Friday, January 29, 2021

Early, but too late

"Outrage as Panicked Authorities Clamp Down on Robinhood Financial Uprising" (MacLeod).  ""This Is For You, Dad": Redditor Shares Heartbreaking Reason For Destroying Short-Sellers In WSB Raids" (Durden).

 "AIPAC demands NBC retract report on NSC aide who’s a big donor to lobby group– and NBC complies!" (Weiss).

"Blinken Says Iran Must Comply With Nuclear Deal Before the US Does" (DeCamp).  "Iran rejects reversing nuclear steps before US lifts sanctions".  "It’s Still Early, but Signs Point To an Israel-First Biden Presidency" (Peled).

"A Domestic Terrorism Law? War on Dissent Will Proceed Full Speed Ahead" (Giraldi).

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