Monday, January 11, 2021


A reminder that the rest of the world has to live in the real world, a world without larping, where the biggest real danger is the psychos in Assholia:  "Capitol Hill violence was not a ‘victory’ for Putin: In reality, Russia fears consequences of ongoing US political instability" (Robinson). 

An attempt to get a Russian in the Capitol Tourism Incident, which backfired (similar).

The crowd chanting 'Hang Mike Pence' while that asshole Pence cowered in the next room is the most heart-warming thing I have heard in quite some time.  Trump is now learning that the shekels he got for hiring Pence weren't worth the eventual inevitable stab in the back.

"Defense Officials Confirm Trump Is Still Commander in Chief, Refuse to Participate in Military Coup to Oust Him" (Jones).

"-UPDATED- Questions About The Chaos At The Capitol That Desperately Need To Be Answered".  This contains the videos of the crowd reacting to stop the agent provocateur from breaking the Capitol window.

Thread by Annibale on the Immacolata Conception coup attempt in Italy in 1970, mysteriously stopped before it could proceed.

This is really something:  "Bye Bye Trumps. Buy Buy Tramps." (Tasrfat).  Israel controls all the conspiracies, and Trump would have been allowed to win had he bombed Iran.

"Dramatically, Trump’s fate prefigures the fate of the entire West. Israel no longer needs you. You are all has-beens. You thought you were winners, and this blinded you to how you lost more with every passing year. In 2016 Israel gave you one last chance. In 2020 it set out to reformat the playing field in its favor when it convinced Trump of the Steal. In exchange it wanted Hezbollah, which meant hitting Iran. Trump didn’t follow through. Patriots strolled through the Capitol, were arrested, did 10 years. The man who they came to defend, spat on their back.

The rest is a shit-show of permanent decline. The pain will be great. There will be no alleviation. Planet Covid Concentration Camp has been set in stone. The revenge for the Holocaust has only started.

Israel had better friends now. They are hooked-nose. They are relatives. You’ve been played for all your worth.

Bye bye tramps."

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