Monday, January 25, 2021


"Internecine and Existential Struggles in a Transformed World" (Crooke) (a well put critique of the our-way-or-the-highway Dems; read the whole thing):

"The American polity has fractured. After thirty-years’ involvement in conflicts in polarised societies, I have witnessed directly that the condition, primus inter pares, for any political ‘coming together’, is the acknowledgement, on both sides, that whilst ‘one party’ may adamantly refuse the narrative of the ‘other’; may additionally view it as historically untrue; and reject it utterly as a vision for the future, that until both accept that the others’ narrative (whether ‘true’ or not) is authentic to their community, politics simply is not possible. There is no ‘coming together’. (It took four years to reach this point between the sides in Northern Ireland – when both could say, I disagree completely, but I now accept that constitutes ‘their truth’).

The Blue State is taking the opposite path: It wants to crush utterly the narratives of Libertarianism and of Red’s desire to recover the Republican ethos, by claiming that truth, facts and science itself belong to the Blues alone. Biden’s entry therefore, will likely be as disruptive as was the last era. This route will likely fracture the GOP, and possibly in due course, the Democrats too – as its ‘progressive wing’ deems the Trumpist ‘other’ to be so morally flawed, contemptible and illegitimate, that just picking-up where Obama left-off, constitutes a wholly inadequate response."
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