Sunday, January 31, 2021


"The Dark Side of the Kurdish Militias Revealed in Qamisli Stand-off" (Sahiounie).  "Hillary Clinton set to produce TV show about female Kurdish fighters" (MacDonald) (also).

"Police Tries to Evict Farmers from One Site, Goons Attack Protesters at Another (India’s Farm Law Protest)".

Tweet (Dan Cohen):

"This week in Colombia:

-Rotted corpse of social leader Fermiliano Meneses found in a ravine days after he was kidnapped and murdered

-Social leader Miguel Uribe murdered and beheaded 

-Ex-FARC combatant/social leader José Alexander Quiñones murdered

Meanwhile US media is silent."

"UN Independent expert Alfred de Zayas: ‘This is how the human rights industry works’" (Colotti).

Tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"This is the first I hear of “millions fleeing” Hong Kong. How did such a massive exodus go unnoticed and in the middle of a pandemic? The ⁦@guardian⁩ now just a mouthpiece for British regime propaganda."
Tweet (Wyatt Reed):
"Today’s anti-China hit piece from self-proclaimed ‘left’ cites:
- 3 white anthropologists incl (you guessed it) Adrian Zenz
- HRW China watcher
- Secessionist with NED-funded World Uyghur Congress
- Scary info graphic showing Xinjiang surveilled at almost the same level as the US"
Tweets by Ben Norton (visiting the bosses out of country in the last week of a campaign! - since he has zero chance of winning legitimately you have to wonder what they are cooking up):
"If it wasn't already clear who Ecuador's authoritarian right-wing President Lenín Moreno truly serves -- while he has 8% approval in his country, with elections coming up on February 7, he spent the last week meeting with imperial elites in Washington, DC

Mere days before the election, Ecuador's right-wing US puppet President Lenín Moreno met with the following elites in Washington, DC:
-warmongering Senators Bob Menendez & Ben Cardin
-US National Security Council exec
-corrupt OAS chief Almagro
-director of IMF
-head of bank IADB"
Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"Incidentally, US-backed Ecuadoran Pres. Lenin Moreno just met in Washington with OAS general secretary Luis Almagro, a key architect of the coup in Bolivia and of subsequent attempts to scuttle/delay the election of Luis Arce"
Sneaking out didn't go so well:  "Ecuador leader's plane makes emergency landing in US".

Tweet (
"New revelations about Operation Gedeon (failed paramilitary invasion in May 2020). Vzlan woman who worked as a translator between the main coup organizers says Colombian president Ivan Duque and his mentor Alvaro Uribe were aware of the plan and helped with logistics"
"US and Colombian govts supported botched invasion of Venezuela: Bombshell testimony from coup-plotter" (Norton)

"Steve Cohen Nukes Twitter Account After Getting "Personal Threats" Over GameStop Debacle" (Durden).  The frogs are going after silver next, a 'market' of pure Rothschild - note the comment on how Palladino got sethriched!!! -corruption for the last hundred years, so there is no doubt that this is a slave revolt intentionally directed against their cruel Khazar masters.

"Biden won’t upset the Saudi-UAE apple cart" (Bhadrakumar).  The Greece-Emirates Alliance!  The enemy of my enemy is my friend, Muslim Brotherhood edition.

Actual reporting from a Navalny protest in Moscow:  "The Navalny Protests Charade: More Western Interference & Disinfo on Russia" (Bartlett).  Imagine the policeman with the flowers in an Assholian contest.  Can't imagine it?  Me neither.

"America’s Half a Century of War in Somalia Comes to an End. Sort Of" (Diego):
"Far from a capitulation, the pull out of U.S. troops from Somalia is little more than a part of a redeployment operation to move American forces to other parts of East Africa. AFRICOM spokesman Air Force Col. Chris Karns admitted that a “limited force presence will remain” in the country and, as evidenced by the continued U.S. airstrikes conducted after the withdrawal of 700 to 800 troops – on pace to exceed those of previous years – any illusions that the United States has any intention of retreating should be put to rest.


"Last Friday, January 22, barely one week after the withdrawal of American troops, 189 al-Shabaab fighters were massacred by the U.S.-backed Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF). The strike was coordinated with the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), which partners with CIA agents that “operate unilaterally in the country” as part of the spy agency’s counterterrorism program in Somalia.

Despite Joe Biden’s campaign promise to “end forever wars,” the incoming U.S. administration is unlikely to modify its policy towards Somalia. In fact, some are already calling for the president to reverse Trump’s decision to remove troops, which further reveals the withdrawal to be not much more than a political parlor trick, as even arch-neocon policy wonks at the American Enterprise Institute understand that enough of the groundwork has been laid to continue the U.S.’ bloody legacy in the region, take or leave a few boots on the ground."
"Gallup: Most Say Reducing Cost of Health Care High Priority for Biden" ('Hunter Wallace').  The Dems have obviously decided to use their hatred of, disdain for, and now fear of (!), the Republicans to do what they most want to do in the world, which is to avoid doing anything, even in areas of broad bi-partisan support.

Tweet (Ben Norton) (in reply to McFoul):
"*Unless it's a country in the Global South that is targeted by the US empire for regime change, like Venezuela or Nicaragua, in which case the US refuses to recognize the election results and wages hybrid war on the nation to try to overthrow its democratically elected government"
'European Jews', aka Khazars, being blindingly white of skin (pure Caucasians), are starting to realize that they run a big danger of falling on the Wrong side of Critical Race Theory (also) (also).  Hilarity will soon ensue.  Btw, how are all those monuments to Judah Benjamin faring?
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