Friday, January 15, 2021


Union VP, staunch Obama supporter, dies on January 6 in Washington during the protests, after becoming 'radicalized' (I like how these stories portray becoming a Republican - driven to it by the failure of Democrats to stop the deindustrialization - as the equivalent of joining the KKK):  "How an Alabama man went from Obama supporter to dying in the Capitol insurrection" (Sheets).


"Berlin Clinical Data Confirm Alexei Navalny Had Pancreatitis, Diabetes, Liver Failure, Staphylococcal Infection, Mild Heart Attack – No Novichok Symptoms" (Helmer).  Medical miracle!

Btw, in case, for some crazy (((reason))), you didn't see it in the (((media))), President Jared stole $500,000,000 from the Trump campaign, which was why it was out of money to pay for ads at the end of the campaign.  "Grifting on a Dream" (Gonzalez):

"In early October, amid tight midwestern races, Trump’s campaign pulled $2.5 million in ads from Ohio, $820,000 from ads in Iowa, $2 million in ad buys in Michigan and Wisconsin, and $5 million from its projected fall TV budget in Minnesota. Trump ended up losing three of those five states. 

By late October, the Associated Press reported that records showed “a web of limited liability companies hid more than $356 million in spending from disclosure.” That figure ballooned up from the $170 million reported by the CLC, but it was just the first shading of a much bigger picture.

It appears Parscale took a half-billion-dollar bullet for Kushner and company.

Business Insider reported in late December that Kushner “approved the creation of a campaign shell company that secretly paid the president’s family members and spent almost half of the campaign’s $1.26 billion war chest.” The Insider called the operation a “campaign within a campaign,” lifted from Mitt Romney’s playbook.

A month after Kushner promoted Parscale to campaign manager in February 2018, Trump’s team members met with attorneys at the Jones Day law firm. Among these lawyers were a few who crewed Romney’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, a source told the Insider. They pitched an idea to Parscale based on a pass-through company, American Rambler, used by Romney to purchase campaign TV ads. “One month later, Kushner signed off on a plan to have Trump’s family and campaign staff run the shell company.” As usual, Kushner attempted to create layers between himself and events.

On April 18, 2018, that company, American Made Media Consultants LLC, was formally incorporated in Delaware. Though Parscale has been consistently connected to the company in media reports, Kushner was reportedly the real hand behind the operation."
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