Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Hot Tuna

"Funding Joe Biden - Part 2 - The Campaign" (Viable Opposition):

"Given that American politicians are always for sale, it is always interesting to "follow the money", particularly given that some of the big spenders (i.e. Tuna/Moscovitz) have substantial skin in the game when it comes to banning communication from Donald Trump and showing their political bias in how they have attempted to manipulate American voters."

Tuna/Moscovitz are Facebook, so don't hold your breath waiting for the extreme criminality of social media companies to be addressed.

"Lobby Group Sues Apple To Remove Telegram From App Store For Allowing "Hate Speech"" (Watson).  The 'lobby group' looks like it was manufactured by Big Tech for this very purpose.

"Trump’s Twitter and Facebook bans are working" (Rupar).  Is Rupar the absolute worst, or just in the Top 10?

Wars For The Jews!!! (and no more need for Antifa, it having served its purpose):  tweet (Alex Ward):
"THREAD for confirmation hearing of Avril Haines to be the Director of National Intelligence 
In opening remarks, @MarkWarner says the US still faces terrorist threats, and then goes on to list *antifa* among other groups (like jihadist, etc.) 
"Spain legal victory exposes EU lie about BDS" (Abinimah).

Some things are too insane to believe:  "UK Labour Party hires former Israeli spy" (Winstanley) (also) (also).  A lot of 'normal' Khazar behavior is simply a dare - are you going to do something, anything, about our outrageous behavior, fueled by sheer chutzpah, or are you going to cuck again?  We always cuck.

"False Accusations Used Once More Against President Assad of Syria" (Sahiounie).  We're going to see a lot more of this kind of crap now that Wars For The Jews are back on the table.

"US economic decline and global instability" (Phillyguy).  Short history of complete decline.  Note the centrality of PNAC in wrecking the joint.  Assholia was going down a dark road, and Kristol/Kagan put their foot on the gas.

More on the Red Orange Man Scare:  "Viral #TrumpsNewArmy Video Is Liberals At Their Craziest And Scariest" (Johnstone).  I'm always surprised by these things as I can never imagine that people might be this stupid/awful.

"DRC: How the CIA Got Patrice Lumumba" (Soudan).  "In Memory of Patrice Lumumba, Assassinated on 17 January 1961" (Toussaint).

"Newly declassified transcripts shed further light on FBI’s farcical failure in Russiagate hoax" (Klarenberg).  Comey doesn't come off too well.

"How the Environmental Lawyer Who Won a Massive Judgment Against Chevron Lost Everything" (Lerner).  Reminds me of Lynne Stewart.  We know how corrupt the Assholian 'justice' system is.  I note that the SJWs are calling for various sorts of attacks, including disbarment, on lawyers who represent Trumpists or Deplorables.

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