Thursday, January 14, 2021

Criminally insane

Tweet (Michael Tracey):

"Virtually none of the corporate media coverage even bothers to remark on the radicalism of what occurred today. "Snap" impeachment with a total of two hours of debate, charging as a "high crime" that the president engaged in political speech" 

Impeachment used to be a Big Thing, but, thanks to the Democrats, it is now the moral equivalent of getting a parking ticket. 

Even better!:  "Pelosi Names Eric Swalwell As House Impeachment Manager" (Turley).

"Twitter’s Ban on Trump Will Only Deepen the US Tribal Divide" (Cook).  "Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Explains Why Trump Ban Was "Right Decision", Admits It Sets "Dangerous Precedent"" (Durden).  "In "Staggering" Lack Of Self-Awareness, Twitter Lectures Uganda On Principles Of 'Open Internet'" (Durden).  "Censorship and Twitter's Version of the Truth" (Viable Opposition).   Jack is so confident he can't even be bothered to have his PR team write up a coherent response to the criticism.

I'm afraid Trump may have fallen into a complete funk, ashamed of being bested by whoever organized the color revolution, and may not issue any pardons that don't protect himself and his cronies/family.  "The Assange Saga: Practicing Real Journalism Is Criminally Insane" (Escobar).  "Wednesday's Other Story: Taibbi".

"The Lafayette Park Protests And The Revision Of History" (Turley).  Illustrative of the trend amongst woke 'journalists' and the (((media))) that outright lying is fine if it is in advancement of your woke cause.  Of course, as Taibbi points out, actual journalism about anything that counts is now illegal.

"No matter Impeachment 2.0, Trumpism haunts America" (Bhadrakumar).  What to do with the 70 (or so) million?

"Russia Turns Attention To US After Winning Oil War With Saudi Arabia" (Luongo).  "The Empire is losing the energy war" (The Ister).  "The World's Most Controversial Pipeline Project Enters Its Final Phase" (Katuna).  "Germany draws another line in the sand for the US" (Bhadrakumar).  And China!:  "Merkel Accused Of Rushing EU-China Investment Deal As Part Of German Telecoms Quid Pro Quo" (Durden).

From 2019:  "Joe Biden’s Love Affair With the CIA" (Boguslaw).  "RAY McGOVERN: Can Burns Change the CIA?"  Burns is the least awful of Biden appointments, and Burns played a big role in the diplomacy behind the Iran deal.  Sadly, there is no fixing the CIA.

"Washington's New Domestic War" (Viable Opposition):
"Let's close this posting with a few points to ponder. As we know from relatively recent history, governments love to have an excuse to snoop on our private lives and that once the laws are in place to legalize government actions, they are never rescinded. Given the repeated appearance of the "domestic terrorism" narrative over the past year and Joe Biden's referring to the "mob" that "invaded" Capitol Hill as "domestic terrorists", we can pretty much assure ourselves that Washington will be enacting a bill to counter this "threat" at its earliest convenience. As far as what Congress uses to define "domestic terrorism" is pretty much anyone's guess with the strong possibility that "spreading disinformation" and "questioning election outcomes" included among crimes that are part of "domestic terrorism". Additionally, such laws could ultimately be used to quash political viewpoints that are not shared by the ruling party.

By repeatedly floating the "domestic terrorism" mantra and with a severely polarized political reality, the Biden Administration is signalling its intention to further trample on what few civil rights we now have. The events on Capitol Hill will be just the excuse needed.

Remember, one person's terrorist is another person's hero. It's all in your perspective as it has been throughout history."
"The false hope of a Biden presidency" (Allday):
"It should be plainly stated that by any meaningful and honest measure, Biden is a monster who has caused an incalculable amount of suffering over his many decades as a senior official of the US empire. Given the length of Biden’s career, a comprehensive rap sheet requires a book-length study, but his ‘highlights’ include his central role in drafting a number of deeply racist pieces of legislation (including the infamous 1994 Crime Bill) that both exacerbated and consolidated the mass incarceration of Black Americans, and legislation that went on to be passed largely unchanged as the Patriot Act of 2001 that gutted civil liberties in the US; his prominent role in lobbying the Senate and the American public for the war on Iraq as Chairman of the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee; and his ‘unconditional, career-long commitment to Israel’ that has seen him develop close friendships with a number of fellow war criminals including Benjamin Netanyahu and the late Ariel Sharon, at whose funeral he delivered a eulogy. In short, Biden is a racist authoritarian at home and an enthusiastic and unapologetic imperialist abroad. On environmental issues, in spite of the hopes that liberals are already investing in him, Biden is little better. During the campaign he repeatedly announced that he will not ban fracking and his adviser on energy issues, who served as Energy Secretary under Obama, is a notorious lobbyist for the fossil fuel industry. It is alarming to note too that Ezekiel Emanuel, a member of Biden’s recently announced Coronavirus taskforce, has argued that life is not worth living beyond the age of 75."
"Biden Appoints Mideast Advisor Who Resigned Over Trump Syria Withdrawal (DeCamp).  "Tweet (Aaron Maté):
"*humanitarian crises that you helped create/grow (Yemen, Libya, Syria, Gaza)"
"The Role of the Israel Lobby in Jon Ossoff’s Ascendance" (Weir).  Peak JQ.

I guess it doesn't matter as we're all going to die: "Near-Term Covid Analyses Point to Risk of Medical System Breakdown, Other Severe Dislocations" (Smith).
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