, side-steps the real issue, which is the JQ, and the need for WWIII, with a Biden cabinet chock full of Khazars.  "The US and Israel Playing their Cards in the Middle East" (Miskin) ("their filthy terrorist activities").

Lang reads Webb.

"Brazil's world-beating data breach" (Doctorow).

This is so full of Barry-worship, TDS, and Assholian imperialist China bashing, that it is close to unhinged, and it is by McCoy, so you can see just how bad things really are!:  "That Time when America was a Superpower before Trump surrendered to China".

"Biden’s Interventionist Agenda" (Lendman).

"Despite His Attempt to Tie MAGA to Anti-Semitism, Biden Will Preserve Trump’s “Israel First” Legacy " (Diego).

"Poor nations left reeling after Bill Gates advised Oxford to ditch open source COVID vaccine" (MacLeod).

All the reporting on the death of Biden's complete legislative agenda - except, of course, for military funding, and Wars For The Jews - states that Mitch 'caved'!:  "McConnell Caves On Preserving Filibuster After Two Democrats Signal 'No' On Eliminating" (Durden).

Shithole country:  "Nancy And Paul Pelosi Bought More Than $1 Million In Tesla, Disney And Apple Calls In December" (Durden):

"Obviously, the call option purchases are worth noting - not only because they are leveraged investments and are far more risky than buying outright stock - but because the Speaker now clearly has a vested interest in the success of names like Tesla, whose trajectories as public companies can be altered drastically by government decisions. "

"After COVID, Davos Moves to The “Great Reset”" (Engdahl).  Same shit, new packaging.  'Reset' is terrible marketing.  If we need a reset, a reset from what?  Oh, the system set up by the same guys selling the reset!

"How Not to Help the Russian Opposition" (Robinson).  Navalny is disposable, and not a sound possible alternative for Russia, so they are hoping to provoke the Russians to treat him as harshly as possible.  He's more valuable with a long jail term.


Navalny works, literally, from a western script:  "Oligarchy in Russia – Alexei Navalny’s Telling Mistake" (Helmer).

(((History))) keeps repeating:  "The Deplatforming of Father Coughlin" (Doherty):

"On Sept. 17, 1939, shortly after the outbreak of war in Europe, Coughlin crossed the line from insult to incitement. He urged his followers to organize “an army of peace” and march on Washington to protest any change in the neutrality laws that would permit FDR to aid European democracies in the path of the Nazi blitzkrieg. Anti-Nazi groups called on the FCC to stop the priest’s “use of the airwaves for the purpose of inciting the American people to riot and civil war.” Coughlin, said the Friends of Democracy of New York, was “an enemy of democracy, a disciple of fascism, an advocate of violence, and a purveyor of racial hatred.”

Finally, on Oct. 1, 1939, the National Association of Broadcasters, representing 428 member stations, none of whom wanted to run afoul of the FCC, decided to pull the plug. The group acted under the authority of a new “controversial issue clause” mandating stricter standards of “social responsibility” in the medium. Basically, it meant that broadcasters could not sell airtime for divisive religious or political commentary. The language had been written into the NAB’s Code of Ethics with Coughlin specifically in mind. If the priest confined his sermons to “purely theological issues,” he might still be allowed to purchase airtime, but the doctrine of transubstantiation was never his preferred topic.

After the NAB edict, Coughlin’s syndicated network fell apart. In September 1940, with only two major stations broadcasting the voice that had once rung out coast to coast, Coughlin announced in Social Justice that “men powerful in radio and other activities” who had “long wished to silence him” had succeeded in doing the devil’s business. In a prophetic choice of words, he charged “virtual censorship.” The church hierarchy ordered him to return to his ministry in Royal Oak, where he spoke only from the pulpit. He retired in 1966 and died in 1979. 

Outside of a core of loyal supporters at home and in Germany, Coughlin’s permanent hiatus from the airwaves went unlamented. “Yes,” admitted Variety in September 1940, “radio `conspired’ against Coughlin. It was a conspiracy of self-defense, a conspiracy to stop free speech from running amok.”"

Tweet (Dimitri Lascaris):
"A panel led by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt held a mere two days of public discussion before concluding that it is a “moral imperative” for the world’s greatest purveyor of violence to develop autonomous weapons powered by artificial intelligence."
"Drug smuggler linked to Canadian Hells Angels gets last-minute pardon from Donald Trump" (Edwards). Part of the Khazar pardon-for-shekels assembly line.  It's hilarious (My emphasis in red):
"Braun’s lawyer — Alan Dershowitz — who was a part of Trump’s legal team at his first impeachment hearing, did not return calls from the Star.

Braun’s sentence was commuted by Trump on Jan. 19, the last full day of his presidency.

He was convicted after federal prosecutors said Braun operated the ring between November 2007 and mid-2010, smuggling more than $1.7 billion of marijuana south from Canada into New York State.

In her lawsuit filed last June, James alleges Braun told business owners who were behind in their loan payments things like “I will take your daughters from you,” “I know where you live. I know where mother lives,” “I am going to make you bleed” and “Be thankful you’re not in New York, because your family would find you floating in the Hudson.”

James called Braun’s lending business “predatory” and said it “threatened violence and kidnapping” while charging annual interest rates of up to 4,000 per cent.“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, so it is unconscionable that these modern-day loan sharks not only preyed on hardworking business owners with fake loans, but threatened violence and kidnapping,” James said in a prepared statement.

As Braun awaited sentencing in the marijuana smuggling case, Braun’s legal counsel reportedly told court that he had found work “as a manager and risk analyst at a private lending company.”"
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