Friday, January 29, 2021

For some reason

Strap yourselves in, it is going to be a (((bumpy))) ride.

Tweets (The Angry Philosopher On #Stonks):

""Oh you silly poors, six hundred dollars is a *lot* of money if you invest it wisely and NO WAIT NOT LIKE THAT HOLY SHIT NO STOP WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!?"

Well shit. This was a throwaway gag that became a thing.

Can any of you fine people tell me where to put my money now that Robin Hood has gone full Sherrif of Nottingham?"

Tweet (Whitepilled Will):

"“Free Market” = rigged market for Wall St.

“Robinhood” = stealing from peasants to give to the rich

“Free Speech” = censorship and deplatforming

“Democracy” = rule by small minority of connected donors

Everywhere you look in America, it’s the opposite of what it claims to be." 

Tweet (Keith Woods):
"Gabriel Plotkin - Melvin Capital CEO
Steven Cohen - Point72 CEO (bailed out Melvin)
Adena Friedman - Nasdaq CEO 
Elad Roisman - SEC Chairman
Janet Yellen - Secretary of the Treasury
Ryan Cohen - Investor who sparked GME surge and made over $3 billion
George Sherman - Gamestop CEO"
Tweet (Judge):
"It's weird when you criticize:

*Hedge fund billionaires
*the Press
*Biden's cabinet
*Billionaire donor class
*Vulture capitalists
*Foreign war hawks get accused of anti-semitism for some reason"
Based! tweets by Striker:
"I have a a non-racial critique of capitalism as a system. This is not only reconcilable with a critique of Jewish power, it explains it.

A purely economic critique of Wall Street doesn't explain how a single hedge fund is able to quickly mobilize the media, anti-racist activists, all tech companies, competing hedge funds, the government, etc to crush an emerging and seemingly isolated challenge."
Tweet (6'3", 81 IQ, 5G Respecter):
">locked down in their homes
>businesses destroyed
>can't get another $2,000 from Congress
>arresting people for memes
>wealth disparity ballooning
>trying to shut down GME attack on shorts

It's like they want 1789"
Tweet (Tony Hovater) (yes! - Cohen - Cohen! - wanted to chat, honest working man to honest working man - "I'm just trying to make a living just like you."):
""I'm merely an honest working man just like you. Would you persecute me for making a living(14.1 billion?)""
Tweet (Ned Kelly):
"The stock market actually is a merely a casino where the hedge funds are supposed to win and retail is supposed to lose

What's happened here is that retail forgot that their role is to lose, and now the oligarchy is attempting to remind them of their job. Won't work"
It looks very much like Robinhood was set up just for this very eventuality, to bail (((hedge funds))) out of a short squeeze.

Tweet (6'3", 81 IQ, 5G Respecter):
""Epstein killed himself"
"Biden laptop story isn't newsworthy"
"We had to stop counting votes because a pipe burst""
Guess (((whose side))) (((Ben Shapiro))) is on!

Tweets regarding the woke left taking the side of the hedge funds over the 'Nazis'.

Tweet (Ryan James Girdusky):
"Hiding neoliberals, corporatists, and warhawks behind intersectionality is the lefts favorite pastime"
Tweet (Jack Posobiec):
"Janet Yellen’s millions in speaking fees from Wall Street"
Tweet (Jack Posobiec):
"Biden admin caught totally flat-footed. Psaki just asked about GameStop Rebellion and had no real answer. Punted to SEC statement. They are in the pocket of the suits. Yellen took the money."
Tweet (Jessica Grace):
":Janet Yellen accepted $810,000 in speaking fees from Citadel, owner of Robinhood. 

Reporter: Are there any plans to recuse herself from advising the President on GameStop and Robinhood situation?

Psaki: ‘No and she’s an expert and deserves that money.’"
"GameStop Short Sell Firm Citadel Paid Biden’s Treasury Secretary $MILLIONS." (Winters).  Incredible, unbelievable, mind-boggling levels of shithole country corruption.

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"Literally the world's dumbest fucking people - the absolute dumbest, can't get dumber - are those who don't just claim but really believe Wall St. firms pay powerful politicians gigantic sums for banal 45 minute speeches because they want their wisdom rather than their servitude:"
"You Can’t Make This Up: Disgraced Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s Wife, Melissa Hodgman, Named Acting Director of the Division of Enforcement for the SEC" (Hoft).  Her job, naturally, will be to hunt down and crush the frogs so harshly that nobody will dare challenge (((our natural masters))) ever again.

Tweet (Dan Price):
"Think GameStop is wild? Wait 'til you see what the financial industry did to retirement accounts for teachers, nurses, police, firefighters and factory workers in 2008.

Their punishment? 0 jail time, big bailout, and a huge new revenue stream: cheap houses to buy and rent out."
"Suck It, Wall Street" (Taibbi):
"The episode prompted calls to regulate Reddit and, finally, halt action on the disputed stocks. As I write this, word has come out that platforms like Robinhood and TD Ameritrade are curbing trading in GameStop and several other companies, including Nokia and AMC Entertainment holdings. 
Meaning: just like 2008, trading was shut down to save the hides of erstwhile high priests of “creative destruction.” Also just like 2008, there are calls for the government to investigate the people deemed responsible for unapproved market losses.
The acting head of the SEC said the agency was “monitoring” the situation, while the former head of its office of Internet enforcement, John Stark, said, “I can’t imagine there isn’t an open investigation and probably a formal order to find out who’s on these message boards.” Georgetown finance professor James Angel lamented, “it’s going to be hard for the SEC to find blatant manipulation,” but they “owe it to look.” The Washington Post elaborated: 
To establish manipulation that runs afoul of securities laws, Angel said regulators would need to prove traders engaged in “an intentional act to push a price away from its fundamental value to seek a profit.” In market parlance, this is typically known as a pump-and-dump scheme…
Even Nancy Pelosi, when asked about “manipulation” and “what’s going on on Wall Street right now,” said “we’ll all be reviewing it,” as if it were the business of congress to worry about a bunch of day traders cashing in for once."
This should have been the most educational few days in American history.
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