Thursday, January 28, 2021

For the feeble minded

The outrageous memer prosecution, the Black-Epstein Apollo story (much worse than you thought/have been instructed to believe), the wailing by the hedge fund crooks subject to Crimes of Financial Genocide - Holocaust II, the Short Squeeze, with only one way out, the bombing of the railway lines to the crematoria, caused by Gamestock issuing more stock, for a pretty price - who have shekeled the entire political class for Wars For The Jews (and coming restrictions on trading to protect their illegal insider trading manipulations, not to mention Deplatforming For The Jews), and the amazing complete retraction of the Khazar Biden functionary/AIPAC story, on comically bogus grounds, are all happening at the same time, so even the slowest of us can catch up.  Tweet (Keith Woods):

"They have rigged everything, silenced dissent with tech censorship and financial deplatforming, rigged the economy with insider trading, rigged democracy with lobbying and mass immigration, and they'll tell you with a straight face that racist rednecks are the problem."

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